Path Of Exile | Scourge League Day 23 And 24

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It was almost two weeks since I last farmed the darkness in Delve to any extent and my expected haul of loot was bonkers. The last darkness depth I farmed was down to 120. Since then I’ve made it down to 297 depth. Add on top a few chambers to farm and a Delve boss fight. I’m exhausted.

While running Heists can be quite a lot more lucrative and a lot less effort than Delve. Heist also requires you to hit a rather high-end item and find sellers. While something like Delve has a lot more bulk goods you can sell that crafters can’t get enough of.

On day 20 of this amazing adventure, I have been on in Path of Exile (PoE) I alluded to a massive amount of farming to do. Days 21 and 22 I had a massive run of Heists with a decent take. It was however time to blow that out of the water with my Delve run.

First the bad news. While I prefer to run Delve darkness and other risky things right after I hit a level up. This time around was not going to be the case. I was around 45% into the level and I lost it all. I don’t get any experience from farming the darkness and there were a few deaths.

It was going to take me days of grinding to finish off my level if I did not die. I would have also had to play it a little safer than I was doing to try and reduce the risk of getting killed. I was not willing to wait and the chances of me getting killed and losing a bunch of experience trying to level up is something all too common. I’m rather happy with being level 95 and I’d be shocked if I got another level.

With that out of the way, it is time to go back into the dark depths of Delve and break open every fractured wall, smash every chest, and loot all the cities I had left behind. It was raining currency and fossils on me during the entire time.

Depth 120 down and down Delve map.png

As I’ve done before I screenshotted the Delve map so I can take some light notes. There were 18 screenshots in total but I won’t be sharing all of them. I used them for taking notes in red such as what I’ve completed. Where I’m at in case I end up having to afk, crash, or something else distracts me. Along with if there is anything I want to return to for late.

I don’t expect the 120 depths to have anything amazing. While many players do skip over them to get quicker into deeper depths of Delve. I’m of the mindset that I’ve spent the Sulphite to get through these areas I’m going to check them. Not to mention I just love running around looking for loot.

I would however skip over higher “vaulted” nodes that were not on the direct path that I took. Unless I somehow found a city I had missed which I did not. It was not worth spending the Sulphite to send my Crawler and clear along with it to currency nodes for instance at this depth. Much rare and higher valued nodes are harder to find at these depths anyways.

The nice thing about these depths is how easy they are now to run with my character. Outside of the occasional of getting stuck on a wall and being out of torches to drop to resolve my situation. The chances of me getting killed by the monsters were quite low.

Fractured Wall.jpg

The bulk of my time was spent running into the darkness along the path I had carved out in Delve looking for these kinds of walls. Once you blow up a fractured wall they can either have loot or unlock a path to a node. I by no means am a perfected Delver and I’m sure I’ve missed the occasional one as not all of them are right off the path.

It can be rather easy to go way too far down a path and find yourself with too many stacks of darkness to survive getting back. That is why I would often restock up on flares along with dynamite. While one could exit the game if they went too far. I despise the amount of downtime and having to get back to where you want to be.

191 depth in Delve and lower.png

I ended up making light work of everything before the 200 depth in Delve. Outside of messing up on my part nothing was that scary to deal with. My stash tabs were already getting full to the point I ended up splitting loot into three different stash tabs for easier sorting later on.

Bloodstained fossil in Delve.jpg

Once I did get deep enough I started to go after some of the nodes I skipped over if they were not that far away. I ended up having quite the insane fight at a fossil node. In my mind, I either was going to get some outstanding or just a lot of fossils. I ended up selling the Bloodstained Fossil for 4 chaos that it dropped. It was not worth the Sulphite to get there or the effort of the fight. It was at least fun.

Prime Chaotic Resonator.jpg

Your heart always gets pumping a little bit when you come across a resonator chest. While more times than not the lower tier resonators will end up dropping. On four separate occasions, I looted a Prime Chaotic Resonator. The most I’ve ever gotten out of Delve in two days. While a lot of things have decreased in price the longer this league goes on. These resonators are now going for 34 or more Chaos each.

There were a few funny moments when I was tired and not paying enough attention after many hours into farming. I would go to drop a flare and discover not only was I out but I was heading down a long path and would have to do without.

There was also the mistake of dropping the last dynamite I had at a fractured wall. I had missed it entirely and when it exploded the wall still stood. I ran around hoping I would find a dynamite chest with no luck. I ended up going back to the surface to buy more which reset the instance for that area. I never did find that wall again. Delve is a strange one indeed.

