Starfield | Major and Minor Crimes

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With all the heat on me from my actions trying to find the Legacy ship. It was time to cool things off a bit and commit one more major crime. Then I'd be off to do some rather minor pirate crimes. It’s not like I needed to be wanted in any other sector of the universe. Sometimes it’s just fun to blow up a couple of ships and pull off some minor heists that don’t cause indictments that make galactic news.

The first order of business however was getting Conduction Grid tech from Generdyne Industries. I was told they operated one of the most powerful power grids money can buy and that can be used to keep me safe from the Plants's storms that the Legacy ship is orbiting around.

Our contact on the ground there was less than thrilled to see me let alone hear the name Crimson Fleet. They were sizing up a job at the time and me showing up demanding things put their current plans into jeopardy.

I managed to work out the tricky situation by agreeing to help with a task that the person was also working on. In addition to stealing the technology I needed. I now had to also plant a virus in the Generdyne systems. I’m never a fan of having to pull off two jobs at once when there is a risk of putting the primary mission at risk. I, however, did not see any other choice in the matter. Hopefully, both go off without an issue.

high level exe blackmail.jpg

It’s the same old story. High-level executives are fooling around. I need to blackmail said exudative to get me access. In exchange, if I get caught, they know nothing about how I got in.

That whole thing about not getting caught. Well, you know. I prefer to just shoot people first and go about things without having to wait around. What's a few more corpses to a place that will more than likely cover-up that I was ever there in the first place?

encryption cipher.jpg

On the plus side. Since I was willing to kill that scared the daylights out of my target inside who was holding the encryption key. that would allow me access to the information I would be getting. I doubt the Crimson Fleet would have been that impressed if I showed up with data they could not use.

Once I had that I quickly stole the data I needed. I also planted the virus. It turns out the virus was not quite as ready as it should been. It ended up getting caught. Thankfully that little side mission did not jeopardy my main one.

I was done stealing some top-secret technology like it was nothing. I was off to blow off some steam and blow up some people who the Crimson Fleet wanted ice.

It also turns out I was not done stealing things yet. Thankfully that job just required me to break into a master lock. That opened the back door to a place where I quickly got my hands on the object in question and got out before anyone was even aware there was anyone other than the owner of the business inside of that building.

Taking out some starborn.jpg

What day would be complete these days without the Starborn showing up and trying to take me out? They have yet to provide any real challenge to me. They sure did not this time around either. A couple of shots later their latest attempt to take me out failed.

Now I'm not an entirely heartless space pirate. The barkeep Bog at the Crimson Fleet bar wanted me to “recover” the ring he had given to some female. Needless to say, I decided to keep information from Bog that I had uncovered that would have broken his heart twice. I was hoping to get some free booze for a while to finish the job.

taking out ecliptic.jpg

There was also a nice facility to go raid after I had acquired the ring. So, I thought why not take out some ecliptic? No one would notice they went missing anyway. Besides I owed them some further payback for that one time they attempted to ambush me. If anything, all their bases should be on high alert anytime my ship is expected to be in the same solar system.

returning back to the fleet.jpg

The facility itself did not have any loot worth looking twice at. It’s not like I need credits at this point. My character is loaded. I, however, would not have minded finding some better armor or even weapons. Upgrades are becoming harder and harder to come by.

Final Thoughts

returning back to the fleet.jpg

All in all, it was not that eventful of an outing. The main job at hand was rather a quick one. I also enjoyed getting to do more shooting than these Crimson Fleet tasks usually entitle. It was also nice to take out some side missions of space piracy for the fun of it. I’ve been letting side missions stack for longer than I should have.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.