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Turns out I needed to level up thieving for some quests I wanted to run. Thankfully I've already done some quests that reward a small amount of experience towards that skill. It was, however, time to grind out even more experience.

It’s odd to think I've been leveling thieving without using the actual skill outside of quests. Sure, I'd get a target in a quest I might have to steal from if even that. I had yet to go out somewhere and try out grinding the skill itself. It also turns out I'd be running some further quests before doing so.

Quest: Fighting Arena

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One quest that I meet the requirements to run that would grant me further experience for thieving involved visiting a prison. The very place I'd expect many shady things to be going on and such skill to be used.

It did not take long before I was arranging a jailbreak. The jail was a failed attempt. I ended up finding myself in the yard having to face several individuals who were not thrilled by my actions.

I ended up fighting off three individuals. At the time I felt like I had over-prepared the amount of food I had brought with me. Almost a full inventory of lobster. Since I was planning to melee and not use ranged using safe spots. I wanted to make sure I had enough.

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It also became somewhat clear I was a little under gear or skill as I started to take down the opponents I was faced with in the yard. The final one, being a dog with 116 health, was quite a challenge. I ended up using a large amount of the lobsters to use as healing food.

Thankfully I have quite a large supply of cooked lobster in the bank. Bank from when I was grinding fishing and my cooking skills. Every time I deal with combat it’s at least nice knowing for the time being I have good enough food to heal during them. To keep myself alive even during a battle with something that had 116 health.

The quest gave me over 12k of attack experience, which was a huge plus for me, even giving me a level. The over 2k thieving experience was also quite helpful and the real reason I went after this quest.

Grinding Thieving To 46

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Now that I had a decent start in thieving levels it was time to do something quite simple. While sure I could go out and steal things from NPCs. Every time you fail you get stunned and even take damage. It turns out there was something quite easy to steal without anyone caring how much I stole.

I now had enough experience to steal from fruit stalls in Hosidius. The biggest issue was trying to work out even how to get out there in the first place. It was on the other side of the map across the ocean.

While there is supposed to be a Sprit Tree somewhere around that region. It turns out you must plan your own. Something I had no idea about. Thankfully I had been to the area before a town about Hosidius by boat. It took me a little while to work out which boat but once I did it made getting there not so bad.

For a large amount of my grind stealing from fruit stands, I was just dumping all the fruit on the ground. Then I started to realize the rare fruit I was looking at was worth around 1k gold. Meanwhile, some others were around 600 gold as well. To make things even easier it turns out the bank was just across the marketplace on the same road I took to get to the house I was stealing from.

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While at some point I might be using thieving to earn some money to buy better items. This time around I only banked about 15k-20k worth of fruit. Robbing the fruit stand was not even something I considered to try and earn some gold.

I was even tempted to only focus on getting all the experience I could for an hour. I however decided since I was spending a decent chunk of gold daily grinding out quests and doing other activities. I should make some attempt to recover some of what I've spent so far. The last thing I want till I get higher skills is to go out and farm something that would net me even less gold per hour than this was.

I ended up sticking around till I was level 46. By then it seemed like it was taking forever to level up. I also had more than enough levels now to run some further quests. I was also getting rather bored of just spamming on the fruit stands and dumping low-value fruit on the ground.

Quest: The Golem

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This was more about just looking for an easy quest I met the requirements to do that would also reward some thieving experience. Beyond that, I had no reason for even running this quest. I did not care much for it.

There was this clay golem that needed repairs. I mostly just had to go around stealing things so I could inject the command that its current task was complete and that it could move on to its next task. I had no idea the golems were so mechanical that they had to be fed a sheet of paper to fix themselves.

This task was also in part in the desert. I’ve started to ensure I have some waterskins in my bank just in case I must head into the desert any time. This would not end up being the last time I’d end up in such a hot place. I’d rather not take a bunch of heat damage and risk getting killed.

Quest: The Feud

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There was one more quest that I now met the level requirement to run. While it would end up taking a bit longer than most quests, I've done it would also yield me 15k thieving experience. This would get me another 2 levels.

It all started with having to talk to a guy who is the self-proclaimed “greatest salesman in the world.” It turns out there were two different factions in the desert that were not getting along with each other.

It all started with me needing to find his nephew. Who I'd soon find out got himself in quite a hot mess. This quest also had me pick pocking and stealing things right off NPCS. I was kind of shocked that many quests that reward thieving experiences did not do to the extent this quest was.

![the carpet ride.jpg](

One nice thing is I ended up finding out while you were in the desert right where you entered after buying and using a pass. There is a rug merchant that offers rides for some different locations. Where I was going was only going to cost me 200 gold. That sure beat running that far out into the desert any day of the week.

Once there I had to buy some beers and get a guy drunk. Each time I gave him a beer I would try and get some answers out of him. Each time he seemed a little more willing than the last drink to tell me what I wanted to know.

I’m not sure if I tricked him into telling me what I wanted to know or if he was just getting some free drinks out of information he would have given freely if I had not met him at the bar in the first place.

the fight.jpg

Next up I had to deal with the two different clans that wanted to kill each other. I ended up robbing some people. Later, towards the end, I'd even end up having to fight and kill one of each side as well. After all that fruit gathering, I was looking to make some blood spill any way I could.

This quest ended up getting quite wild. I had to steal some jewels, charm a snake, and even feed hot sauce to some camels to get them to poop so I could collect it.

Final Thoughts

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I’ve now made it to level 48 thieving. This should allow me to run quite a few quests without this skill being, for the time being what is holding me back. At some point, I'll have to level it up a decent amount even further.

This is also one of the skills which how quickly I was able to level up. I'm considering getting the gear and seeing how much gold I can make at mid-level from it. If I could make some decent gold that would help speed up quite a few things I'd like to level up.

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