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Not all spots are worth farming at. I quickly found that out after realizing how much of a pain it was to get to a bank from one spot. Thankfully I was not far off from being able to go elsewhere and have a much better experience.

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One spot for lobster was in Karamja east of Musa Point. I ended up finding out I could take a boat and it would not be that far away from that location. This was not my first time in Karamja either and for some reason, I knew it was a good idea to take some extra money with me.

Once there I'd realize why. There was no bank on Karamja. This would mean every time I wanted to bank all the lobster, I had caught I'd have to pay to go back to the port and then walk a decent distance from there to a bank.

I was also somewhat shocked to have found other people fishing at this spot. This made me think perhaps this was the only free-to-play spot for lobster and possibly other things these people were fishing for.

Somewhere even cooking up what they were catching and just dumping it on the ground. Many though seemed to be taking the long trip back to the boat and then across the sea and even further to a bank. They then would make the trip back.

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My fishing skill was so low it took quite a few attempts to catch a single lobster. So, I got to watch a lot of people come and go before my inventory was finally full. It only took me doing this once to realize I was not a fan of it.

The amount of walking required, and ship fare costs seemed to make this not a great spot to go fishing at. I am, however, free to play and thought this might be the only free spot to go to. Thankfully I ended up finding a much better spot.

That other spot, however, required some missions. I ended up lucking out as one of them I already finished years ago called Dragon Slayer I. The other you only needed to start it, but I wanted to finish it anyway called Corsair Curse. This all would allow me to get to Corsair Cove and into the farming spot for lobster.

talking with the captain.png

First up was talking with Captain Tock north down the road from Port Sarim about a curse on the crew. I then had to head northwest down to Rimmington to meet him at his boat to take me out to Corsair Cove. After that, I could go back and forth between Corsair Cove and Rimmington all I wanted even if I did not finish off the Corsair Curse quest.

However, I would end up with the same issue I had with the last lobster spot. No access to a bank. While there are two banks in the area. One of them requested access to Myth’s Guild building that I don’t have. The other one requires just finishing off the Corsair Curse mission.

a second building story i can't see.png

For the most part, this was just a talking quest. I’m thankful I had Quest Helper as there are some strange things about OSRS that I just don’t quite know. Like seeing the above structure. I just assumed it was some leftover scraps that were put in to add some life to the surrounding area. I had no idea you could go up the stairs to the second story. Granted I am also off rooftops and perhaps that is why I don’t see a second story to this building.

There was then lots of back and forth between quite a few NPCs. They all had their theory, blaming themselves for the crew being cursed. None of them were correct after you must go and investigate each one.

Turns out one of the crew, Ithoi The Navigator was a bit bitter and found themselves on the short list of getting booted soon from the crew. So, they poisoned everyone and thus there was a curse!

Ithoi The Nvigator.png

Naturally, I had to eliminate Ithoi The Navigator as the captain was not pleased about this. I was expecting this fight to be quite a challenge since he was a caster, and I don’t have gear really for that sort of damage. I even had some leftover cooked lobsters from years ago. Turns out I did not need to heal during this fight. It was a cakewalk with me being level 40 melee.

Curse quest OSRS.png

Once I took care of him, I went in for the quest turn-in. While some quest points were cool. The real reason for finishing this off was now having bank access to this area. From what I could tell of some tunnels there was some higher-level stuff for me to come back to at some point as well. That, however, would not be for quite some time. At the very least I have the bank and a way to quickly get here once that day arrives.

unlocking a lobster farming area osrs.png

Next up was unlocking the grinding areas where I wanted to farm lobsters. The person I needed to speak to was right next to Myth’s Guild. They have some doors locked that you can unlock by telling a tale. The tale is about doing the Dragon Slayer I.

Once I got in, I was kind of shocked by the lack of people here. While there is a little bit of a walk to the bank there is also a fire you can use to cook along the way. I lacked the cooking skills so far to use. Despite the walking, it was a lot better than the other spot I was trying at.

grinding further lobsters.png

I ended up staying here grinding out a couple more fishing levels. Most of the time I had the place to myself. I just wanted a couple hundred lobsters to keep my healing food needs good for a while.

cooking shrimp.png

Once I had those it was time to start working on my ability to cook lobster. I ended up going back to the first spot I was fishing at. With the campfire right behind the bank, this seemed like a great spot to start grinding cooking starting with shrimp.

Sometimes I would even stop to farm up further shrimp and then go cook those before dropping everything off at the bank. I’d later end up selling off all my shrimp for like 60k-100k gold. Nothing that great but at least I did not spend more on this activity than what I brought in.

Since shrimp had the highest value excluding lobster, I ended up cooking the other types of fish I had gained along the way till I hit level 40 cooking.

Sadly, my cooking skills are not that great. I ended up burning a lot of the lobsters I caught. The good news is that despite burning so many what I was left with ended up being worth more than if I had not cooked any lobster at all. For now, I'll hang onto them and use them as needed.

Final Thoughts

the end.png

For now, I'm not quite sure if I'll go back to farming for more lobster and cooking them along the way to the bank. I do need to find something that can make me some decent money at some point. I'm just not sure if this brings in enough money per hour to make it worth my time.

At the very least this was quite a lot of fun and I got to improve both my fishing and my cooking skills somewhat. I can now catch and cook the very food I use to heal myself with.

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