Chamber loot.jpg

When I did need a break from exploring in the darkness I hit up some of the chambers I had leftover from other runs down there. They ended up being my major source of maps I looted for the trip. They are in my opinion as fun as running in the darkness looking for loot.

They can be a bit more rippy at the depths I had them remaining. So I took my time and cleared out the majority of the monsters. Players usually like to just run in, open boxes, take anything worth looting, and get out before getting killed. Some things down there could put me in quite the hurting so I did it the slow way.

277 down to 294.png

Towards the end of my run, I ended up using a lot more flares out of safety. In the 270s or so range I started to take quite the beating. Sometimes I would just toss down a flare for light so I could fight whatever pile of monsters I was dragging around. It’s a real shame you don’t get experience for them.

After that, I finished off any chambers that were still standing that were not difficult or costly to get to. I have one that has a hidden path I need to find and despite knowing how facture walls work I still can’t find it.

boss fight.jpg

While I did have three boss fights discovered. With two of them being the same. I decided after running Ahuatotli the Blind that it did not appear to be worth my time. I was at least hoping for a fair amount of loot or something.

While I might have tried the fight years ago I don’t recall how it went at all. I also never looked up any videos of it as I did not want to spoil the mechanics or anything else for it. If it was going to kill me so be it. I would at least learn something and have a fun time.

I almost died a dozen times discovering different things about the fight. I managed to prevail in the end. It came down to the wire. I just used my last life flask and it would be a few seconds before I’d have another. Ahuatotli the Blind was on a sliver of life and I was low on life myself. It really could have been either one.

boss loot.jpg

This is all Ahuatotli the Blind dropped for me. None of them had any value for the stats they rolled. I guess this is why many just skip over the easier-to-fight bosses down in Delve. Perhaps one day I’ll find the Crystal King and succeed in taking him out. He is supposed to be more rewarding.

Loot And Selling

Maps looted from Delve run.jpg

After almost two days of running this much Delve content, I am quite exhausted. All that was left was to sort the loot and sell it. This in itself was its undertaking.

I first went through the easy stash tab that I only had placed maps I got in. I looted 85 maps in total which is quite an impressive haul. Of those 53 were red maps and 20 of them were Tier 16. None of them had anything special making them worth anything extra.

Since I don’t plan on selling any of these maps I dropped them off into my map stash tab. I needed quite a few of them for Atlas bonuses which I’m rather excited about getting. I valued the red maps in my total loot to be around 126 Chaos (0.86 Exalt) worth. Everything lower I considered not worth running or selling so no value.

Other loot.jpg

Next up was where a lot of the other loot I got went into. Most of it was currency or divination cards. I looted an astonishing 118 Chaos Orbs while down in Delve. There is a little over 350 chaos (2.41 Exalt) worth of stuff in this tab.

Delve fossil and ress.jpg

The final tab is where I was putting all the Delve fossils and resonators I was looting and is the money shot. Unlike the other tabs, everything in here needed to be priced checked, and traded. There was around 1063 Chaos worth of loot (7.33 Exalt) in this tab. This for me is quite mind-blowing.


During the entire sorting and listing part of the day. I had endless trade after trade after trade. Some of these stuff crafters were offering the highest and fair prices to just directly contact them for a trade. Others would come rolling in as I was doing other things asking if I still had the items for sale.

In total, I ended up looting around 1,545 Chaos (10.65 Exalt) worth of loot. There is a little over 300 Chaos worth still up for sale. Over the next couple of days if I don’t find a seller I’ll just sell to the higher buyer on the market. As my sell tab is a bit full.

Gear Upgrades

My new ring.jpg

While I did get a few gear upgrades over the past several days. There is one I’m rather excited about it. I wanted something a little crazy and over the top. I ended up getting it at a decent price and it’s allowed me to move around some gear and make other changes to my build.

The ring itself did not come with non-challenging skills that have reduced cost crafted onto it. Thankfully for once, it was a stat I did not care for or have any use for. As such, I rolled over it and crafted it onto the ring. I was considering buying rings with crafted life on them and doing the same. Thankfully now I don’t have to give up a lot of life.

While it would have been nice to have gotten a ring with a higher life roll on it. I know that would end up being costly a heck a lot more to buy and I may never be the one to get it. Many want a ring like this and I suspect some item flippers have been buying them up when they can get their grubby little hands on them.

I’ll be getting more gear upgrades in the future. First I need to convert all my Chaos and other currencies into Exalts. That tends to take some time and I just lack the energy to deal with it for the time being.

Final Thoughts


What an insane past two days it was. I’m exhausted. Nothing else to be said.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Path of Exile.