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For the longest time, Andreja was pestering me about wanting to get into contact with some people from her past. I knew up front this was not going to end well. She, however, kept annoying me about it to the point I felt like I had no choice in the matter.

Thankfully this ended up not being that long of a mission. It did, however, require a fair bit of flying around. The consequences of this mission struck me at the end, realizing what was being given up by Andreja to stay with us.

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For some reason when it comes to personal matters and Akila City, they keep becoming a recurring thing in Starfield. I instantly knew the moment I was tasked with going over to the city that things were not going to end well.

At the very least I got to enjoy Akila City during the daytime. Most often when I'm here it’s during the dark of night. This city seems different and not so cold-hearted during the daylight. It also for whatever reason feels a lot smaller.

It turns out Andreja had left someone behind in her former life. Andreja was an agent at one point tasked with infiltrating our group. After her despondence one of her former relations ended up going into hiding as they felt they were being hunted down.

The first place we looked for the person in question ended up being mostly empty. After visiting a bar, I got the impression some placed the blame for what was going on solely on Andreja. Which given her somewhat troubling past I can’t blame people for.

At least going here was not a total bust. Some context clues were left about where to check out next for the mission person in question. I was, however, not quite ready to leave the city just yet.

I did some exploring around during the daytime. I even considered buying a house out here since I've been to the planet a couple of times by now. It, however, seemed like it was going to cost a little more than I was willing to spend on a place.

While getting a house somewhere at some point sounds nice. I am half tempted to just keep living out of one of my outposts. It’s not like I'd use the house to store mass amounts of crafting ingredients. It would just give a nice warmer feeling of a place to call home than a mostly dead planet with an outpost on it.

Once that was done it was time to fly over to Hyla II to check out the camp hoping for a quick end to what was slowly starting to brew into a giant mess of relationships.

mech compoents.png

The place itself was quite a setup. I was foaming at the mouth of all the high-valued contraband I ended up picking up. I did not care where Andreja wanted to go next, I’d be making a pitstop to offload some of these goods. I’d hate for any local police to catch me with these kinds of goods. It would take a few traders with the vendor over a while to offload it all. So much money was to be made.

This naturally can never be peaceful. We were not the only ones on the hunt for the same person. I was hoping for more of a firefight than what the other side was willing to give me. A few corpses later it was time to blast off this planet in search of more clues and answers.

Thankfully where I needed to go to offload some goods was Andreja. My profiteering ended up being more of a success than hers. We were then tasked with yet another place to go check out. This mission had far more running around than I cared for. I was, however, at the end of my tolerance of putting up with Andreja about doing this so I was going to see this to whatever bitter end it would end up being.


This led us to run into quite a bitter person about Andreja leaving. I was all for a little further gunplay but there was not going to be any kind of shooting of this Jaeda person who I could not wait to be several solar systems away from.

This is where things take quite a twist. It turned out Andreja’s own High Council had backstabbed them all to move forward in their own goals. They ended up tossing her small group away like they were nothing.

What was even sad to learn about was agents like Andreja were taken off their home world to go out into the universe and carry missions out. She has no clue where her home planet is and I for one don’t think I've been to it. She only has one direction connection to her people and that person put a dagger into their back.

Andreja handler.png

She ended up taking me out to yet another location. This time to uncover quite a hidden little spot. Where all agents of House Va’ruun. Sadly, we could only threaten and not murder the traitor. What was said was bad enough that for all I know Andreja had given up her only chance if ever to make it back to her home world for how she treated her handler.

Final Thoughts

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This ended up being one of those missions I did quite some time ago and forgot about. Looking back at it now and knowing what I know, I do feel somewhat bad about the negative attitude I had towards Andreja wanting me to carry out this mission.

It was missions like this and the random banter Starfield has with your followers that make you a little more attached to a follower than you would be in a lot of other games out there. In a way I wished we had a better outcome for both the person she was looking for and her as well.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

Disclosure: Starfield received for free through AMD rewards from the graphics card I purchased.