Path Of Exile | Scourge League Day 21 And 22

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Holy Heist! it was time to commit lots of thieving in Path of Exile. Even more, my crew was like no man that is just going too far. If it’s was not nailed down, glued shut, and behind unbreakable glass, I was taking it. I ran 34 normal Heists and 7 Grand Heists. I was on a mission to go big or bust.

The bulk of everything that happened during these 48 hours happened in the first half. It however takes time to sort out the insane amount of loot I helped myself to. Not to mention finding other players to act as a fence for me dumping on them my ill-gotten gains in Path of Exile(PoE). Then it was off upscaling currency into Exalts as if I were just going to the cleaners to pick up some freshly steamed laundry.

Normal Heists

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All my crew members were about to hit max level in their specific professions of stealing. 34 Heist contracts would more than do it and put lots of shiny things in my own pockets while I was at it. While I did not hit anything insane these things just rain money on you like all the safes were left open and every door unlocked.

Lock down started.jpg

I had run enough of these Heist contracts now that I became rather confident and risky. You can trigger the alarm and depend on the gear, contract, and heist crew mate you have some time to keep stealing.

Once you run out of time you fail the contract unless you stole the main object. So there was a bit of a risk since Toxic Rain is not the fastest thing out there. Unless with my set up I’m getting hit a lot triggering my onslaught and Quicksilver flask.

The catch is once you steal the main target the place goes into full lockdown regardless of how much time you have left. While that is fine for some of my crew members as they can break into one or two more creates of goodies on their way out. Not all of them have that ability so having a little extra time to loot was always welcomed.

kill contract.jpg

While Heist is mostly about stealing things. I have found myself more than once now in a situation where you have to kill a target. I have a funny feeling from some of the storyline regarding Heist that it won’t be the last time either. Sometimes these fights can be harder than you expect and other times they were a little too easy.

While I had a few contracts stacked up that were level 80 plus. I ended up having so many again from me leveling up during day 20. It resets a vendor that sells a bunch of level 69 contracts on the cheap. I wish I had known this trick back on the second day of this league instead of just last week. I would be far better off than I am now.

Ventor's Gamble.jpg

During one of my Heist contracts, I ended up looting a Ventor’s Gamble Gold Ring out of a loot chest for accessories. The moment it hit the floor I knew exactly what it was. Depending on how the stats roll it can be worthless, worth a little, or a massive amount.

Since it rolled positive quantity which is big along with a decent increase in rarity items to help counter the reduction. It was worth a little something. I first listed it for 50 Chaos and after getting bombarded the moment it hit the listings with DMs I relisted it much higher. I was rather pleased with this find. It ended up being the biggest single item found running all my normal heists contracts.

I ended up having zero deaths in total. Unless it’s a really special contract my character is now beefy enough it would take quite a lot to down me during a Heist mission. This is great since I can take some risks, move quickly, and not worry about getting one hit.

Normal Heist total loot 1.jpg

As far as all the loot itself I got from running all my contracts. One stash tab was not big enough.

Normal Heist total loot 2.jpg

This was not even all of it either. Some of the bigger bulky and worthless items I trashed as I went along. It is tempting to buy some bigger Stash tabs in PoE I’ll have to keep my eye out for a mega stash sale. While they had one not too long ago if I recall there are better ones that should be coming up with bigger discounts.

In total my 34 runs ended up costing me around 13,600 Rogue’s Marks. Along with whatever the value of the contracts was. With a large bulk of them from the vendor, I would say they had an average of 1 Chaos or less.

Out of it all, I ended up pulling in around 544 Chaos worth of loot. This did not include any divination cards that were 1 Chaos or less as they are not worth selling and I just mass turn them in without very little return back.

The majority of the items were currency or things that bulk sell rather quickly. 84 Chaos of it was from Stacked Decks which keeps being a major source of the revue. I had acquired 44k Rouge Marks that I would put towards running Grand Heists that had a value of 120 Chaos. Then you had things like Gamblers Ring, maps, scarabs, and lots of raw currency.

Checking items for stats.jpg

The only big letdown where all the jewels I ended up looting. I ended up filling up my inventory and mass identifying them. Then I would check each one and junk them one by one. I did not end up keeping a single one to use or sell.

Grand Heists

Exalted Shard.jpg

With my crew maxed out and some item upgrades from running normal Heists it was time to hit Grand Heist hard. I had seven of them in total to run. I also had a stockpile thanks to my normal Heist runs of 110k Rouge Marks to spend on the crew and unlocking rooms.

The big allure to Grand Heists is you could hit a really big item. You never know when your next one could be dropping nothing or an item worth enough Exalts to buy just about every item you want for your characters.

