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With Betrayal league a lot of changes were made to hideouts. Hideouts can be a really fun and important part of the game for many players.

They often are the place where players make trades with one another, where teams meet up, and you tend to send a lot of time in them since you start your maps from them as well. Some also go to the extreme and spend days or longer decorating and setting them up to how they want them to look.

Since the old Forsaken Masters have been reused for another purpose in Betrayal so went with them the old method of gaining enough reputation with them to unlock individual hideouts from each of them. In addition to that, they have added in more of them that you can randomly find in certain maps.

Helena And Switching Hideouts


If you are like me you more than likely just breeze right over an NPC you saved in act 2 called Helena. If for whatever reason you also did not save her she can be first found in Chamber of Sins 2. After saving her she can be found in The Forest Encampment. Little do you know this is, in fact, the very NPC you need to talk to for changing hideouts! You can also find her when you unlock a new hideout but then she disappears.


After that, it is as simple as clicking on “select hideout” and then if you have any hideouts unlocked you can select whatever one you own by clicking “swap.” Normal hideouts that can be found in different acts will tell you right where they are. There are also more rare hideouts that can be found in maps as random spawns in certain zones. Those locations are unknown until you find them.

You can also invite this NPC to your hideout. Making it easy for you to switch instead of having to go out to Act 2.


While inside of a hideout there is also an export and import buttons. You can import another hideout as long as you have it unlocked in the game.

Hideouts From Acts 2 to 10

To be able to get a normal hideout you need to clear outside special side areas. There is one per act with the expectation of none for act 1. They are always there so no need to run the same zone over hundreds of times just to get any of these. You first start a quest from Helena in that hideout side area. Once you clear out all the monsters the hideout is now yours. This is not an item that drops or anything like that –it’s a quest completion.


You know you are getting close to one as they are noted on both your map and the minimap as this blue icon in most cases.

Act 2 Lush Hideout


You can find the side area to clear out in Dread Thicket. It was for me found south from where you enter into the zone. Just a tad more south from the map I’m showing you start to see the blue icon.


This map comes with three main areas each separated by a river and a bride connecting you to different parts.


If you really wanted to open up this middle section you can remove all the decorations. In its current state, it’s not very usable.


The last area seems great for the mapping device and if it where me I would move my stash and some NPCs to this location.

Act 3: Undercity Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in The Sewers. It is rather close to the end where The Market Place entrance is.


This one has a bunch of smaller areas with some of them being connected with sewer passageways really adding to the feeling that you are living in the sewers.


While the craped design really adds to the feel and flow of this area. It has areas like this without much useable space.


The map device room is more out of the way than on other maps. While you could move it. The question remains where? With all other areas being rather smaller than this one and it already feels a bit cramped.


Then you had a couple of areas like this one where they are more like a place to just walk past. Really could not fit much in them. As far as hideouts go I like most of the space to be big enough to be used. This just feels like dead space.

Act 4: Excavated Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in Crystal Veins. For me, I found it east of the zone in or north-east of the waypoint location.


This one has three small areas. They are at least nice and wide open. For someone who just wanted everything within one spot, this seems perfect. You can almost see the entire zone on the mini-map.

If I was going move into here I would just set up my NPCs and stash along the wall. You are so close to the entry area there not much traveling needed. This hideout just seems very effective in space usage.


This is the last little area. Maybe I would set up a table in there with some chairs around it and make a nice dining area. I feel it is a little too small to want to move the mapping device or the syndicate NPC into here.

Act 5: Stately Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in Ruined Square. For me, it was to the east of The Reliquary in that little area where Utula can be found.


This one has a really massive starting area with some three entryways into the building. You could even remove that statue in the middle if you did not like it.

The nice things here are while there is what I would call closet space rooms they are connecting to bigger areas such as this one. I’m already thinking of a few things I could do just in this room.


In my eyes, this feels like the perfect mapping room for me. I might have to move in here myself and see how it goes after a few weeks.


Even this smaller walkway area just feels like it has a purpose and I could fill it with something useful.

Act 6: Coral Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in Cavern of Anger. This one can be a little hard to find because it is hidden by a locked door. The switch to that door was close by down a bridge. I happened to have found this to the west of where the exit to The Beacon.


If you are into seeing the beach and the ocean this one is perfect for any snowbird looking to escape the icy north with how tropical feeling it is.


I am impressed with how wide open some of the areas are as well. The landscaping is used in such a great way to carve out different areas.

