Chronicon | Starting Over Again

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I was shocked this could even happen. I almost did not want to even make another character and level up. I even tried to resolve the issue that occurred with no luck.

So there I was minding my own business leveling away. I was rather pleased with how the setup of random gear I was finding was going. I was even starting to wonder when I should try a higher difficulty for higher rarity item drops.

the northern advanced.jpg

I ended up making it to the northern advance. It ended up being this amazing outdoor zone. I had some high hopes of trying to beat my bonus kill count record. I was hoping this place was going to be open enough and large enough to do so.

I made it to level 37. While not that amazing it’s not a spot you would want to lose everything at and have to start over. Something since I was playing on softcore I did not think could even happen.

Then I lost power to the computer. I booted things back up and naturally, there was a update for the OS. So that took a while. I ended up going and doing some other things and came back later to check on things.

My computer was finally up and ready and so I went to log back into the game to my single-player character. Expect to my shock There was no EnjarGames anywhere to be found. So I did some digging around online.

It turns out when your computer loses power there is a chance the saves become messed up. Now you would think with a cloud save which this game is doing you would be fine. You would also think since there a physical save and backups on your device you would have options.

enjargames backups.png

I went over to the file the saves are in. I went to check them to see if there was a way to get things working again. My original character file for Enjargames appeared to be corrupted. So I opened up the next file and it was blank. I opened up the remaining backups and while there was a file size it appears they were also corrupted.

You would think if you had backups they would not all be made at the same time right? Like I’d be understanding if my backup was one autosave or a couple behind. It turns out I lost everything.

Even more strange. I could not simply just remake Enjargames. It told me that name was taken. It knows there is a file for it. It just can’t read that file and won’t display that character as an option to play.

I thought that was the worst of it. I was quite bummed out but I could recover. I could start over and after getting back into the swing of things again with this game get back to where I was a lot quicker.


So I started a new character. I was going to buy him some starting gear from the vendor since I had millions of crystals saved up. Nope. My crystal balance, crafting supplies, and gems were all wiped as well. That was a major blow. Far worse than losing a level 37 character.

At that point, I was rather just done with Chronicon. This game outside of small bug fixes is supposed to be in its final form. You would think stuff like this could and should not happen. Even more so with cloud saving and many backups.

leveling up.png

After some thought, I decided I’m not going to let this keep me down. I’m going to go out and grind the night away to get caught back up and so I did.

I was half tempted to jump onto my level 100 from so many years ago and just go farm up some basic supplies. That character however got murdered and like my other lost all its money. It seems there have been a few changes to its skill or something.

I quickly decided I’d just leave it for now. Perhaps at some point, I’ll try replaying that other character. Either I was forgetting to do something that gave that build its power or something got changed and nerfed. As it was not very useful.

So I went back over to Enjargamestwo. I thought why not keep the naming easy? Who knows if I’ll end up losing another character? This time however I’m doing a manual copy of all the save files after every time I play the game.

I’d be angry if this happened to a level 100 character after I put in 60+ hours into it. It was bad enough as it was losing what I did. You can sometimes spend a lot of time just trying to farm for one specific drop your build needs to move forward in games like these.

The first couple of levels as always are rather slow. You just have the starting skill after all and lack any kind of gear. Thankfully this time around I went for the right skill points for the skills I like for my main damage early on.

I went into quite the grinding groove for quite some time. I did not even stop to take many screenshots. What I did at least do is stop for any side quests and this time around if I happened to pick them up on my way through clearing a zone I went and finished them off.

That way I’m not wasting a lot of time backtracking just to do them for the sake of doing them. There is a nice little break from just trying to get through a zone as quickly as possible.

level 24.png

Speaking of which since I was a bit more efficient in my time and traveling through these zones again. I managed to get ahead of my old pace as far as how far I was along in the acts I would have been at this level.

The only downside this time around is I felt like I was not getting as lucky on the drops and the rolls on those drops. I was expecting to be clearing a lot faster. I however started to realize just how important early on those on-hit triggers on gear were.

I also did not have the resources or the ability to try and reroll stuff either. Among all the other stuff I had lost. I lost my progress on NPCS unlocked as well. Thankfully it would not take long to get most of them back into the town. Just by finishing off different acts in the game.

ring of cleansing fire.png

At least playing this class you always get this ring for finishing one of the acts. I ended up holding onto this ring for quite a few levels. It sometimes is just hard to judge when an effect like that is worth losing over gaining 30 or so raw damage and a lot of health and mana as well.

Final Thoughts

in rosewood.jpg

After the long grinding session was over I was not exactly where I left off before losing my character due to corrupted save files. I was at least almost there level-wise. That was good enough for me and I called it a much-needed night for some sleep.

You know I made dang sure to back up my save files manually after such a long grind. I can only hope this does not happen again. If it does the loss should not be as bad. I might do some further resource in seeing if there is a better way to ensure this can’t happen when you lose power. So far in my quick research, I came up empty.

Other Content

Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Chronicon.