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I was in a dire situation and the healing temple felt like it was forever away. This was not my first time checking out the Town of Tundra and I’d rather leave as quickly as possible. It, however, seems for now that I’ll be here grinding away for a bit.

In the past, I did a quick run into the Town of Tundra to check out the merchants. One of them was selling defense rings and I kitted out my entire group if they had spare equipment space. While my tanks did not gain a lot from getting an extra 2 armor classes per ring. Some of my lower armor class characters doubled the protection they had. Which would come in handy as I made a return to where I came from.

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There then came the point where it was time to give Tundara a proper exploration and find my next grinding spot. My first two attempts were met with a quick death. This, as I would find out after spending some time here, was just bad luck on my part. The average combat situation here was not that bad at all. As long as I ran and was able to escape any jugglers I’d run into.

With how cruel Might and Magic can be I was not shocked that is how the game chose to treat me in an honest attempt to explore the city. I also knew better than to allow that to keep me away. I was hoping I’d find other merchants selling upgrades for me as well. While I did find a weapon shop and some other things as well, they had nothing worth buying.

I was also quite shocked to discover the healing temple while not that far away from the inn from point to point on a map. It more or less had a maze to it that required you to go from one end of the town to the other just to get to it.

Much later on I’d discover though a dark indoor place where any light spells you cast keep going out after a couple of steps. In such a dark area was a shortcut to get to the temple. If only I had known of that shortcut when things were far more dire.

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I ended up discovering this quite long row of rooms towards the bottom of the map. 12 rooms in total, each one locked. Each one stated they had frozen monsters inside. While I had to pick the doors every time to open them. They all had guaranteed creatures to farm for experience and items.

If I was really lucky on some of my runs, I’d hit multiple rooms that had unread. With even more luck with a single tun unread spell, they all would be destroyed. More times than not there be two or three out of double or triple that amount left. An easy clean-up for the rest of my party to handle.

Some run my robber would unlock all doors on his first attempt. Other runs it’s like he was getting over a heavy night of drinking. Every door would fail and sometimes it would take multiple attempts with the party taking damage each time he failed.

3 anothber fight.jpg

For the most part, these fights were easy enough. I’d have to rest once or twice while I cleared out the 12 rooms. I’d then run back up to the inn to save and reset the zone before repeating the loop.

Before I had fully explored the place and discovered where the healing temple was. I was on my usual farming route when I hit something rather nasty. I had yet to be in this town long enough to know when to attempt to flee and when it was worth fighting.

By some dumb luck, four out of the six characters in my group survived. I went to rest expecting all of them to recover. When I discovered since I was speed-running farming this area that three of them did get killed.

Then I hit a random encounter on my way back to the inn while trying to explore further looking for the temple to have my dead characters revived. It was a pack of jokers, and I knew right then and there I had to run. Another two of my characters were killed. I did, however, manage to escape and I was placed next to the inn.

In other towns being right next to the inn is a good thing. Usually, you are just a couple of steps away from the temple. This is, however, not one of those towns. So, with very little of my group left I went out looking for help. I should have had the brains to take the portal back to Sandsobar. That was just not how I was thinking at the time. Instead, I went about things the hard way.

4 the route.png

On the map above. The green line shows me going out for my normal run. Including going through a hidden passageway in a wall. Yellow X shows where I ran into trouble and attempted to make it on my own before hitting the encounter that required me to spam retreat taking me back to the inn. Where I then as the red line shows went exploring for the healing temple. Ending up at the black X and getting my fallen characters back up to fighting shape again.

While I could have just gotten killed and restarted at my last save. I find that kind of annoying to do and not as much fun either. While it did cost 3k gold to bring my group back to life I was about to break even in costs for that run after getting lucky on one of my kills netting me some decent gold.

Final Thoughts

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Already being at the temple, I loaded up on some new cleric spells that were damage or utility spells. Not that far away I found the mage guild to pick up some sorcerer spells they had for sale. I then went back to farming my normal route for quite a while without hitting any major issues other than needing to run from any jugglers I ran into.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might And Magic II.