Cyberpunk 2077 | Underground Fighting Rings

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This is the kind of activity you expect to find in a city like this. Underground fighting rings and I was invited to take on a few people. Even better they allow you to bet with each other. This seemed like a quick and easy way to get some fast eddies.

When I first found a boxing area in my apartment building. I thought that was what the mission was referring to. I even went up to it one night after returning to my place and attempted to start the mission.

It makes sense underground fighting rings are not just out in the open. They are a bit hidden away and I needed to go out and find them. The first one I ended up needing to find my way to the top of a building.

fighting the twins.jpg

This match at the Kabuki ring was quite a strange one. I was not facing one person but two. They talked and acted as if they had a single mind. They got some strange freak implant to connect their two minds to become one.

I felt it was kind of bull, that I had to fight two at once. They were not even willing to go one at a time. My opinion quickly changed once I found out I could bet on the fight, and I'd be taking their money if I won.

I also realized since they feel each other's pain this was not going to be a fun time for them. I quickly focused on one of the twins before not needing to do much to take out the second one. I guess being linked to each other's minds and fighting in an illegal fighting match is not a smart move.

I ended up getting $20k eddies from beating those two, more than doubling the amount I put into the wager. This also made me wonder how the other matches would go and if I could come by just as easy money as well.

So, you see I had no choice but to seek out the other illegal fighting rings. I had to be number one. I wanted to take their money. It was just that simple. These things also did not seem to have many rules other than not using any weapons other than my fists. Which I was more than fine with.

fighting buck.jpg

The next guy was at the Arroyo ring in some back alleyway. He talked a lot of trash as well about how easy he was going to slaughter me in the ring. He was also quite a sore loser. He did not know when to shut his mouth.

The guy was so bad at fighting I might as well have fought him while taking a nap. He for sure was given a dirt nap out of it. He also was not willing to stay down either once he lost the fight.

trash talk.jpg

He wanted his goons to help him out after I took him out. They were quick to take it down. This job ended up not paying as much as I was expecting it to. I did, however, take his sniper rifle and I ended up selling it for a few thousand more. He was still trying to talk trash as I was leaving, and I had no issue slapping him right back in the face with some as well.

The next place felt like a real proper fight. It was ring at the Glen and they had quite a lot of people and a setup to match. It’s a shame i could not watch others fight as well.

ring of glen.jpg

The guy I was fighting was called El Cesar. He acted like I was wasting his time if I did not put down 20k on the fight. He was willing to bet his car to match the 20k he wanted me to put up. His pregnant women were also there talking trash about him not being a good father. She wanted me to kick him behind as well.

This place made this feel like a proper illegal ring fight. I love the added touch of barbed wire and harsh lights lighting the place up in between an alleyway somewhere. It was also nice to have a bit of a crowd who were watching the fight.

taking his car.jpg

This guy was not happy about losing and I took his car as well. The car itself turns like a tank and takes a while to pick up some speed. After smashing it into a few things I decided I liked some other cars I had acquired by this point. I would not be driving this one again which would have added extra insult to the guy if he knew I took his car and thought it was trash.

The last was at a club that was turned into an illegal fighting ring. I even had to pay a cover charge just to enter in. I also knew this time around I would not be facing a man but a female.

While driving there in the car I won. My mind started to wonder what kind of female would get into this kind of sport. Let alone the fact that she claimed to be undefeated.

the last night.jpg

I was not shocked when I met her that she must have been taking quite a few pills and other substances from the looks of it. With this being the last fight, I was somewhat expecting to have a decent chance of losing it. I still put up quite a few eddies on the wager I'd be winning.

It also seemed like this place had more going on than just illegal fighting by humans. We ended up dropping down into a pit to fight it out. I was half expecting someone to announce that this was a fight to the death. It ended up not being one.

the last win.jpg

This one took a few extra punches and even some proper blocking and counters to survive. In the end, like the rest, she went down. While she was not used to losing as this was her first time. At least she was not as bad of a sport about it as the first guy.

Later, I'd find out there was one last fight. It was a bit harder then; but, in the end, nothing was a match for me. It's kind of funny how sometimes hours after playing this game you end up finding yet another mission connection to something you have already done.

Final Thoughts


I must have made around $100k eddies. Along with acquiring a car and a sniper rifle from this mission line. This is one of those missions I wish I had started sooner. I, however, doubt the fights would have been as easy as they were by the time, I got around to doing this one. At least it was some quick money. Now I just need to work out what to spend it all on.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.