Entropia Universe |Ancient Greece Lost Shipwreck Mission

While you pick up the Lost Shipwreck mission quite early on when you get to Next Island. I don’t recommend it unless you can kill level 20 Shark Guardians that have 1,400 health. This mission will require a bit of traveling and possibly a lot of killing depending on your luck.

Picking up Lost Shipwreck mission.jpg

The mission itself you should already have if you did all the starting item missions and went to the dock to talk with Quartermaster Sydney. For those that don’t have it, you can find this NPC at (135886, 83146) on a dock on Next Island.

You might also notice when you get this mission on Next Island it is asking you to go to Ancient Greece. Ancient Greece requires a separate file download and is a special area you can only get through by going to the right teleporter on Next Island.

Ancient Greece Orpheus Cave Next Island.jpg

You need to head to Orpheus’ Cave on Next island. The cave and teleport can be found at (136170, 87231). Once there you select from the drop-down menu Ancient Greece. You then select Orpheus’ Cave On the Ancient Greece side. After teleporting you are taken back in time to Ancient Greece –time travel!

Shark Guardian Ancient Greece Entropia Universe.jpg

Once in Ancient Greece, you will get a waypoint that takes you to around (37218, 22105) for a mission update. Next up you need to loot a key off Shark Guardians.

I took around 200 PED of ammo with me that was more than enough. I was able to kill the sharks with Armatrix LR-35 (L) and in Adjusted Pixie armor. To be able to do that I did take advantage of all the space I could get by pulling at max range.

Start killing sharks looking for a key to drop. While you are at it you can start making your way to the giant shipwreck underwater. On one side of it is a chest that you loot for your rewards for this mission. That chest can be found around (37022, 21875) at the bottom of the ocean.

Haruspex Chest Key drop from Shark Ancient Greece Entropia Universe.jpg

With any luck along the way to clearing to that location, you will find a Haruspex Chest Key. It will pop up as special loot and the mission will also pop up a window letting you know you found it.

Lost Shipwreck mission loot Ancient Greece Entropia Universe.jpg

Once you open the chest you are going to loot a lot of different kinds of crystals. Many of these crystals are used in crafting clothing, textures, Crystalline Core, and other things. Some of them can have some decent markup on them.

Now if you are lucky while hunting all those sharks you might get a perception check. I have written in the past about my theory and belief about perception gains. Since you are underwater at these depths you are not going to be mining or gathering fruit. Reducing in theory the number of things that could be triggering a perception gain.

shark guardian global Ancient Greece Entropia Universe.jpg

As such I decided to keep killing. Sure enough, this ended up being the second global I got down there shortly after I got a perception check. I ended up coming out way ahead from this hunt.

Once you are all done and ready to head back to Next island just head to Orpheus’ Cave and select Next Island from the dropdown and then on Orpheus Cave on the Next Island side.

Lost Shipwreck Mission done Next Island Entropia Universe.jpg

After that head back to Quartermaster Sydney to finish the mission. You already got your reward for doing the mission from the chest. After completing the mission you get an achievement which is what a lot of missions on Next Island seem to reward.

Final Thoughts


I did end up using the full 200 PED of ammo I brought with me. While hopefully, you should not need that much this is one of those things you don’t want to have to stop and resupply. I also had a great run on loot. The screenshot shows everything I got down there from the hunting Sharks to looting the chest. Overall a great run.

I even worked on my Shark codex a little bit while down there. These sharks might have to be something I go back and do a normal hunt on in the future. I found them quite fun.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Entropia Universe.