Starfield | Hitting A High-Level System For Items

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It was high time I went out looking for a bunch of upgrades. Sometimes the best way to do that is to hit up a high-level system and see what kind of sites you can find. I ended up finding a few legendary items and some upgrades along the way.

While out exploring on some missions and looking for fun I found myself in a level 55 system. Not that high for my level. I however wondered If I looked around the map a bit if I could find anything a bit more enticing. I certainly did with a system not that far away, being level 70 called Celebrain.

celebrai system.png

Even better when I went to scout things out one of them had an industrial outpost, I could go land on. While there I found some friendly's who were dealing with pirates and wanted them removed. I felt I lucked out. Not only was I getting a mission out of the deal and some reward I was given the location of quite a dug-in pirate base to go raid for loot.

Since it was an industrial outpost at first, I was not quite sure what I was heading into. I ended up doing some recon work walking around the outer edge with my sniper scope out. With the lack of any threats, I headed in and found out the issues they were having.

While it was a little bit of a walk. I ended up uncovering some further areas to check out in the area after I dealt with this first set of pirates. This would end up saving me some time of having to just randomly drop down at different locations hoping something interesting and worth my time would spawn in.

While the outpost the pirates were held up at did not look like anything special, it was quite complex once inside. It was kind of funny it had some pirates outside that were supposed to be patrolling. I wander in and they just start saying “Who is that?” I turned them into space dust before they decided I was not on good terms with them.

legendary pistol found.png

To my shock, right outside of the outpost was a legendary pistol. While I'm not the biggest fan of pistols this one packs quite a punch. My weapons were also kind of lacking for the level of pirates I was about to fight inside. Concussive Advanced Regulator made quick work of most things when I was giving it a try. For the most part, I was still falling back to my usual set of weapons. I’d later on end up using it quite a lot in close combat situations where this pistol shines.

Once inside I opened up every door, even the closest janitor looking for things to shoot and loot to steal. I did end up finding a few rare and epic loot. Most of them, however, were not upgrades. They would at least sell for lots of credit if for whatever reason I lacked anything to sell to the vendors. At this point, I don’t since they all lack enough money to ever deal with me.

peak performence.png

I found something even slightly better than I was expecting. I always keep my eyes peeled for stat-increasing magazines that you sometimes find lying around the place. While they might not be a lot. They sure start adding up over time. This one increased my total carrying capacity by 5kg. I cannot stress enough; that I never have enough carried capacity.

I was hoping to find some higher-level “boss” like pirates. They have extra health and can sometimes be a bit tricky to take down. The one I ran into was quite the pushover once I used the pistol I had looted earlier.

the next place.png

Once I cleared the place out, I headed off to another location that was not far away. I could always travel fast back to turn in the mission I had just completed. I felt like I should be doing that right away when I lucked out to be next to some other spots to hit for loot.

the outside struture.png

The next place ended up being almost a two-for-one special. There was quite an outdoor structure to go around killing and looting. There was also an abandoned mine to explore and clear out as well. I did a bit of work top side first before I just had to know what was in the mine itself.

Right inside the mine, I found a computer that I could access. It allowed me to turn on a robot and make it go out and attack anyone moving that was not me. While that thing was out clearing this place, I went around in some very large rooms taking sniper shots.

target on fire.png

The biggest thing I was hoping to find was an upgrade to my rather old laser sniper rifle. It’s been with me forever it seems now. The damage to it is, however, starting to feel rather lackluster. At least with some new skills I now have it dealing some more damage including the chance of lighting targets on fire.

This place was just filled with Ecliptic to hunt down. There were so many wide-open mining areas I had to take things kind of slow. I could turn a corner and a giant cliff would be right before me. Along with a dozen or so Ecliptic shooting back the moment any light hit my armor.

items looted.png

There was also a commander down there. He had a legendary mining helmet on him. It was, however, not an upgrade for me. You can see just in the cave and the above-ground structure I had looted quite a few things. I was hoping for more legendary items. It’s a shame none of it I felt was an upgrade.

I also found a magazine in the mine to increase tool-grip weapon damage. I can only assume that is melee damage. I’d end up finding another one of these later on while exploring some other locations as well.

Once the mine was cleared out, I went back outside to finish off anything moving around the giant above-ground structure. I then went to the next location that was near me, a cave. Just some mining to be done in the cave, nothing special so I moved on from that. Some of the other locations were just as lackluster.

I ended up returning to the industrial outpost to do my mission turn-in. I ended up just getting some credits. Since they led me to find an upgrade, I was already quite happy. They, however, did not have any further jobs for me and quite rudely told me to get lost. I was tempted to just wipe them out, but I was in a good mood that day and left them live for mistreating me after helping them out of the situation they were in.

autonomous dogstar factory.png

After that, I went and took off from the plant and landed a couple of times. Many of the random locations that spawned I felt like I was wasting my time with. One of those attempts to spawn something interesting to run I noticed this thing.

Once I got close enough, I found out it was an Autonomous Dogstar Factory. I was half tempted to skip it since it would just contain robots to fight and the loot of them was not something I was looking for. I decided since I was not having much luck elsewhere, I might as well run the complex.

nothing that great.png

As expected, the loot was not that great. I, however, had some fun and got some experience. Along with lots of energy and ammo. Since I love shooting laser guns I can’t get enough of that stuff. However, once it looked like I had cleared the factory out I got back onto my ship quickly.

I was a bit disappointed the rest of the solar system did not have any building showing that I could just land at. I was hoping being in such a high-level system would have gotten quite a few already-found sites to land.

I then looked at the map and realized there was another level 70 system next door. Nothing popped up on my radar when I got into that system either. I attempted to land at some random spots hoping for something fun to pop. I mostly got more boring caves and some covered asteroid spots that had some iron in them.

Final Thoughts

end of higher level hunting.png

While this did not end up being as rewarding as I had hoped. It was fun to jump into a higher-level system and kill some pirates. At least I found that pistol as an upgrade and have more loot to sell than I know what to do with at this point.

I’ve started just dumping all the guns that were highly damaged into a container in one of my outposts. Just in case I ever decide one of them might be worth trying to modify to make it better and swap out some other guns I've been using for far too long.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.