Starfield | My Biggest Heist And Wild Times

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We were so close to getting the biggest haul of Crimson Fleet's history and things could not be going so bad. It turns out the UC was not going to just stand by and allow the Crimson Fleet to become a powerful rich piracy faction. They wanted to put a stop to it and fast.

There was barely enough time for them to get the data I stole from Generdyne before telling me defense gun banks were being set up in the system and assistance would soon be needed to defend The Key from an incoming armada of UC ships.

on the key.jpg

I had to quickly install some modules on my ship to even give me a chance at making it to the Legacy ship in the first place. The parts they gave me looked more like duct tape than something you would stick onto a ship. At least now I could find the exact location of the Legacy and hopefully, my ship would not be taken out in the process of trying to dock with the ship that had our biggest score to date on it.

Just thinking of a Gal transporter ship full of credits was enough to make me do anything crazy these pirates said to do. As if flying out there in untested modules and hoping it all would go to plan was not enough. It sat in the back of my mind the entire time the UC was planning on a full-scale invasion. It seems I'd need to pick a side quickly or find myself hunted by both.

Before even getting a chance to lock in the location of the Legacy and hit warp I got called in by the UC. Let’s just say they did not take too kindly to my way of eliminating issues rather than sneaking around being quiet as a mouse.

Because I could not do things exactly the way they wanted by the book. As that is not possible when you are trying to work with pirates. They ordered me to be arrested. Not even a second chance or anything.

command calling me in.jpg

Let’s just say I had enough of their nonsense. I might have gone into this not sure which side I'd end up taking. My mind for a while now, however, has been made up. I was not going quietly to a holding cell. I was blasting my way out of this situation and heading off to the Legacy for a phat payday.

This required a fair bit of shooting to escape from the massive ship I was on. I was informed that UC SysDef was now officerly my enemy. I can only hope that this has no long-lasting effects on my ability to get around different sectors of space. In the heart of the moment, however, I did not care one bit. These people were expecting results with both hands tied behind my back using me as a scapegoat every time things did not go 100% the way they wanted. It was time for them to die.

warping to the Legacy.jpg

Once I made it back to my ship, I floored it to the location the Legacy is supposed to be at in the system of Bannoc. Once there I found myself quite far away from the Legacy from where I landed in. With quite an intense space storm all around me.

While I tried to make it as quickly as I could to the Legacy. I was on a huge and slow ship. Thankfully the modules I installed to help weather this storm around the planet were enough to keep my ship together. I took some heavy damage going in. I did not even think about how I was going to escape. I was just glad to have made it there.

Inside the Legacy.jpg

Inside the Legacy was quite sad. The crew that was onboard attempted to survive as long as they could with the supplies they had. Food, however, ran out after a while. They also discovered that no one was being sent out exactly where they were. Some people were eyeing promotions of positions by people who would not be coming back if they were left unfound.

I suppose I should not be that shocked it was that cutthroat at the biggest bank in the galaxy. It’s still a bit shocking to think bankers are letting their people starve to death and die. While also being fine with the thought of losing an insane number of credits being transported on a ship. All just for some promotions.

the transfore module lock.jpg

After exploring the ship, a bit without having much trouble whatsoever. I found the transfer lock where I could get one of the keys, I'd need to download all the credits. I had no idea at the time that it would also trigger an automated defense system.

fighting robots.jpg

There were robots everywhere looking to stop me. This ended up slowing me down. I can only assume my combat with the defense robots was also taking quite a toll on the ship itself. With both the robots and me shooting laser beams and bullets at each other. Many times, missing and hitting the walls of the ship.

After quite a lot of fighting when I thought this was going to be. I walked into the massive server room that was holding all the data for the credits. It was mind-blowing it took that much space to store it. It was even more mind-blowing that I was supposed to somehow just walk off with it all in a device small enough to carry.

the data core of credits.jpg

While the thought did cross my mind of just taking off with the money. I doubt I could extract the credit data myself. I’m sure the pirates made sure if I attempted to cross them they would return the favor in kind. It looks like I'd have to return and help them defend against the UC after all.

It turns out that getting to the ship was the easy part. The hard part would be getting off the ship. All this time the ship had been decaying due to the massive solar storm that surrounded the gas giant it was in orbit around. Just my luck the ship could not hold out any longer.

With robots even more on high alert now that I've drained all the credits the Legacy was storing. The entire ship started to fall apart around me. Sections of the space filled up with hot toxic gas that did heavy damage to my suit. While other parts of the ship were no longer navigable.

getting though the ship.jpg

I somehow slowly found my way through what felt like a giant maze. My space suit had taken on enough damage that I was starting to have some rather nasty health consequences and would need to see the doctor aboard The Key once I returned.

It was touch and go a couple of times. I was getting quite low on health and more than once I thought I had trapped myself into a part of the ship I no longer had enough health to get past. I even used quite a few medical supplies I had on hand. After a while, I no longer had what I needed to be taking any more high-risk forward pushes towards myself.

made it back onto the ship.jpg

I did make it onboard, but in the end, nearly dead. It was then time to escape the gas giant we were rotating around and warp back to The Key. It was there the fun would just be starting.

Once back on The Key, there was no time to celebrate the millions in credits I had stolen from Gal Bank. Impending doom and death were approaching fast. The word had gotten out that the Crimson Fleet was now loaded with credits. Making some people who might have left us to rot away suddenly worth showing up to help fight with.

attacking the UC.jpg

Once I arrived at The Key there were some lighter UC ships to take out. They were attempting to put some pressure on the pirate stronghold and to prevent me from making it back. Their plan did not work out.

I was then tasked with flying out to each of our gun battery banks and helping defend them against the smaller ships sent in to take them out while they get them up and running.

taking out even more UC.jpg

The UC was no match for me let alone any other pirate that showed up far and wide. We managed to defend the weapon batters that would then be used to take down the bigger ships the UC was starting to bring in for their full assault on The Key.

Once the UC assault was pushed back, we went on the offense. There we quite a huge battle where the UC top ship the very one I've been reporting to this entire time called the UC Vigilance had their shields taken down. Allowing for a boarding mission.

I went with a team onboard UC Vigilance and made my way to the operations center to help secure and lock down the ship for the pirates. While there many people who I've had operations with over my time with the Crimson Fleet were seen helping secure and fight back the UC defending the ship.

Final Thoughts

the end.jpg

This was quite an insane ending to my time spent with the Crimson Fleet. I now have the main objectives finished with them and we even managed to take some massive wins from large sums of credits to the massive UC Vigilance ship.

Perhaps I'll check in at some point and see if the pirates have any other smaller objectives for me to finish off and work on. For now, it’s back off into the universe of Starfield looking for that next big mission to take on.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.