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It was time for a bit of a break from long mission arcs in Starfield. My mission log was getting quite full of things to do. I thought before jumping into the next thing that looked like it would be yet another mission arc I'd tackle some shorter stuff.

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I’m hoping a few of these missions will be quick to knock out. My mission log scrolls on for a bit. Thankfully now my ship can jump from one side of the galaxy to the other without having to stop anywhere along the way. So many of these should not be much of a challenge for me.

broken mission.jpg

For a while now I've been wanting to finish off the Gal Banker mission line. As suspected it still bugged in my game. I ended up just flying out to it to double-check. At this point, it’s clear they are not going to add some patch to fix it for anyone who still has it broken. Perhaps I'll get a chance to do it in full somewhere else. For now, I'll leave it unfinished and move.

I’ve also been sitting on an Apex Predator mission for quite some time now. I assume I can just keep getting more of them. I, however, don’t care too much to keep farming them out unless there is some kind of nice reward at the end of it for doing so. As they don’t pay well.

At the very least I wanted to clear out the one I had in my mission log. I had to go out to a moon called Ka-Zaal and kill or collect four samples from some rather nasty hostile creatures.


I suppose I should have expected it by now. It’s been a while since I had any run-ins with the Starborn. For some reason, they seem rather out to get me. For a few jumps, I'd keep running into them. I just flatten them like a bug on a window and keep going.

The hostile creatures down on the moon were a lot easier to take out than the Starborn. It must have taken me longer to track down four of the creatures I needed to collect samples from than anything else. I then had to run over to Mars and turn in the mission.

It was then time to just put a decent dent in the amount of power from beyond missions I had stacking up. I don’t care at least for now about the powers you can gain. I did not even bother testing out any of the new ones I even acquired.

building for alpha.jpg

I did, however, rather enjoy seeing the anomaly building in different settings. It just looks so amazing. This one ended up being for Alpha.

nu building.jpg

It’s a shame you can’t just set up a base in any of these. This one for Nu with the twisted trees and harsh landscape and backdrop of the stars behind it was just chilling to the bone to look at.

Once you make it inside of these buildings you become weightless and can float around. You then float around the room into spots that look like random anomalies quickly enough before they fade and a new one starts. Once you collect enough of them you get to enter a gate.


Then you get this rather wild moment of seeing the galaxy and some symbols that represent the power you just gained show up. I’m sure there is more meaning to that but I'm just rushing through them.

Once that is all done you reappear outside and under attack by a guardian of that power. A few shots later and some healing on my part and they are down. Once you kill a guardian you gain an element that can be used in the power system. This is something I need to invest some time into learning. I however just prefer to shoot things than stop to cast a power.

skink building.jpg

Perhaps the hardest one had to be Skink. Just because it looked like it was on top of a mountain, I could not find any way up. Turns out I just needed to run to the back of the mountain and there would be an easy path to the entrance that allowed me to go inside the building. I must spend more time running around looking for a way in than getting the actual power once inside the building.

I ended up collecting the powers for Alpha, Nu, Iota, Zeta, Chi, Beta, and possibly others. I stopped keeping track after a while. I’d be thrilled if I had them all now. I suppose time will only tell if I do or if I end up getting even further missions to go out and collect more.

plant trait.jpg

It was then time to move on to some scanning missions I've had sitting around for a while now. I’m not even sure why I even picked them up. I guess I just wanted to give them a try and realized I did not care much for any of them. It annoyed me even further that they are taking up space in my mission log, so I went and finished a couple of them.

One of them required me to check out all the planets in a system looking for a plant trait that was psychotronic. This required scanning the planet, landing, and working out which symbol was for planet traits on that planet. Then running to different ones seeing if any of them were what I was looking for.

Thankfully by the third planet, I had found the trait that was being looked for in the mission. Since I was already on planets and exploring them, I did my best to try and find any resources, fauna, and flora for survey data. Not a part of the game I care much about, but I was already on those planets having to scan things anyway. I thought why not see if I could finish any off as well.

Final Thoughts


It was fun just running around knocking a bunch of missions out that have been collecting dust on my mission log for quite some time. It was also nice just to have short missions to do. I did not have to anger anyone in the process other than the Starborn which is always an added plus.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.