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Wakako Okada is a fixer who has a couple of gigs that I ended up running. So far out of all the fixers I've run gigs for she seemed to be always a bit disappointed in my shoot first and shoot again to make sure nothing was left standing. She preferred the more stealth and go unnoticed approach.

As many of the activities I engaged in regarding Night City. Working on gigs from Wakako Okada was a bit random. Sometimes I'd run a couple back-to-back. Other times I either had not gotten an update about the next mission being out yet or I was going elsewhere in town to work on something else.

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Gigs like these always trigger a phone call once you are close enough to them. That phone call then ends with a message being sent with the finer details of things. You can kind of tell from the message Okada has this air that things need to be done respectfully.

Most of the time I could kind of guess who the gig would belong to before running up to it to trigger it and find out the finer details. As the map is broken down into different areas. This was not always the case for all fixers, but it worked out more times than not.

They were not like other mission types where I could see the details before making my way out to the icon for gigs. Such as the Tiger gang finding out someone had rigged their illegal casino slot machines and was taking a little off the top over a long period.

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After going down some dark alleyways I managed to find the place. Now I would find out quickly after this one that I was supposed to be a bit stealthier while searching the casino for the task at hand.

At the very least there were quite a few of the machines I could jack into and extra components and quickhacks out of. I even went around the building a couple of times making sure I did not overlook any machines I could access.

More times than not her missions required me to steal data or save a netrunner that did some jobs and people wanted them dead over. It was quite rare for Wakako to give me a glowing review after I finished a job. As I usually stacked the bodies quite deep.

going in and getting detected.jpg

I’ll admit this mission I could have done without getting detected. I, however, am quite a greedy person. Just getting to the room where I needed to get the shard was the easy part.

The hard part? Not looting all the goodies, I could see everywhere in this higher-end office. There were far too many tiers 5 and 4 components just sitting there for the taking. I ended up going for one of them and the robot security that was guarding this area ended up catching up.

I was a bit shocked just how many robots showed up to go after me once one of them managed to scan and report an intruder was found. There were even some ceiling turrets I then had to take out because of being spotted while I made my great escape out of the building and to a drop-off location.

driving  a car.jpg

This would not be the last mission from Okada that I'd end up botching due to my greed and wanting to take some loot. In another mission, I was tasked with delivering a car and its cargo.

At first, I thought I was dropping off a car that was rigged to explode. I got it from a guy named Sergei who kept hinting that the car was going to do everything once I got there.

It turns out there was a guy in the trunk of the car that had been kidnapped and I was the one delivering him as payment. I then went to a hacking point to get some loot and got aggression on everything in the area.

freeing alex.jpg

Long story short, the mission which I was just steps away from walking out of the area and getting it marked off as finished was now compromised. I now had to walk back in and kill everything; except the guy in the trunk who I now had to release.

Okada then accused me of being bought off by the guy who was kidnapped. I did not earn much of anything from that mission. Since the guy who escaped did not pay me anything.

I’m somewhat glad my payment was not for the car. I already have a growing car collection of ones I'll never use. Not like I needed another one. At least I don’t have to buy garage space for every new car I do end up getting.

freeing some netrunners.jpg

I then had two missions that required me to disconnect netrunners that were trapped in the virtual world. You could not just yank out the cord either. That would end up killing them.

This usually included having to clear out any enemies I came across on my way to the netrunner. I then had to decode whatever messages the netrunners that were trapped in vital space were trying to leave behind in how I could get them out safely.

These missions were not that hard. Just sometimes a bit annoying till you stumble into the first actual clue that points you in the direction you need to take things to free one of the netrunners. It was at the very least easy money.


I had one final mission that had me break into a shrine to place a listening device in one of the rooms. This mission you had to remain undetected in. This was one of the rare occasions where I gave stealth a try in this game.

I spent a while finding a safe way in. It was nice, people were taking photos outside, so anytime I got far too close the guards just thought I was there to take photos of the shrine. That was till I got into the inside of the shrine.

I made it almost to where I needed to plant the bug. I must be five steps away from getting to a door if I had gotten in without getting detected I'd be in an empty room that I needed to be in.

I got caught naturally. The whole thing was one giant bloody mess. Even worse Okada was not having any of it. I did not even notice any payment after I had finished the mission and escaped. Word had gotten out about the failed planting of a bug operation. Not good news for anyone.

Final Thoughts

not good.jpg

Wakako Okada was not a huge favorite of mine for running gigs. It was, however, one of the earlier ones I had finished them all off first for. Some of the other fixers have almost double the gigs to run or I've not progressed along enough yet to unlock their next gig.

Hopefully, I'll find some that are more my style and a lot more fun. At least I got some rewards and gained some street credit as well. Quite a few other fixers are remaining that I have plans to run gigs with.

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