Talk about mapping with a view. I could see myself just moving the waypoint and everything else to this section of the hideout and just staying here.


I don’t know about you but I feel like having a campfire right here. Can just watch the water come into the shoreline and have a S’more!

Act 7 Baleful Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in Chamber of Sins Level 2. It was located to the south-east of the zone entrance.


This has to be the smallest hideout I’ve seen yet. This single screenshot just about shows it all expect the outer edges. I would personally remove the table and put the mapping device in the middle. For those who don’t want many thrills and some dark lighting, this is perfect. The crafting bench really makes this one feel like you are in someone’s laboratory or dungeon.

Act 8 Luxurious Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in Bath House. It was just to the east of the waypoint.


While this one has five areas they just don’t feel very useful. It is a bathhouse after all so you have water and other features going on.


While there could be a lot of room where you would end up having to remove all the decorates it comes with. Not to mention the pathways they have put in here creative a few amounts of dead space.


This hideout has two similar rooms to this one. Strange they would choose to call this luxury than just what it really is a bath house! I’ll wash my armor in there before I leave.

Act 9 Desert Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in The Oasis. Since this is just a wide-open zone you can run along the border lines till you came across it. For me, it was towards the east from the zone in.


This one is a giant circle shaped hideout with a water feature in the middle and fencing around the perimeter on one side and rocks on another.


Looks perfect for those hot afternoon mapping seasons where you just need a break. No wonder there is a wooden wall around this place it is an oasis.


The mapping area they already have set up is more than enough space to do what you want with it. There is just a lot of useable space in this one. I’ll admit I’m not a big fan of a giant desert and all the random plants.

Act 10: Skeletal Hideout


Found in the side area to clear out in The Ossuary. I found me going north and then east along the outer path.


This one has a bunch of smaller little rooms in it that does leave things more spread out.


I’m not quite sure if I would go mapping in this room or perform a ritual. I guess it’s nice to have options.


I would recommend before moving into this hideout to hire an exorcist first. Some demonic stuff went down in this room that is for sure. They really took the naming of this hideout as its theme.

Epilogue: Cartographer’s Hideout

You get this one from just visiting Templar Laboratory that I recall.


While a very small hideout it has a special feature the others don’t have this mapping device. While everyone else is slumming it with the cheaper version you have the real thing right here in all of its glory.


While you could remove the mess on the floor of books and stuff scattered all over the place. It just seems rather fitting.

Hideouts From Maps

Unlike the hideouts you get from the different acts these are not guaranteed spawns and have been described as rare to very rare. Also, they can have a few different spawn locations inside of the same map. With how rare they are to find and the fact I did not take any screenshots prior to where I found them. I’ll just be sharing the ones I have so far located. Along with what maps they are in.

If they follow the same pattern as the maps from the acts I am going speculate that each map tier has one of its zone with a specific hideout. As you can tell from below I am missing quite a few hideouts. They also do not show up in hideout selection till after you have discovered them. Making it a bit of a guessing game where the reaming hideouts in each tier could be hiding.

Some are trying to farm them by creating sustainable map pools. This requires removing maps off your atlas and goes beyond the scope of this guide. Along with having a very high Atlas bonus.

Keep in mind these cannot just spawn in the random middle of nowhere locations in each map. So far they have been along edges or walls where a side area could spawn.

Many of the map hideouts are the old hides from before patch 3.5. As such if you have been a long time player and have unlocked them you already have some of them. I’m not quite sure what one is all new as I was never into hideouts like many others where. As such I just found one I liked and stuck with it.

Tier 1: Coastal Hideout

Found in the Atoll map.


It has three areas to it but I personally would prefer living in Coral Hideout. If I recall this is one of the older maps from before the change. So most have already seen it. It is also lacking in decorations as I’ve lived here before from the looks of things.


A decent little area to set up a mapping space or an outdoor dining area!


This is my eyes is the reason you would want to live in this hideout in the first place to view it daily. You also can not remove it or relocate it. I did not find any treasure onboard real shocker!

Tier 3: Unearthed Hideout

Found in the Graveyard map.


This one has three decent size areas that are close together in it. For anyone who wanted to live in a graveyard here is your chance. I’m sure the undead are dying to meet you. They are as dead as my puns.


Complete with your own circle of stones must be some sort of protection spell to ward off any evils that spill out of the mapping device. Granted that pile of bodies over there is not helping the property value either.


