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Now that I was in with the Crimson Fleet, I thought I'd try my hand at their mission board. I also noticed their local doctor needed help squiring some supplies as well. I did not realize I was rather ill-prepared for some of these missions and would end up paying a heavy price.

As a space pirate, I am somewhat expecting to get a bounty placed on me from time to time. I however was not expecting how bad and high those bounties really could go. Making the crimes I'd commit not worth the cost of paying off said bounties.

I ended up getting a smuggling mission that was not worth it. A couple of space piracy missions that were not as profitable as expected. What I was shocked by was how easy going into different areas and just stealing goods out of buildings was about to be.

space piracy.png

For the first mission, I decided to just rob someone in space. Those seemed like they were easy. I was rather expecting to have shot people, board ships, and have all kinds of trouble. Turns out I just had to say I was with the Crimson Fleet if that and they were willing to turn over the goods.

It seems like each time for these missions I was given an option. I could take what I needed and leave them with something or just take it all. I’m going to assume I racked up some bounties by taking more than I was required to by the missions.

I am a space pirate after all and if someone is just willing to let me have whatever I want. I’m going to take it. At least the good news was the extra goods I stole on the side for myself more than covered the bounties I racked up for doing so.

fighting the UC police.png

Next up I tried to smuggle in some contraband. Normally when it comes to contraband, I have systems and places to offload such goods. For this mission, however, I could not just drop the goods off anywhere I wanted. It was a true smuggling into an area mission.

I was not set up for dealing with these kinds of missions. Needless to say, where I needed to drop off had the police scanning anyone entering into the area. I even tried landing elsewhere and hoping I could then go to land where I needed to. The option to do so was sadly grayed out.

I was at least hoping the UC would have given me more options. Like saying I'm undercover or something. Instead, they more or less demand I pay a fine and turn over the goods. I decided I'd rather just shoot them. They ended up bringing in about a dozen ships to try and resolve the problems I was causing.

Thankfully I have a clear bounty console at my main outpost. While I “won” the fight it sure is not feeling like winning paying over 51k bounty and another 15k bounty for something else I did. While I did loot a decent amount of the UC ships, I doubt it amounted to anything near that.

paying off my bounty.png

At the very least I was able to finish off that mission. For the time being, I’ll be avoiding doing any more like this one. It looks like I need to go out and get some shielded cargo bays for my ship or something. I was hoping there be an option at The Key shipyard, but I did not notice any.

stealing stuff.png

The mission I was expecting to give me the most trouble was instead a cakewalk just going into areas like the Clinic and just stealing stuff. I even did it in a room with people's backs turned to me. No one seemed to care.

getting the supplies.png

Speaking of the Clinic space station. It just so happens The Keys medical supplier is also on that station. He was struggling with the idea of selling goods to the Crimson Fleet. We ended up having a little talk and without having to break anyone's ribcage he agreed to keep selling the goods at the space price he was before.

You have to give to those pesky moral dilemmas of people not wanting to give pirates medical supplies. This was also a mission I was shocked and did not go sideways. I was fully having to yarrr this one with guns blazing to get the supplies.

Final Thoughts

earning credits.png

I ended up doing a couple of rounds of these mission types excluding needing to smuggle things into an area that were contraband. It was kind of nice how quickly I could finish them off. I, however, could not help myself and remain good, always opting to steal as much as possible and racking up even further bounties on me.

I'm not sure I'll make it any kind of habit to run further missions from the Crimson Fleet mission boards. Outside of some quick credits that I don’t need and a little adventure you don’t get anything else for doing them. It was at least something fun to do for a little while.

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