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This place was quite a rough one. I could not seem to wander far either underground or from the city gates without massive regrets. Thankfully I ended up finding a decent farming loop to get a kill, some loot, and find my way back quickly to the inn.

There was only so much killing and wandering the caves under the Town of Middlegate before it was time to venture elsewhere. I did attempt to go back outside the gates of the first town. Let’s just say I get a free ride back to the inn moments later more than one attempt.

Thankfully there is a cheap teleport in town for just a couple of gold, it would take my group to the Town of Sandsobar. Once in this new town, it was time to explore and see what kinds of trouble I could find myself getting into.

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I attempted to explore both the cave under the town and outside of the gate. Like going outside the gate in the first town I was more than told I would not be welcome outdoors. The cave here was also quite a lot harder than I was expecting. Sending me to a quick death.

I knew once I left the first town that there would be a high chance of getting killed and it is happening often. It just felt like it was time to go, and I had no idea if I was leaving too early or if I had overstayed my welcome either.

The biggest thing for me in a new town is learning where some common things I'd need would be. Knowing where the inn, training hall, and temple for healing were top of my list. Thankfully, the inn and training hall were next to each other. It took a bit more exploring to find where to revive any of my characters that get killed. Along with a place to sell some items when my bags started to get full.

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Unlike the first town and cave I farmed that would only have some loot. I ended up finding a spot where I farmed quite a lot of gold and items. My characters backpacks started to fill up and every so often I would need to go off and sell what I did not want to hold onto.

While out exploring I also found an NPC whose only purpose seemed to be to sell me a yellow key for 1k gold. When I was first new to Sandsobar I had a little gold to my name. After quite a lot of grinding my bags were flowing enough with the gold I popped and spent 1k of it for some random key. It just felt like having that key was rather important.


I ended up discovering this section of the town always had combat tiles in some of the homes you could enter. This ended up being my farming loop. I’d walk a short distance away from where the inn was. Run the couple of combat sites that were guaranteed to be here. Then I'd run back to the inn.

I ended up saving so often as this game can have waves of what I just call curtly. You could go half a dozen battles without so much as a character getting low on health. Then you get a nasty wave of creatures that rip your guts out and wear them like a hat for a good twenty or so minutes.

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Then other times you would have somewhat easy fights. Such as this one where my cleric was able to eradicate about half the creatures, I found myself in combat with. My remaining group made quick work after a couple of further combat rounds of what was left.

The experience here was also so much better than the last town and its cave. For some fights here I might get 500 experiences and for others up to 2k. I quickly gained a few levels here before things started to slow down quite a lot.

I’m now at a point where it’s like 50k or so experience to the next level per character. I have no idea where I should even be going next in this game. Everywhere I've tried such as the cave and going back outside yet again have ended badly.

There is another portal in this town to take me elsewhere. I just fear I won’t be able to get back and I could end up getting trapped in a place that ends up being a lot rougher than I could hope for once I've saved in that town's inn.

At least for now, the loot is flowing in this town. I must have had over 100 fights in this town alone so far. Along with some sweet loot.

Final Thoughts

fighting more goblins.png

I must have made a few dozen trips down into this first cave. Some valuable lessons were learned, and some were not so valuable as well. I ended up getting a couple of levels and a few upgrades along the way. Making it all worth my time.

looting a chest.png

I have now found multiple rings of defense which I've been putting on the two characters i have acting as tanks at the front line of the group. I have also found charms to increase different stats for my casters as well.

Everyone now in my group has at least all the basic armor and weapons covered. My biggest struggle is that casters are quite restricted in what they can wear. So, they are still quite squishy and go down easy if creatures start to target my backline.

Final Thoughts

death strikes.png

For now, I see no reason to be leaving Sandsobar other than getting bored of the combat farming loot I have found myself in. Since I'm still pulling upgrades for my characters, I take that as a sign I should be remaining for at least a bit longer. At some point, I'll just have to take the risk and see if I can’t clear out the cave or go to the next down and survive there to progress forward.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might And Magic II.