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It’s not every day you are about to hit a ship that is supposed to have millions of credits onboard in storage. This, however, was not going to be simple as just needed to board the ship itself. It turns out the Legacy is trapped around a nasty EM gas giant called Bannoc IV.


I was going to need to steal some tech. Not only did I need to locate the exact position of the Legacy ship, but I also had to survive the gas giant’s massive storm destroying any attempts at making it to the ship itself. Shockingly the ship was able to hold up for the time being. That, however, was not going to last much longer.

I was able to discover from the files I lifted while at Gal Bank that the Legacy had a certain type of transponder. It is, however, military-grade and not something the Crimson Fleet could crack and trace with their current tech.

At least the good news is they got wind of the UC working on a special device called the ComSpike. It would allow us to decrypt and track the legacy. The next time I had to check into the UC they were less than thrilled that pirates were aware of the ComSpike being developments. While they did not know exactly what it was, it was just the fact that anyone outside of the few people working on it was even aware it existed in the first place that was quite alarming to the UC.

After far too much talking between both factions the UC and the Crimson Fleet, I was tasked with getting the ComSpike itself first. They still were trying to solve how to get close enough to the gas giant.

It seems like the Cirmson Fleet has their fingers into everything. The space station that the ComSpike is being worked on happened to be one of the stops one of their smugglers runs. The Smuggler was going to allow me to tag along with the catch if I had to avoid getting detected. The smuggler also had to be acting as normal so the amount of time they could wait for me to carry out my mission and make it back onboard was quite a short window.

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Once on board the smuggler's ship I was told to keep quiet. I was now one of the crew. At least till we got to our target destination and then I'd sneak onto the station and try to stay hidden while making my way deeper into the compound looking for the ComSpike.

You know me I'd rather be blasting my way through a fortress than try and be all stealth-like. I, however, had to ensure the smuggler did not get exposed as my point of entry. That would end up blowing quite a few routes they smuggle stuff along and their ability to be useful to the Crimson Fleet in the future.

Once at the station, I was told to try and find a station uniform to try and hide the fact that I was not supposed to be there. For a place that was doing top secret research being conducted on it was quite shocking how relaxed security was once I made it far enough to look like I belonged.

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There were several close calls along the way of almost getting caught. I for sure thought someone might look up or notice my shadow while I was walking along this catwalk. For whatever reason everyone down below was just too busy doing their jobs to realize they had an intruder that walked over the very room they were in.

At one point the ship I arrived on had to take off, leaving me behind. While it was nice to get some help about getting around the place and just being able to get into the station undetected. It appeared I'd need to be making my exit plan. I also needed to do it in a way that could not be traced back to how I managed to get there in the first place.

The whole time I was trigger-ready to take out anyone who so much looked at me let alone was about to turn while I was sneaking around the place. There came a moment, however, when I was starting to fit in well enough, I was able to just start walking past people and no one was the wiser. Even then I did not put down my guard and was half expecting to start blasting my way out of a situation at any moment.

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The best part had to have been when I got into the computer system and simply upgraded my clearance level. Talk about having some balls to not only impersonate someone but to upgrade your clearance to go report to the man in charge of top-secret research.

After a while, I started to wonder if this entire thing was just a giant trap. I mean, this was far too easy. No wonder the UC had some massive information leaks about many of their operations. I was starting to think stealing the ComSpike was going to be so easy to do that they might not even notice it for a while.

That was till everything hit quite an interesting snag. It turns out the ComSpike was not just something small I could put into my pocket and walk off the station. It did, however, also give me an exit strategy out of this place.

The ComSpike was an entire ship specialty decided for it. How the pirates were going to get the technology down small enough to put on my ship I was not sure. It did, however, mean in the short-term I would now have to steal an entire ship.

Even more strange and quite a stroke of luck. With my new clearances, I was now going to be the test pilot for every ship that was the ComSpike. They were going to just let me fly out of this place with it.

I was going to act like I was doing their mission and then at the first chance I could the ship would be heading off back towards The Key. The UC had nothing in place to stop me once I got on board the ship and they realized I was no longer going along with the test mission for the ComSpike.

Final Thoughts

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I was expecting as a pirate to be doing a lot more shooting than I have been. This ended up being quite a daring heist and I'm shocked it went over so well. Not everything would end up being this easy. At least for now, I have another win under my belt and more goods that I've stolen.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Starfield.

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