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I was starting to close in on finishing off the quest level of a novice. It has gotten to the point where I'm now working on more than just novice quests. There are even a couple I might just leave for much further down the road if they are not granting me experience or an unlock I want.

Quest: Death Plateau

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One thing I had yet to investigate was acquiring the game's necklace. I honestly thought it would have been more challenging than it was. All I had to do was buy the right necklace and enchant it with runes I already had in the bank.

It did not help that I bought an amulet first and ended up making an amulet of magic. Hopefully, in the future, I will recall the needed attention to detail between the two when enchanting my jewelry.

With how cheap it was to make the necklace this is one of those things I wish I spent a moment working out what was needed. It’s a shame it only has eight charges but then again I can just buy or even better yet craft a few of these necklaces myself.


I always find it interesting just how many little game mechanics there seem to be in this game. Like most quests, something extra required to be put in. I found myself not having an item needed but I could end up gambling 500 gold. With the intent that if I won, I'd put the NPC into debt he could not pay back.

I can only hope this thing was rigged in my favor. I did not have to go back to the bank which required me to go through a mountain since I did not bring a rope or hook to take the shortcut.

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As fate would have it, I ended up needing to go through the White Wolf Mountain anyways. At least I had the games necklace to portal me back to Burthorpe. Which ended up saving me quite a lot of running around. It’s a shame I can’t access the bank near the town since it’s in a guild I don’t need the requirements to enter the area.

In the end, all the running around I had to do resulted in me taking a secret pathway out above a plateau to see an army of ogres mounting in a valley below. This also unlocked some further quests for me to get into it with the ogres. That would have to be for another day.

Quest: Murder Mystery

the manner.jpg

Someone important named Lord Sinclair was murdered, and I had to find the killer. Having no idea who that person was or what they did. All I cared was they seemed to have quite a fancy manner and I was hoping for it be well worth my time in finding the killer.

I always expect when walking into places like these that more than one person would have the motive to remove the person. I was already guessing since I did not know the name that they were not someone world renowned enough to have been assassinated for angering off some king in a former land. So, I turned my sight much closer and started to wonder if it was one of his staff members.

the murder spot.jpg

Despite the police already looking over everything and not coming to any kind of conclusion. It seemed like they did a bad job. I took the suspected murder weapon and found some thread that got stuck in a window. Making me wonder if the killer had used the window at some point.

I started to gather some supplies I could use for lifting the fingerprints of the suspected murder weapon. I however needed to find fingerprints to match it to who would in theory be the killer.

That is when I noticed a rather suspected character named Anna who lives in the manner as well. When she was not looking, I swiped one of her belongings and ended up lifting some fingerprints off it. While some might have been shocked, I was not that after comparing the two sets of fingerprints I had they appeared to be a match. I had found the killer!

This quest rewarded me with three points. Along with some crafting experience and a little bit of gold for my troubles. I was hoping the payday would be a bit more extensive. It’s, however, nice being able to leave a quest up in gold.

Quest: Elemental Workshop I

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This one was nice and quick. The biggest part was just getting the supplies. Since I'm not going out and gathering everything myself. This meant the quest would be quite simple.

I just had to go down into a cave and craft an item. That item required some machines that had to be repaired or fueled. It was like working on a giant smithing facility.

I also took the opportunity since I kept getting a notice about an achievement for each of the four different element types I ended up killing while down there. Nothing like finishing off a quick quest for a 5k crafting and smithing experience. Along with getting an achievement out of the way as well.

While there is a follow-up quest. It would require more time than I had and some skills and items I needed to work on. I’d be saving that for another day as well. My focus was just finishing off novice quests for the most part.

Quest: Jungle Potion

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This one required me to go into the jungle and some caves to gather ingredients and make a potion. Like many quests, it sometimes took me longer to work out how to get to the location of the quest than to do the quest itself.

At least at this point, I'm starting to become rather familiar with a few different regions of the game. Along with using boats, teleports, and even running to a location when needed.

The big deal for me working on this rather quick quest was to get the 775 herblore experience. That is one of a couple of skills I'm still quite lacking on. This quest, like so many others I've done, unlocks quite a few other quests I want to start on.

Quest: The Giant Dwarf

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One quest that ended up being far more infuriating than it needed to be The Giant Dwarf. From just getting to the area to getting the supplies to the NPC in time. This quest had me running around on tilt for a while.

While there is a railway system right next to the grand exchange you can take into Keldagrim. which is an underground city. That requires you to have been there before. There were some other methods to get there but you needed certain items from quests to get to this location as well.

Since I was just looking to do this quest as a requirement for a different quest. I was not really into the whole idea of having to go out and do yet another quest just so I could get to the quest NPC for this quest which would grant me access to Keldagrim.

This one would have been quite a massive walk. I, however, had the games necklace. Which cut down the amount of walking I had to do by about half. It was still a bit of a journey to get there.

This entire quest results in a giant stature being made. I had run around at first gathering clothing for the model the sculptor was going to use to make the statue.

the map.jpg

The next part required me to take on random tasks where I would not know till it started if I needed things like iron, gold, mithril, silver, copper, and so on ores. I had to finish quite a few of them and any time I turned down a job I would lose points till I had enough points.

I had hoped after looking at the map I could just go out and mine what I needed. After all, you had 15 minutes to go and do so. Since I did not know which ores or how many would be needed, I did not want to just go buy a bunch of ores that would end up not getting used for this quest.

I could not work out how to get to the different ore veins in this town. I ran around everywhere without having any luck in finding a path. Every way seemed to be blocked off by terrain or water.

Then I had an even bigger issue. After I finished off enough of those by ran to the grand exchange and just bought up lots of ores. I now needed to do tasks for random mineral bars. The issue was I could not find a normal forge.

There was a forge. It was, however, the blast forge. It even had an NPC down there selling ores. Since I've never used it before I had no idea, I needed something like level 40 fire making and who knows what else to operate the blast forge. I even spent 2.5k gold to use it. Which ended up being a waste of my money since I lacked the skills to do so.

In the end, quite a few trips I used the railway system to the grand exchange. Far more gold than I would have liked was spent to finish this quest. If I had not needed this quest for another one, I wanted to do shortly after I would have just abandoned this one for another day.

the giant dwarf rewards.jpg

At least this quest in the end gave out quite a few experiences for many different skills. Many of which I ended up getting a level or two from. Still, I hate even thinking about this quest which was mostly just turning in ores or bars which should not have been that much of a challenge in the first place. At least now I know a little more about getting around in Keldagrim.

Final Thoughts

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I’m slowly finishing off all the novice quests and I'm even starting to work on some harder ones now. These short ones have been a blast. It is, however, nice sometimes to spend more time on the quest than just getting to the location it’s at. While some of these were close to each other many this time around were not.

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