Chronicon | Bosses And Seeing A Lady

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At this point, I’m kind of getting tired of clearing out desert outland zones. There is just something about these places when it is hotter than death outside in the real world that makes me not want to be in them. Perhaps it’s just how bright they are on the screen late at night that does me in.

At the very least it was worth my time traveling through these places. For one I ended up downing further r bosses. It was a bit easier than the last one since I’ve replaced a few more pieces of my gear for my level. One of the pieces of gear ended up being over 10 levels lower than my current level.

shady dealer keras.jpg

This is the second time now I’ve run into this Shady Dealer Keras. You can buy quite a few different chests from her for crystals. Of many of the catches for this NPC one of them is once you close the trade window they vanish till you find them again.

Quite a few of the chests at the cheaper end offer you a random reward for your level that is given from quests. I bought a couple and they were total junk. Not worth anything I spent on them let alone the time I spent opening them.

Out of all the chests the one that catches my eye the most is the Super Duper Deluxe one that requires an insane amount of crystals to buy. Perhaps one day if it’s even possible I’ll have enough to buy it just once to see what kind of troll or not item is inside. I don’t see myself needing to press shift and RMB for 100 of them ever.

Diana Jones.jpg

For the most part, I have been following this Diana Jones lady through Act III. At this point, she is almost a guide if they are lazy and just tell you to go do things while they wait around for you to come back hopefully alive or just not at all. Thankfully I did not have to pay her any money as I have a feeling there are no refunds if I don’t make it back.

The next time I ran into Diana Jones she was next to a giant skull which lead to another boss encounter. Naturally, I just could not walk into the boss's arena. Nope. I had to go find some lost city instead before I’d be worthy of entering.

So I went about my business trying to work on a new recorded killstreak. Despite how wide open this place was I ended up running into rivers a couple of times killing off almost beating my best killstreak. I don’t even want to think how amazing that experience would have been.

clearing out the lost city cellar.png

The good news is I ended up finding the Lost City. Well, the Lost City cellar. I know that is not quite as impressive. Even I was a little let down with how massive the outside of the city looked for me to just find I get to clear out the cellar.

At least the task at hand did not take long at all. I then got to do what I wanted to head back to the skull and take out the boss inside. The setup for that boss room was quite impressive compared to the rest of them.

Krak the Kraken.jpg

I ended up fighting off a giant Kraken called Krak. He had a bunch of arms spawning all over the place in the water. I however ignored all that and just face-tanked everything while standing in one spot. It turns out my many gear upgrades have paid off.

This would however be the last boss for a while that I got to be lazy on. Some of the ones I would be facing soon enough more than made me work for the loot if I had any worth being displayed on my screen at all.

As far as the loot from Krak went nothing even worth picking up. At least my item filter settings saved me some time from being disappointed any further. It was then time to see where else this crazy adventure was going to take me.

At the very least one of the benefits to entering into all these different boss zones in this game is you get a waypoint to them. So from the main town of the game, I can just teleport back at any time and kill them again if I wanted.

At some point, I’ll try and see if there is any possibility to try and target farm certain items. If I recall some might be better than others for certain item sets and whatnot. I have at the very least noticed some item sets seem to drop in certain areas and then I don’t see them any further elsewhere. That could however just be up to luck. Further testing and slaying is required!

mushroom cavenern.png

After all the heat and excitement I was rather thrilled to find myself down in a dark and dampish mushroom cave. I simply had to find my way through it which all on its own can be a challenge.

It even had been a few zones since the last time I got killed. I even thought “Hey I’ve not died in a while.” This game’s universe was like hold my beer and watch this. It must be 30 seconds later before I went down for another dirt nap.

Just went I thought I was done dealing with desert I exited the mushroom cave and shortly found myself with a boot full of sand yet again.

This place was filled with giant worms. The kind you look at and if it was not for the spikes on their back you might just consider trying to ride if you had some rope. Since I did not I made sure they will compost back into the ground they came from.

inside the giant worm.jpg

It was then time for the most intense boss battle I’ve done so far. It would sometimes swallow me whole and I’d be doing battle from inside its stomach. How discussing! After I popped the gooey bits dealing some fire damage to them I’d get tossed right back out to fight the thing head-on. Making this whole thing even more disgusting.

Final Thoughts

another act down.png

I’m just thrilled to have another act down. I had no idea how much I’d be spending on the next one. This one would almost seem rather tame.

Other Content

Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Chronicon.