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At this point in the session, I'm in a rush to reach the end of the campaign. While it would have been nice to enjoy my time a little more joining so late in the session means I'm running out of time. I also wanted a bit of a break before the next session started so it was time to rush forward like the wind.

walking though the desert.png

The next part involved finding a crazy enough person to go through a part of the desert that was filled with dust storms created by magic. Thankfully this time around I had a mount or at least I thought I'd help. Turns out I was better off on foot even more so when I needed to heal.

In the past, this trek took a bit of time. This time around I kind of could tell where we would be going, and I dashed it. While the tour guide sure took his sweet time. It did seem like he was speeding along.

All of this nonsense just ends up at a giant palace, some fighting, and the tour guide getting stabbed while waiting for us to return. I frankly could not even recall the tour guide's name he was that annoying. This was just yet another part of the campaign that seemed to march on slowly with not enough experience to be worth my time.

While sure a bunch of other stuff ended up happening between that and arriving at the next place. It’s all at this point more of the same old same old. Lots of talking. Not enough killing and experience. At least I was slowly starting to rack in the levels just not at a rate I was thrilled with.

legion event done.png

Without even realizing what I had done I ended up walking into the middle of a legion encounter. I just thought it was another normal event and whoever started it was being lazy. As it was quite behind and did not get anywhere near max rewards.

There is however during these legion events lots of killing and experience to be gained. I’ve seen a few of them pop up from now and again and I've always avoided them since I'm so low level.

I was kind of shocked there was only one person even running this one. I seem to recall before the season everyone was always rushing out to work on these. If I recall, there is a chance to get some skin for your mount that many have now acquired. That and it being so late into the season might be why these are running low on people nowadays.

going to Hawezar.png

With all that out of the way, it was now time to head down to Zarbinzet in Hawezar. Hawezar ended up being a region I spent the least amount of time in and I'll have to return at some point to work on some side quests, running strongholds and picking up any waypoints I missed.

Out of all the campaigns, I think it’s this section of it that I'm the most bored. Long story short, you were working on the final plan to deal with Lilith. It’s the soul stone except Donan has lost his mojo and after discovering it’s “broken” he is unable to repair it in his current state.

You end up going on some vision quest with some drinking of a strange liquid. While his off sorting himself out with the death of his son you are off getting another visit from the wolf. After that, everything is solved and we all get to be one happy family again, right? Well, not this game is bloody and there is lots of killing.

the tree of whipsers.png

This is, however, not the last time you go on some dream quest. All I have to say is never trust a witch to not have way too many drugs for people to take and go on vision quests with. The next vision quest you see some giant snake that leads you to the dang tree I hate so much. I’m sure shortly I'll be working for the Tree of Whispers anyway despite how much that thing creeps me out.

The Tree of Whispers was naturally cheated out of a death and somehow, I have to go into a coffin that sinks into the bottom of the ocean to retrieve a part of a finger that we end up burning.

I’m sure in such an insane world that makes perfect sense a talking tree of heads sending you to what should have been a watery grave for what ended up being a finger. It’s at least the last part that was needed to remove one of the other issues we have been dealing with up to this point Elias.

two legendary drops.png

Shortly later we ended up killing. He was also holding back some phat loot. These ended up being decent enough upgrades I spent some resources and swamped out the bad aspects in them for the ones I've been using in these slots.

I’m still a bit away before I go up the world tier for some much better gear. As such I did not mind getting some needed upgrades at this point. I’ve been a bit cheap over the past ten levels or so and holding off.

Now we are finally after some more fillers onto the good stuff of the campaign. The only reason to do the campaign in the first place. Going down into Hell. I recall the first time I went down there on my sorcerer it took what must have been two hours to get through that zone and enjoy all the scenes and amazing video of the war play out.

lots of killing and loot.png

My rogue on the other hand gutted place from left to right without so much of a struggle. I don’t think he even died down there which I can’t say the same for my sorcerer. It also took what must have been half an hour at most.

There was lots of killing, leveling, and looting. Oh, I had such a glorious time. If only the entire campaign had been this action filled it would be worth doing every single time. It however is not. Sure, there were some long talking bits and some parts of not a lot of combat you can’t skip over.

I must have looted at least six legendary while down there. Two of them were not worth my time so I ended up salvaging them for hard-to-get crafting ingredients. One was a pair of gloves I ended up replacing two levels later. The rest I don’t quite recall and must be sitting in my storage.

fighting lilith.png

I was not expecting my fight with Lilith to be so easy. My rouge tore into her like soft flesh. It’s not like I spent days farming for the perfect gear for my rouge either. While I might have gotten lucky on some of the gear it has. Most of it is nothing special. With most of my aspects coming from completing dungeons they were not even that great either.

You also get a special ring for finishing the campaign. Funny enough I did not think much of it unlike when I got it for my sorcerer. I also know it’s a bit more of a common drop once you go up to the world tier of the game. So, it’s not like I would not have had a decent chance of getting said ring without going through the trouble of the entire campaign anyway.

Final Thoughts


It was at least thrilling to go through the entire campaign again. Some parts of it I sure remember better than others. Then there was just stuff I did not care to be doing a second time around. Thankfully I did not have to run the campaign and it was my choice to take. Next season I'm skipping over it.

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