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I have found Old School RuneScape is great at getting me distracted from trying to carry out a task. I might pass by something and want to go check out what it is on my way to doing something like a quest. Other times, there are flat-out NPCs that come and start spamming your name to get your attention.

Doing Random Things

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Sometimes I'd just take a break from whatever I was doing and find something rather random to go do instead. I found it a fun little way to try and learn more things about things around me in Old School RuneScape.

One such instance I was working on a quest, and I noticed some bears off in the distance. I wanted to further understand how hard they were to deal with. What kind of loot did they drop? Along with if there were more of them to grind out.

I ended up filling up my inventory with bear hide and needing to take a rather long trip back to a bank. This also reminded me of the importance of being mindful of how far away you are from a bank when you decide to do something.

I made a little off the loot. It was not that great it was, however, something. It also gave me a nice break from questioning at the time. Sometimes it’s just fun to see where things end up taking you. In this case, I just wandered around this area a little bit and then went back to what I was doing after the bank run.

Mini Events

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This game seems to have some interesting things going on with random events. Every hour or two an NPC shows up calling you out by name. You can choose to interact with them or not. It seems they are believed to be some random checker if you are botting or not. I’m not quite sure how true that is since they only last a minute, and many people are AFK skilling for a couple of minutes at a time.

At first, I was just ignoring these random events. I did not know what to think about them let alone what I should have been doing. I did find some of them rather funny when I saw it happen to other players. Even more so when a guard shows up announcing someone has been arrested.

After a while curiosity got the better of me. I decided to start interacting with them. The little mini-games were quite strange, to say the least. Sometimes I'd get rewarded with clothing items and other items with something I could sell.


I had this one pop up twice now. Where a beekeeper takes me away. I’m tasked with putting the beehive in the correct order as in the example given. When I complete it I get a different piece of a beekeeper suit.

arrested 2.png

The funnier one had to have been when I found myself being announced as being arrested. I first wondered what the heck did I do to deserve this. I ended up getting put in a cage and to escape I just had to click on the lock shapes as they appeared. Quite a simple one.

They all seemed to be these quite simple mini-games. As if they were random checking every couple of hours if a real player was playing. I’m glad I started to do these. While most times they are not that rewarding I had one that paid off big.

mini maze 3.png

I found myself after talking to the NPC teleported into a maze. I was told the quicker I got to the middle the better the reward. Along the way were also chests to loot. I checked a couple, and the loot was not worth the time to stop.

Once I got to the middle and was brought back to the location, I was taken from I was awarded with 15, 585 gold worth of runes. The downside is my inventory was already full so they were placed on the ground for me. Thankfully there was no one else around and I was just thirty seconds from the bank.

old person.png

This ended up being the most rewarding mini-game I've received so far. It was also not the shortest or the longest. In some instances, an NPC just shows up I interact with it and they give me an uncut gem or some other reward and leave without needing me to do anything else.

I’m also willing to admit some of these took me way too long to get whatever context clue I was supposed to for doing the mini-event. I had this one where I was supposed to be doing jumping jacks or other exercises as instructed to do.

There were some things to click and each one had you do a different exercise. It took me a few failed attempts to realize if I rotated my camera around, I could see the front of the signs that each showed which experience they would cause you to do. I felt stupid about that one.

balloons event.png

Some of these also just took a lot longer than one would expect them to take. I had this rather strange one where an NPC told me I had just been kidnapped and the same thing happened to them. I had to pop balloons to find keys for us to find our way out.

I spotted the first balloon animal and got the key. I was even told I was correct. I then kept popping up further ones for me to find and get the key from. After a couple of these, I started to wonder if I needed to pop each balloon animal in the room before we were done. Thankfully that was not the case but I was starting to wonder.

That time also reminded me of another. I was put into a room where you had to click on pillars as they changed. After the first few I was wondering if I was not understanding something. It seemed rather simple. Yet it kept having me go on and on.

Final Thoughts


What seems so interesting about these random events? Some right after doing a single action you are told you can leave. Others make you wonder if you are doing something wrong as they keep giving you further instructions and go on far longer than you would have expected.

At the very least they have all rewarded me with something. There have even been a few I hope to get again at some point. Like the giant maze that gave me a lot of value in runes. There was also stuff like the beekeeper where I just wanted to get the full suit.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Old School RuneScape