Diablo IV | Season 1 Luck Not On My Side

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It seems I've hit a bit of a rut in terms of the loot gods not wanting to show up to shower me with something worth having. Regardless I still powered through and attempted to get some things done. Perhaps a different day will bring some better loot.

I started the day grinding more Tree of Whispers. I needed a couple more done for the season chapter journey anyway. I also find them a great way to try and stack doing other stuff.

I ended up running some in areas where I still had quite a lot of quests to do as well. I’ve been hovering around the maximum amount of side quests you can have at any point in time anyway. So, I wanted to knock some out so that when I do enter an area, I can pick up any quests I see and not just ride past them.

dagger drop.png

At least the good thing is at my gear level any sacred rare drop or better has a chance to be a massive upgrade. Take this dagger for instance, I could get a massive boost of 189 DPS. What is not so great are all the stats that rolled on it. Most of them I consider to be dead stats or something I just don’t need as of yet.

So, while it’s tempting to want to take an upgrade like this in terms of raw DPS. I’m losing a bigger percentage of damage from the lack of correct stats that the new item has over my old one. So just swamping it out would be a downgrade

The other issue is the cost of upgrading. While I could try enchanting for a better single stat on there that I'd have a use for. That becomes quite costly after the first attempt. Then I'd have the costs of imprinting which it turns out I'm kind of struggling with weapon crafting material to do so.

This is expected to happen with most items you loot. I just needed something somewhat decent. I got a lot of gear during my early to late 40’s. I’m now at level 50 so everything should be a huge improvement if it is not too bad.

another stronghold done.png

I also took out a couple more strongholds. At this point, I'm hoping to have them all done shortly. More than likely within the next day if I have any remaining that are not in PvP I'll just go out of my way if needed to finish them off and be done this season with them.

At least the strongholds themselves have been getting easier. This one, if I recall, ended up being the last one I needed to claim the final skill point I could get out of renown. I was slacking a bit in one of the regions and overlooked it.

a nightmare sigil drop.png

On one of my trips, I returned to the Tree of Whispers to turn in and head back out to do some more. I finally got a Nightmare sigil to drop. I’m not sure why I'm having such bad luck with these things but I am.

Shortly after that one I then got another. It was tempting to want to keep going and doing more things that could get me more sigils. I however have been putting off running a Nightmare dungeon for long enough by the time I decided to run one.

slay all.png

I was hoping by the start of the season they would have brought back in some way how the old slay-all objective worked in dungeons. Having to go around and ensure you have not missed a single thing is a bit lame. It’s also just not as fun as having tons of stuff teleported onto me.

This also slowed me down a bit. One thing I've been struggling slightly with is a creature that is ranged. It’s usually not a huge deal. I’ll just use my moving skill to teleport right behind them and take them out. Sometimes, however, a ranged creature falls off my radar as I'm pushing forward. I had to do a little backtracking to see where the one I missed was.

nightmare sigil drop.png

One very huge thing you are looking for in early nightmare runs is getting more sigils. However, you do not just want another tier 1. You want the next tiers up to start dropping. If I recall I need tier 3 before I unlock sigil crafting making it, so I have a chance to sustain Nightmare dungeon runs.

I ended up having two sigils drop in my first nightmare dungeon run. They both were, however, tier 1. In my next two runs, I had zero drops. I would even stop and clear out the entire place thinking there must be one that is bound to drop. No luck on that front.

I then opened up a Tree of Whispers box I had and got another tier 1. It at least would give me another chance at hoping I could get something better than a tier 1. Nope, I had yet another tier 1 drop. My progress has now stopped in its tracks till I can get some better ones. I just hope I don’t run out again.

In one extremely late-night grind, I noticed a world boss was about to be up. I ended up dropping down to world tier 1 and with just five minutes before the event would take place, I was the only one there.

I then ran back to town and selected world tier two. I then sat at the boss spawning location till there were just two minutes left. There was no one there. I was starting to get worried it’s too late into the season for anyone to want to run world bosses at the insane early AM hour I was up at.

boss spawn in.png

I thought there was no way going into world tier three would go well for me. I gave It a try anyway. It seemed like again no one was going to show up. Thankfully, about a minute before the event started a couple of people did.

I was not expecting us to stand a chance. I was already asking for trouble only being at level 54 and most people were only around 60 if that. Thankfully as the event started a couple more people showed up including some higher levels.

To my utter shock, the world boss's health melted away. I don’t know if this is just an easy one or what. I recall in the past having quite some close calls and we had a lot more people than this that had better gear than what I currently have.

It looked like in under three minutes we had this boss down half its health. Even more shocking I had yet to get killed. Sometimes I'd run a bit low on health potions but otherwise, I would have had quite an easy time.

I got to just sit there as a melee and just unload on this world boss. Once in a while, he would unleash these pools of gold on the ground. I did my best to avoid standing on them when I could. It was quite a fun and colorful battle with gold being everywhere on the ground.

For being on world tier three I was expecting loot to be decent. I only had a single legendary drop, and it was not that great. I even opened up my extra loot box I got as a bonus for it being my first kill for the week on a boss and it was dreadful as well.

Final Thoughts

not great loot.png

Seems to be quite the fitting end for a far too late into the early morning grind this ended up being. Bad loot followed by even worse loot. I was bound to find some upgrades worth taking soon enough. For now, however, I needed a much-deserved break from downing a boss and running quite a few Nightmare dungeons.

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