Starfield | Murders In the Night On Neon

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I was back on Neon again grinding through some side missions. It turns out quite a few shop owners were having all sorts of issues. From making payments for protection to gangs ripping them off. I thought I'd lend a helping hand and see if I could get some money while I was at it.

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In one of the shops, I walked into to see if they were having issues with local gangs, it turns out I already solved that shopkeeper's issues. I don’t recall eliminating the guy in question let alone when I must have done it. Who knows if it was even me? I, however, won’t say no to just being handed a fist full of money and being told I did a great job.

Not all the shops I visited were like that. They had some real gang issues that needed to be resolved. The kind of resolving that required bullets. As luck would have it it’s my specialty to resolve issues with such a solution.


One such gang member was named Headlock. With a name like that, I can’t see someone doing anything other than a life of crime. I decided the guy should be taken out the way he was named. I locked onto his head and pulled the trigger.

Thankfully the Neon security would not care too much about the mess I made. They would however know I was back in town. I’d even run across some of them who seemed to be rather unhappy to see me. I have a feeling many of them are on the take and I'm costing them all kinds of money. It would however be quite stupid of them to try and take me out. As if one of them had not tried in the past and it did not go so well for them.

While I'm not the biggest fan of asking lots of questions and getting information out of people before I head off on a job. The next one looked like I could resolve things with less blood spilling if I did. I know, not my kind of way to deal with things. It, however, seemed the shopkeeper preferred things to be a little less heavy-handed. It seemed the next person I'd be dealing with was a bit more connected than some of the gang members I'd already taken out. So, there was a chance of retaliation to revenge on the guy if someone took him out back and pushed him off the platform to his death.


Not everyone I'd be dealing with was a gang member. Some of them seemed to be addicted to Aurora. That is some nasty stuff that has started to get a death grip on society and the universe.

I however could not overlook the fact this scumbag murdered an older guy. For no good reason that I could tell. Leaving his wife to look after their tiny shop all on her own. It’s a shame I did not have a knife on me as someone named Rusty should go out by the blade and not the bullet.


Now there are many instances where I'm down for killing the scumbag that wronged someone in Neon. Even more so if they are running a shop. I however had yet another shopkeeper wanting me to scare and not kill the target.

This guy was already covered in blood. He did some awful things and instead of death like he should have gotten. People wanted money out of him. After some careful talking to me, he decided it was in his best interest to just pay up the cash. Perhaps he was a little light to pay in blood with how much of it was already on his clothing. I, however, doubt that is even his.

I also have a funny feeling if your name is Warlord, you are not just going to be happy paying someone. I won’t be shocked if this one comes back causing some issues. It, however, seems for the time being a payment in money was enough to resolve things. I just don’t know for how long.

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Shops were not the only ones having issues either. It turns out yet again the medical center was having issues with getting shipments. It’s a good thing for the right price you can just buy them from The Clinic from a corrupt doctor.

I more than welcomed the opportunity to get away from Neon for a short while. I was drawing a bit too much attention to myself by my increasing body count. I decided to give the place a little cool down and a break from the mayhem I was causing.

I showed up to the clinic with only some slight hesitation by the doctor getting paid off to load some medical supplies and declare them as missing. Neon would now at least be stocked up on medications for all the kinds of trouble that end up occurring there. At least for the short term. As always, I expect the next medical shipment won’t arrive on time either requiring some further intervention on my part to ensure it arrives.

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With all the troubles so many of the shoppers were having. Saburo Okadigbo asked me to pass around some flyers about a possible business arrangement he wanted to make. I don't know what his solution was. I do know many know that name and it seems if they want to partner up with him that might be enough to deal with some of the local gangs.

So, I went into every shop I could find in the main Neon area and offered them the flyer. Some hearing the name Saburo Okadigbo were quick to join or told me to get out of their shop. Either way in the end I got five people willing to sign up. A nice little payment for me as well for my troubles.

I also found it rather funny to see Saburo Okadigbo wanting to offer some kind of deal with a bunch of shops. When an acquaintance of his asked me to help deal with some debt he had. Perhaps he was trying to con a bunch of the shops to give him money to deal with this debt on his own. Regardless, I have now resolved that issue for him.


It seems even the shoppers are not the only ones having an issue with theft. I was spending an evening in the aurora lounge as any upstanding citizen would be. The DJ asked if I could get some stolen goods back.

A super stalker or as the guy claimed to be a super fan ended up stealing from her. It was not enough that he was at the lounge every time she was there. He followed her around everywhere. No, he moved on from stalker to thief stealing an item from her.

He was also quite unwilling to give up the item in question. Needless to say, I know how to presume someone is giving back stolen property when needed. I did not even have to break his thumbs. It looks like the creep will just be going back to being a super stalker.

Final Thoughts

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Lots of crimes were committed by me in Neon. In an attempt to clean the filth off the floor of the place. It’s hard to say if the place was any cleaner after I left my mark. I at least left with a bunch of money and an even increased reputation as someone who gets the job done.

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Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.