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After how things went regarding my last encounter with the Starborn I felt my current gear was a little lacking. It was time to fly back to a different high-level solar system and find some sites to run. This time I'd be playing a little dirty trying to save some time and get something more useful out of it.

Naturally, I'm talking about turning up the game set to the highest difficulty to increase my chances of getting elites and hopefully some better gear as well. I’ll then at least a couple of times each save and reload the game to keep killing the same elite hoping I get something good if not the first time around.

This is a bit of an odd thing to do to try and get some better loot. I however have been wanting to get some better drops for a while now. From keeping from being too much of a scum bag for reloading the game I'll only be doing it a couple of times per elite if needed.


I ended up flying out to the Hawking level 75 system and landing at a couple of different points on some planets. I then ran around looking to see what kind of sites each location had. Many had just some basic caves with not a lot worth my time to further explore. After checking a couple to be sure I ended up skipping over the sites I knew were less than worth it.

For the most part, I also ended up skipping over any sites that were mainly robots. I don’t need the laser ammo they drop. They also do not drop anything useful that I'm looking for like guns and armor.

I would sometimes switch up the game difficulty as needed. I mostly only wanted it at the highest setting right before I went into an instance anyway. It is at least nice they allow you to do this from the menu.

flighting ecliptic.png

I decided to set up there when I stumbled upon a nice Ecliptic site. It's a good thing I have so much ammo for my range weapon as I ended up having a twenty or so-minute battle just to make my way inside the complex.

I have to say I rather enjoyed the firefight I had with the Ecliptic outside of the complex. I feel like I lucked out with the rock features around the complex itself giving me some nice sniping positions to take shelter in as needed.

While there were a lot of them, for the most part, I was able to isolate them down to just one or two at a time. The real thing that gave me a struggle was a couple of turrets I ran into that they had set up. They were in spots that were hard to land any damage on and I'd sometimes empty a clip of my rifle just to take them out. Not to mention they could light me up if I was not being careful requiring using medical supplies to recover.

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The main site I ended up hitting up was a Science Faculty. I ended up lucking out and finding three of these in my exploration. They have a nice little loot chest at the end and a few doors to lockpick open hoping for something good. Not to mention a couple of elites as well.

I had to take these sites a lot slower than I'm used to running them. Taking a turn, the wrong way could require a bit of a tactual retreat to recover my health and come up with a better plan to clear out different sectors of the complex.

looting a skip urban eagle.png

The first site was not that great of loot. I did get some legendary drops, just nothing I cared too much about. This guy ended up dropping melee weapons the first couple of times I killed him. In the end, I settled for a Skip Shot Urban Eagle.

I’m not quite sure if I'll end up using it. At some point, I do need to unlock all the weapon modifiers and kit out a gun to give me the firepower. I feel like I'm missing this point. As such I'll add this thing to the growing collection of weapons I have at my main outpost.

One thing I needed to do after all this farming was hit up some vendors and hope they had the special ammo my different guns use. The pistol that I love using for close-range combat inside of complexes I finally ran out of ammo for. I did loot a different legendary pistil, but it was nothing as amazing as this one was.

auto med spacesuit.png

On another site, there was a level 40 pirate that ended up dropping a spacesuit upgrade. It was only an epic and still was an upgrade. While I'll miss my spacesuit, I have been needing better resistance. The auto-med pack is also not bad to have when things go sideways fast.

Another site I was somewhat thrilled to find was Biotics Labs. They have quite a few little hangers and places to clear out on the outside of the complex. A lot of the time you find rather isolated enemies to take out and I even got lucky with some elite.

melee drop.png

Once inside I was, however, plagued with what seemed to be an endless drop of legendry melee weapons. I decided I might as well keep it once since the game seems to think I want one. I still to this day have not even used this once. I might have sold it at some point thinking about it now.

The plague of melee drops has been contained for quite some time. I don’t know if it was just bad luck, the system I picked or perhaps the complexes I was running. By the time the night was done, I could have filled a ship with melee weapons.

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Even some of the higher-end loot crates that required me to lockpick them dropped as one would expect further melee legendary weapons. It was starting to feel like a running joke at one point. I suppose that is what I get for saving and reloading hoping for a better drop.

Final Thoughts

legendary pack drop.png

I wish I could say I walked away with some amazing upgrade but this time around it was just not the case. Perhaps I just need to bend to the will of this game and start using melee weapons instead. I however don't see that happening anytime soon. I do love my ranged rifle weapons. It’s a shame I did not get a single one of them to drop.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.