Diablo IV | A Glove No More And Nightmare Dungeons

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I have rather dialed in my gameplay to just focus on things as I need them moving forward. Before I was quite all over the place just trying to get everything the moment it was up. Now I need to focus mostly on grinding Hell Dungeons and only stopping when I need certain resources.

For a while now I've been wanting to upgrade my gloves. I have almost an ideal pair of gloves. It just did not have a Flurry roll on them. I was also lacking the materials to enchant and attempt to roll off a bad stat for it.


So, I ended up running Helltide for Forgotten Souls. The issue I ran into is no matter how many times I attempted to reroll for flurry on the gloves I just for some reason could not land it. I did not run Helltide once, twice, or even three times farming for materials to keep rerolling.

I at some point lost count of how many attempts I even made with the blasted gloves. I must have blown 30 million or more gold. At one point I got so pissed I salvaged them! Now I need to keep an eye out for another pair of gloves.

I also had to go back and run yet more Helltides as I had other items, I wanted to roll a stat on to make them worth upgrading into. Needless to say, I felt like I wasted a lot of time not getting anywhere in the game for a few days.

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After that rather piss poor experience. I needed to grind something for quite a long amount of time to get it out of my mind. As it would be I was quite behind on leveling up my glyphs. I don’t think there has ever been a time when I was happy with my glyphs.

It’s frankly crazy how much player experience you gain for paragons while grinding Nightmare Dungeons. Yet leveling up the glyphs themselves seems to take an enteral hell amount of time to do so. You would think that would have been a spot they would have boosted more in the game.

For whatever reason I just find darting around in dungeons on my rouge to be rather relaxing. Lots of pairs of gloves also dropped and sadly none of them came even close to the one I ended up salvaging out of spite. I’m however certain if I had not, I'd still be trying to roll for the single desired stat I needed to make the upgrade worthwhile.

Most other parts of the game I am just ignoring outright. All my vampiric blood powers that I want to use are maxed out anyway. This removes a bit of the drive in me to want to run anything out in the open world since Nightmare Dungeons drop a lot of loot anyway.

It was also somewhat funny I had spent so much time trying to upgrade those gloves. I was over half a dozen levels behind in sigil levels then the level of Nightmare Dungeon I would be preferring to run. Thankfully the game scaled up the level of them to match my own. Otherwise, it would have taken forever to get caught up. Even more so since how fast you level while running them.

![a barrier.png](

Before I knew it had jumped from being at just the basic tier 21 Nightmare Dungeons to tier 26. Even these at my current level were a breeze. The only things slowing me down would be any content I had to finish within the dungeons themselves to unlock the next section and get to the end.

For now, till I get more than enough higher-level sigils I feel like I can just run Nightmare Dungeons as quickly as possible without trying to maximize my chances of looting further sigils. I’ll be taking them a bit slower than needed.

I have even been running around them well after I have finished and killed the boss. Sometimes I'm quite close to another unchecked area that has some extra creatures lurking in it. Other times, I'll find myself unlocking the path forward and doubling back to a spot I had yet to clear ensuring nothing is left standing in my wake of destruction.

I could be running these Nightmare Dungeons a lot faster than I am. Hopefully, soon I'll have enough saved up I just don’t care anymore and only focus on doing the bare minimum to get to the end and collect that glyph experience.

I also had a couple of sigils I looted that I could not use. I had to go out and clear out any strongholds I could not be bothered to clear out the first time around. I don’t even bother to reduce the world tier down to make them easier to run either.

clearing a dungeon.png

Many times, I have become lazy and will just stockpile a few of the same dungeons I can’t run till I have that area unlocked. Until I feel like it’s worth my time to do so. I have even salvaged some lower-level signals since I could not be bothered to unlock a certain area.

I have considered blowing the large amount of crafting material I have collected from all my lower extra sigils I have salvaged to unlock some higher ones. I however feel it would be best to save them for now till I feel like it’s time to make a huge push into as high as I can clear.

I also don’t want to end up in a situation where I have not looted any for a couple of dungeons and then have no option but to run a couple of lower ones I have saved in storage as a backup just in case I find myself in such situations.

Final Thoughts

leveling up the glyph.png

The nice thing about playing solo is if I’m gone from the game for a week or two it’s not a big deal. They give lots of time in a season and since I put in quite a few hours at the start I feel like I'm in a good place. Sure, I could have been a lot higher in level by now even being a solo player.

For me, Diablo IV has been a fun game to just jump into for a single Nightmare dungeon run if I’m in the mood and have the time. Otherwise, I can just not be there. There is just something so freeing about not being tied with a group needing to log in daily to keep up with other players. Which I'm sure many would consider quite strange since it’s an online game.

While I would have just preferred this game as a single player it is fun to randomly see other players and jump in on an event with strange. Granted any time I see myself having free time I'll go and check some out-of-game timers and either I just missed a world boss or there won’t be one for hours. I swear the schedule for them is set around avoiding me being able to kill any of them!

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