I’m really glad this time around I did not overspend on unlocking too many wings or areas to go after. I’ve started to learn which types could have a good chance of covering my costs and which ones you either hit huge or come back with pocket lint. While it was tempting to spend all the Rouge Marks I had I remained restrained.

Grand Heist 1.png

The first Grand Heist ended up having enchanted armaments as the main target. As someone who struggles to price and understand where the value is in those kinds of items. I went rather light on it only unlocking a second wing.

Grand Heist end loot.jpg

I’m rather glad I did not go crazy on as the loot was rather light and I’m not even sure I walked away in the green on the first one. While I do have the chest pieces I ended up looting at the end for a heavy pricy on the market. With it having some decent resistance including Chaos and a truckload of life. I won’t be shocked since it’s not a 6-link that it might never sell or go for next to nothing.

It was however the best pick that I could determine at the time. Since you only get one item before the Heist goes on lockdown it would have to do. This is why I’m not the biggest fan of these kinds of items.

Grand Heist 2.jpg

The second Grand Heist I ran was yet another enchanted armament. While it had a chance at some decent rooms by what was on the map. It ended up being a total dud. At least in Grand Heist, each room has a double chest. Making you feel like you have a chance at getting something decent.

Grand heist 3.jpg

The third Grand Heist I went big on unlocking all wings and lots of rooms. Between the currencies, gems, and scores of rooms alone a single item could make my day. Not to mention this one had replicas or experimented items as the main target.

The loot I had from the different rooms started to make up for the first two being rather lousy in terms of general drops. I had quite a few Stacked Decks, Chaos, and other items drop. While nothing insane it would help towards the final total.

Grand Heist 3 loot.jpg

After making short work of the place I was finally at the end where the main target to steal was. I felt like I had a good chance at selling this weapon at some point. I could be mistaken it just seems like quite the weapon with all that damage and the trigger.

Grand Heist 4.jpg

I’m not even sure why I unlocked a second wing in the fourth Grand Heist. The rooms were not that great. I guess I was taking a bit of a gamble with it being unusual gems for the final reward. A gamble that paid off as I ended up selling the Lens or 59 Chaos that I found in the wing I had to pay to unlock.

Grand Heist 5.jpg

The next two blueprints I had for my fifth and sixth Grand Heists I got a bit excited. The target was thieves’ trinkets or currency. From my own experiences, I know there is a decent chance at walking away with a few Chaos in my pocket.

While sure you could end up with something lame like a half stack of Orb of Alchemy that was not going to be the case. One of them had four Singular Delirium Orbs and another three Diviner’s Delirium Orbs in another. While I don’t use them myself they are quite a hot ticket this league going for 20 to 27 Chaos each.

Thieves Trinket.jpg

During the end of one of the wings I for sure thought I was going back with 5 Chaos as my reward. I then double-checked the Theft’s Trinket rewards and found this one. This is a bit of an upgrade over my old one.

The seventh and last Grand Heist I had to run I was just not feeling it. It was another enchanted armament. The wings seemed overpriced to unlock and not worth it. It ended up being the only one I did not spend a lot of Rouge Marks on.

Unlike the normal Heist contracts where you are paying less and getting an item at the end that you turn in for Rouge’s Markers. Everything for these is out of pocket and I ended up spending 44k Rogue’s Markers on my seven runs with them having a value of 113 Chaos.

Grand Heist loot total 1.jpg

While there is a chance that my Grand Heists could end up bringing in more value. Right now for what has sold or I have high convenience in selling along with anything I’ll use and all the currency it was a bit less than all my normal heist runs once you factor in the higher costs. About 3.06 Exalts before costs.

Grand Heist total loot 2.jpg

In total the Delirium orbs I got ended up being the biggest saver of my runs bringing in 160 Chaos in total. Next up was that lens I looted which only took a few hours to sell for 59 after a small price drop. After that raw Chaos dropping was the next biggest with finding 43 of them.

On top of the 3.06 Exalt, there could be more. The bigger ticket items that may or may not sell for anything close to what I’m asking could bring in another 2.51 Exalt which would almost double the total amount. They however have been sitting for a few hours now without any action on a 60 Chaos or higher listed item.

Final Thoughts

My stash.jpg

While one could always hope for things to have been bigger and better. Ending it all with looting over 9.27 Exalt worth of stuff was amazing. Even more so with 6.73 Exalt worth of it already being converted into Exalts, used, or selling soon.

It is a good thing my Exalt pile is starting to grow a bit. I have my eye on an item on the market and I’m still falling short of affording it. Thankfully I have a lot of Delve looting and farming I need to do next. Hopefully, that item will still be on the market by then.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from Path of Exile.