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After quite a long mission arc it’s always quite fun to go and find a bunch of short adventures. For the most part, I'd go to the mission board and pick up some missions from there. I’d then open the mission log and see what other things I've had for a while I should work on finishing off. Along the way, I'd find some random places to hit as well.

I was mainly looking to avoid the best I could anything that looked like it be another long mission arc. That is sometimes easier said than done. Something that might appear simple in Starfield could end up leading you into quite unknown depth.

One of the things I also needed to work on was getting some spaceship skills for objectives. I wanted the ability to have a class C spaceship, but I was still quite a few kills away. It’s kind of funny almost that I'm still in the starter ship after all this time. Something I've not dived that deeply into yet has been ships.

killing a pirate.png

I ended up running a string of mission boards that required me to go out and hunt a pirate. While they would sometimes be quite large distances away you never know what kind of trouble you will end up finding on such journeys.

In this case, it was just a simple pirate and a couple of thousand credits for eliminating it. It did, however, lead me to find a transport ship that would end up being a bit funkier than I was expecting it to be.

What ended up being strange about this place was there was something wrong with the gravity generator. It would be cut off every so often. This would send you and many things around you flying around all over the place.

something wrong with gravity.png

This made combat rather interesting. You could be shooting at a pirate and then gravity would turn off and you both would drift in a strange way making you miss a couple of shots.

It also made certain situations rather funny. Right as gravity went out, I'd end up finishing off a pirate. Due to the physics of force, they would start ragdolling all over the place. At other times an object might go flying into my view and I was a bit trigger-happy in here wasting ammo on trash.

The gravity going out also became quite a critical way of moving around. It allowed me to go up and down an elevator shaft that no longer had a working elevator. It even allowed me to get past a bunch of large spinning fans into a locked-off place that allowed me to unlock a vault of sorts.

breaking into the vault.png

It seems the main reward for this place was this section. There was nothing of value down below. Once gravity went off again you could float up to the top. Up there I found a few boxes I needed to pick open. I was kind of expecting something better than some random rare guns and ammo. It was at least something for my efforts.

After that, I was back to hunting around for some pirates again to get more ship kills under my belt. I did that for a while more till I found the next thing to catch my eye and pull me in.

science outpost.png

I noticed while further exploring around the moon that I had a base on that there was this strange science outpost on it. I had yet to raid one of these, so I thought why not do it now?

What caught my attention the most was noticing it had a few robots patrolling around it. At the time they were not hostile to me. They kept warning me to stay back and not enter the area. I did not do as they demanded and suddenly a couple of them opened fire.

inside the science outpost.png

The science outpost was so strange. All humans inside were already dead excluding myself. They were doing some kind of experiment, but I had no idea what. There were even a few whiteboards filled with engineering stuff that tried to make it look like they were solving something complex.

I did not find anything noteworthy in my time inside. I was hoping to find some contraband or something I could sell. The place was rather slim pickings and I quickly moved on after exploring the couple of rooms in it.

unidentified ship.png

I then found myself in a resort world of sorts. While I was not looking to get too involved in a mission this would be something I'd pick up and then leave for a while before coming back to it again. There was a ship that showed up on a planet that was owned by a resort. People came there for vacations and the people running it did not like a random ship just sitting in space next to the planet.

I was tasked with getting rid of the issue if possible. They, being a resort world, did not want any bad reputation if it could be helped. So, a diplomatic situation, if possible, would be in their best interest.

I tried to hail the ship a couple of times. While they did attempt to respond it seemed like their communication systems were not working right. That or some pirates were attempting to lure me into a trip. I could not be certain without attempting to board the ship myself.

lots of people on board.png

Once on board, I found enough people to make a settlement. They were a ship that left Earth hundreds of years ago. Their goal was to make it to this very planet and settle on it. The issue arose when they finally got here and found it was already settled. They had no idea it was humans that did so.

After talking with the captain for a while I returned to the resort world to talk with them. They more or less gave me some options of destroying the ship killing all the people, having them relocate to another planet, or talking them into becoming indentured servants.

I was not in a killing mood that day, so I passed on the first option. The second option required me to buy them a brand-new warp drive for their ship which I'm far too cheap for that. The final option I was able to talk them into doing it, however, had its costs.

Since they had so many people on board the resettlement resources for their population were more than the resort world could handle. I was tasked with getting the supplies myself. While I did get some of the supplies off the ship itself. There was still a lot of stuff I ended up gathering over quite a long period at random in the game.

After what must have been months of in-game time passing, I returned to the ship having now acquired all the supplies. I can only hope they were happy to get off that ship even though it meant working for the rest of their lives, never really getting true freedom.

returning to the space station.png

Shortly after that I even returned to the space station that was looking to buy 2k Nickel from me. It has been such a long time since I was back there. I had set up an outpost a moon that had nickel and just allowed it to all collect till the faithful day I'd return to gather it up.

Final Thoughts

shooting a random ship.png

Then I'd be back at it again shooting at random space pirates looking to get more kills racked up. These much shorter adventures just going everywhere and sometimes nowhere were quite a lot of fun. While not as fun as longer mission arcs it is just nice to explore around and see what kind of random trouble you can stumble on into.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.