I sure hope the last user of this hideout has long past away. Otherwise, I might want to bring a stake if you plan on moving in here. I did not dare open it to see if it was occupied. I’m just here checking out some hideouts.

Tier 6: Enlightened Hideout

Found in the Academy map.


This is the hideout I been living in for many leagues now. I kind of wish they put all the old ones in for getting in the acts and not maps. I can tell you for only three rooms it is compact, efferent and very functional I just love seeing the library shelves and the lighting is nice on the eyes late at night.


This room would also be great for mapping or whatever else since its just enough space. This happens to be where I do my syndicate safe house runs from.


Another room big enough for the mapping device or anything else. I happened to put a green crystal in here over Christmas and called it to tree with some NPCs around it.

Tier 7: Backstreets Hideout

Found in the Arcade map.


While others hideouts have been rather small. This one is small and not very useful. I guess it was more important to keep to the name then make it big enough for more uses.


Some free fruit to keep you going on extended map runs. The last remaining area was just too small to want include. You can guess by its size in the first screenshot with the map overlay on. Just feels so cramped.

Tier 8: Battle-scarred Hideout

Found in the Promenade map.


Another very small one. While it has three areas one of them is again very small. Some of these other hideouts had closets bigger then useable space in it.

I would think of moving everything up into this area and not have to wander around to find anything. The golden trip on the pillars and wall looks amazing.


The tents can’t be removed so umm… This spot is just for looking at. Even smaller than the last one! It would have been decent if they had pushed out the area a little more and just made the tends the wall. You can go inside them but a lot good that does.

Tier 12: Immaculate Hideout

Found in the Ivory Temple map.


This comes to the last one I have from the maps. Two of the rooms really are just for decorations. With only one of them having enough useable space in my mind to be used. You could make it work if you love how it looks. If you could not tell by now I just like large rooms.


The most useful area in this entire hideout. Just enough space to get things done. Unless you are really into gold everywhere there are much better hideouts with enough room to be both more functional and more creative if you wish to decorate them yourself.


That is a lot of fancy tables, vases, and gold stuff. Perhaps If I was the size of a mouse this place be perfect. I just sure hope there would not be any cats around.

Acquiring From “Trading” With Players

Keep in mind hideouts do not drop as a tradeable item at this time they are a quest you get in each of the side areas for them. As such you need to be careful. While the average Path of Exile player is a great honest person. There are always a few bad apples exploding and ripping people off.

First off you do not need to pay anyone a “finder’s fee” for any of the hideouts from acts 2 to 10. For the most part, these are the better and newer hideouts then many you find in maps in my opinion.

Second, if you are buying from someone it will be a risk. They are either going require you to pay up front for them to unblock the portal or you might get lucky with someone willing to let you get it first and hope you don’t take off. At least make sure they have the correct map portal open for what you are buying. While I don’t have all of them listed since I’ve yet to find them. This at least gives the buyer some knowledge and hopefully not get scammed.

For many trying to sell, they are blocking off their portals and requiring people to pay first before letting them go get the quest. This also requires them to find a buyer in a trade channel or on the forms. There no way to list you have this for sale otherwise.

I’m hoping in the future the developers see that players do want to sell hideouts and change how they work. If they make an item that drops that you can either keep and consume or sell on the external market site that fixes a lot of issues going on. No one would have to worry about getting scammed or way overpaying.

As far as price I have no idea. Many of these are considered “very rare” to find. I have seen people ask from 20 Chaos up to 1 Exalt. It could take someone days to get just one hideout they wanted. So that really up to you how you value the things. Personally, I’ll just find them myself or wait for a friend to mention they just found a hideout.

Final Thoughts

While some maps are great others I feel have a lot of dead space in them that you would only want for looking at. They also seem to be very keen on making the hideout as the name says. I wish there was a little more creative freedom going on with some bigger areas as well.

I love the idea that the new maps are coming all decorated up. Not everyone is into that and if they are they can do whatever they want by removing most of the stuff. This gives the player something to do when they want a break from the normal game.

I really love this idea and I hope they expand on hideouts more in the future. It is cool if they ended up being league rewards or something else as well. I’ll keep an eye out for other hideouts. Maybe a future post of the last remaining ones I’m missing. All depends on my luck. Looking forward to seeing how this system builds out even further.

Have you found any hideouts you wanted to use so far? Think I’ll be setting up in the Stately Hideout when I get some free time.

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Screenshots were taken and content written by @Enjar. Screenshots are from the game Path of Exile.