Starfield | Freeing The Clones

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This is quite a bizarre situation I found myself in. I was answering a distress call and landed on a planet in hopes of meeting the group who had the distress beacon going. I’m not quite sure I'd call them human.

I ended up landing in a settlement that I later learned was called the Crucible. I was greeted by a robot who said it needed 150 copper ores to keep its mission going. What was its mission? It seems not even the people living in the settlement had any idea what it was either.

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I ended up meeting Franklin Roosevelt, Amanirenas, Genghis Khan, and a few others. You might be thinking-- Genghis Khan? Well, turns out this settlement was filled with clones. They at least knew they were not the real ones. At least most of them.

They were also trapped in some kind of loop. Even if they die, they would just be brought back as yet another clone with the memories of the last one. Needless to say, some wanted to stay in the settlement forever while others wanted to escape.

Many of the different factions within the settlement tried to convince me that what they wanted me to do was the right way to approach their issue. It turns out there was a facility that the clones came from that was running the experiment and it was failing.

This would mean an outsider like me could go into the facility itself. Assuming I survived the defenses the place had. I then had to choose which fiction I was going to take their side in.

I could not just give everyone wanted they wanted. People could not leave without me destroying the robots and the facility failing. Once the building was no longer working those that wanted to stay and be cloned every time they died would no longer be cloned. The robots also would no longer be looking after the settlement itself.

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I decided I agreed with Genghis Khan. After the meeting with him. It was better to free them all than have them all remain trapped when not all of them wanted to remain.

Many of them were not happy once they discovered what I had intended to do. One of them even lured me into a cave and then claimed not to be who they were claiming to be. That they were a serial killer, and they were going to kill me. With how easy it was to convince them to not kill me I did not believe their story. I also was not going to allow them to have any influence on my decision.

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The facility itself was quite a mess. Between the robots and defense systems that were guarding it to keep someone like me out. There was also one heck of a bug infestation going on inside it.

While in the faculty it was clear none of the clones were truly honest with me. They all neglected to tell me they were all once trapped in the facility itself. While some claimed they made attempts to break in and destroy the place. It seemed from the evidence I had found that they did spend quite a long time underground. The place I believe they spent underground was the faculty itself. It must have taken a while before the robots decided to build the Crucible settlement to keep them from trying to damage the facility.


It was also quite clear while they were in the facility they had all killed each other a few times over. Many rooms were just covered in blood. Going to war with each other and murdering each other was something some of the clones did admit had happened in the past when I was talking with them. These would also not be their last wars either. They had at least one more ahead of them.

While exploring the facility I ended up hitting a rather nasty level 100 robot. It almost killed me as well. I barely managed to duck behind an object and use some med packs to heal myself back up.

I was hoping that would be the end of the facility. I was, however, quite wrong. There was another section, and it was locked. I needed a code to get into the last section and to do what needed to be done.

So, I returned to the facility and told Genghis Khan what had occurred while I was inside. He believed there was a ship that would have the code on it. This was also my first time being told they had been dropped off by ships here.

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The ship that ended up having the code was called the Beagle. It had been flying around in space. It had taken massive damage when it ran into some pirates. I just had to shoot at it a little more so the ship could not escape my boarding attempt. I then was able to board it.

After reading some logs from the ship it became clear those that were onboard ran out of food and water after getting stranded by a fight with pirates. No one came to rescue them and none of them survived. I grabbed the code that was encrypted and flew back to the settlement.

When I got back war had once again broken out between the factions. So, I ended up killing the other faction leaders. It was their fault for thinking they could take me on. I then headed back to the facility.


Once things had settled down, I returned to the facility. I used the code to unlock the door and entered the next section of the place. It was just creepy. I ended up finding conveyor belts with body bags. I’m not sure if those were clones ready to be activated. If those were the dead. If they were just strange robots running this place or what.

This section also had quite a bit more security than the first part. So, it was slower going clearing my way to the mainframe that was running this place. Once I got there the mainframe told me it needed to be rebooted to try and fix the issues it was having.

That is when I noticed I had the option to decide who should have super admin of the place. While I was hoping I could just push a button and make the whole place blow up. I’d take giving Genghis Khan access to the whole place unrestricted as a second best.

Final Thoughts

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What was left of the settlement was now free. It seems Genghis Khan, as many told me, wanted to leave the planet and see the galaxy. While this was not unexpected there was no way he would be ready to try and take everything over. If he did, I'd expect him to get killed. With that death being his last death for good.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.