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Sometimes your target is a couple of steps ahead of you. That is not always a disadvantage. It just means you must be paying more attention than your target is. Hoping they have underestimated the situation since they are so far ahead. Put you in the exact position they were hoping to avoid in the first place.

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At least some good news out of what felt like a wild goose chase. The person I met at the bar was the person who stole the ship. That, however, is as far as things would go. She then claimed the “no idea where it could be now” line. As if I had not heard that a hundred times by now when it comes to stolen goods.

At the very least it was worthwhile to keep talking with the ship thief. To not toss her and the cell key away. She gave me some information about who hired her. It turns out she did not have the real name of the person who went by which is no surprise to anyone.

What was a surprise was finding out the person who hired her was having some kind of medical emergency. This person was a high-profile individual. That this person would have quite the specific medical needs and there was just enough to go. At least this time I was a bit more hopeful this would not be another wild chase.

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That was not the only information I gathered either. I ended up picking up some encrypted drives from the heist planning phase that she had hung onto. Thankfully the Freestar Rangers have someone who can be quite handy with computers. It however would take some time and he was hopeful I could find more drives with the same type of encryption to try and crack them faster. Yet another thing I needed to add to my list.

Going back to Akila also gave me the time to update everyone else I was trying to keep in the loop about my investigation. While also getting some help on their end on what they think regarding what I had uncovered for the time being.

After giving the details about the medical attention to the person that was paying for the ship heist I was told to go check the Clinic. If they had money there would be nowhere else even close to go than that space station hospital.

I was also not shocked when I told them there was another range with was stations at the very hospital I needed to visit. It’s almost like there are only rangers in places you would expect people to commit crimes. At the very least I did not mind finding out more about the people who are rangers.

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It turns out the person stationed at the hospital station had very little to do. They had been reading up on all the reports regarding my joining the rangers, my progress, and a whole lot of other things. I guess when you are already at a well-armed hospital. There is more than likely little to be done yourself.

I was then put into contact with IT support at the hospital. Who told me they had been issues with their system all day. It started to sound like someone was onto me knowing they were there, and they were attempting to slow down any progress of searching for them. I would not be shocked if the person who gave them away also gave them a head up, I was coming.

I then ran into some hospital staff that did not like me having any questions about them were about by someone with the medical condition I was looking for. They seemed to think they could pull rank and prevent me from doing my job. I assumed them if they did not let me I’d be back another day with more rangers.

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It turns out it’s a good thing I was not going to back down. I was finally let into the VIP section of the hospital where the wealthy go for treatment. I did not seem so VIP with the staff stationed there being dead on the ground and all.

It turns out someone did not want to be found out. They seem to have eliminated anyone who could tell me anything about them. This also more than explains the computer systems having issues if that same person was trying to remove any digital records of them being there.

At this point, I at least had the name of Maya. I also got another tip that she had a base of operations in an abandoned asteroid mine. How anyone knew that is where she could be held up is beyond my understanding. Either I was given good intel or I was walking into a trap. Either way, I had to go check things out myself.

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Once I landed both things had been confirmed at once. Maya was there. She was also expecting me at some point. Which was not good news for me. As she was not about to come and answer any of my questions without a fight.

While there was quite a lack of humans in this abandoned outpost mine. I was not alone with Maya there. There were a lot of robots that had been activated. All with the single mission to stop me from getting here.

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I’ll admit I am not the biggest fan of robots. At least they tend to drop a lot of the kind of ammo the weapons I prefer to use. I also lack the skills to get extra damage on them. As a result, they tend to take a little longer to deal with. They are also not known for dropping any useful loot other than ammo and crafting supplies that I no longer care about.

It would be quite a slow crawl as I made my way to wherever Maya was hiding out in this place. At one point I came across quite a heavily guarded structure. My guest guess was she could be found holdup inside.

The trouble was there were quite a few points I had to eliminate robots from before attempting the building itself. I’d have to take things slow as well as I did not want her just running away. So, I kept an eye on the main building and started to clear out any robots in the surrounding areas the best I could.

Once I made my way inside the building it seemed Maya was hoping I’d just finish her off. It turns out I was not the person she was expecting somewhat. I wanted answers. She wanted a quick death and not to give up those answers.

Final Thoughts

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At least I was able to get some answers out of her. I also got more data to decrypt. It’s a shame I just got another name to go after and not in a direction that looks like it would be having an ending soon. I still have far too many questions about farmland and a stolen ship. Hopefully, soon there will be some kind of answer to the madness.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.