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It was time for my first real task with the Crimson Fleet one given to me by the leader himself to test if I should be allowed to move forward in their organization or not. It seemed rather straightforward it would however send me on quite a hunt to uncover further things.

The station the Crismon Fleet is based on is called The Key. The planet that the station rotates around is called Suvorov with a place called The Lock that we were tasked to go down and explore.

The founder of the Crimson Fleet himself made quite a jailbreak from the place they now call The Lock. There was also a rumor that there was some great treasure called Kryx’s Legacy that we were tasked with finding further information about.

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The planet itself was a giant freezing ice ball. Even when inside the jail it was freezing. I’d need to spend a little time in the medical bay up at The Key after this was all over before moving on to other tasks with the Crimson Fleet.

Before making it to The Lock we had to do a bit of clearing. I suppose that should have been expected. Just landing ships in a former jailyard would be asking too much. It turns out that not only was the outside of the place crawling with these bugs there were loads of them roaming inside as well.

I was not the only one on this journey either. The leader Delgado was with us. He would end up getting trapped and requiring me and the other guy Mathis to work things out to not only free him from the area he ended up trapped in but to uncover clues being looked for inside The Lock.


Mathis ended up being quite a shady individual. He several times wanted to leave the leader behind for dead. Kept trying to get me to go along with his many different plans. He wanted whatever treasure we were hunting for all for himself.

This put me on high alert. I was half expecting Mathis at any point to cross me as well and leave me for dead. He was a rookie who just joined the Crimson Fleet and was looking to make a quick buck in any way possible. Thankfully, we never did backstab me, and I permitted him to live after this adventure not saying much to the leader about his alternative motives. I had my alternative motives for joining the Crimson Fleet myself.

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The Lock itself looked like a horrific place to go exploring around. I’d hate to be serving a long-term sentence here. It was cold and dark in many areas, and there were bugs to eliminate everywhere. While I'm sure some of these issues arose after the place fell from the prison escape back in the day. You could just tell this place could suck the very soul out of just about anyone from being here for only a couple of days.

As we explored around looking to get deeper into The Lock looking for clues. Occasionally we would come across intercoms that still worked. The leader would as the best he could give us commands and I would give him updates about our journey deeper into the place.

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At one point we made it into the main jail blocks of the prison. There were many cells to explore. Some of them were still locked. I was able to pick a few of them open. Others required you to find the right switches and consoles to unlock the cells.

With how wide open this place was and all the cells. A lot of the bugs that were crawling in this jail seemed to have nested in the jail blocks. Any time I needed to go from one set of cell blocks to another I was fighting off quite a small army of bugs to get anywhere.

I’ll admit it took me a lot longer than I would have liked to find out how to unlock the cell we were after. I was not really in a hurry anyway. It was fun finding old recordings and hearing people talk about a jailbreak and recording it to turn people in if it went sideways. I have to give it to pirates of the region to be ready to blackmail each other in the future if need be.

looking for the exit.png

It was also fitting since this was a massive jail where I would encounter many master-level locks. I ended up using a lot more digipicks than I should have in this place. I would much later have some regret for doing so since the loot here was mostly underwhelming. I had overlooked my need to restock on such a critical supply that any pirate should never be without dozes of picks at any point in time.

In the end, I found proof that there was a Kryx’s Legacy. I still was not sold on what it could be. Let alone that it would be worth the trouble. I however went along with things. Since I needed to collect a lot more information on the Crimson Fleet anyway.

Things took quite a turn before we were able to escape from the planet. It was not much of an issue unlocking where the boss was trapped and him going on his way.

taking the queen out.png

With all the bugs we had killed on our little adventure the queen had enough of us. She kept us from being able to board our ships and escape. I was so cold I almost welcomed a giant flaming corpse to warn myself as a parting gift from this place.

Final Thoughts

life off.png

A part of me was having a lot more fun with the Crimson Fleet than I ever did with the UC. Perhaps I'll get to stay a pirate in some way. If nothing else things would slowly start to amp up to the point of insanity. That is, however, for another time.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.