Cyberpunk 2077 | The Untrustworthy Voodoos

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Sometimes you just must get played to get to the bottom of something. I wanted nothing to do with the Voodoo Boys. They don’t like anyone from the outside in their area and they will backstab you twice before you even notice it happened. I, however, had no choice.

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I was first off to a club to meet a contact. This place was wild and the perfect spot if you don’t want anyone to be able to hear anything. I’m shocked no one has gone blind from those laser shows being shot at the front stage.

I was given a contact to get in and be able to speak with some people from Voodoo. I was fully expecting them to not grant the audience of the person I was hoping to talk with. I would however play along and see if the opportunity would strike. Things ended up going a lot stranger than I was expecting on this one.

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Next up I had to meet a vendor at a meat shop. From the looks of it, they never sold any meat let alone anything else. He took me to quite a crazy guy called Placide who was in the back preparing a chicken.

Placide what kind of name is that I thought to me. The guy was quite crazy looking. He ended up taking me on a little tour of the area Voodoo controls. Explains how things work a bit over there.

He acted like he could get me a meeting with the person I was seeking. However, they had a bit of an issue and wanted me to take care of it. That issue I suspected he was not being fully truthful about. I however have no issues spilling blood to get what I was after.

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This was also when I was reassured that no one from Voodoo could be trusted. Before he gave me the job to prove myself, he grabbed my arm and without my permission plugged me into his computer system to run scans. I was half tempted to pull the jack out and shoot the guy in the head.

From what information he could gather about me he assumed I'd just end up dead taking on this mission. That I'd be a waste of their time. I, however, could not agree whatsoever with him.

So, he decided to give me a briefing on the target and what I was going to be doing next. There was also a bit of a twist. He had gained control to be able to see what I saw and hear what I could hear. He would be seeing everything I did while I was in Voodoo’s area, and he would be speaking back to give me further orders as needed on the mission.

Let’s just say I was less than thrilled about everything. I, however, was not going to turn down any opportunities to try and get some answers I needed. So, I went along. Fully expecting there to be further twists and things I was not made aware of would have come quite in handy down the line.

I had a little chat with some of his guys on the way to the target's location. The old mall that resided in their area that was abandoned had been taken over by some people. This was quite an unheard-of thing happening in the Voodoo area as not even the cops are willing to show up here.

taking aim.jpg

It was then time to lock and load. I took out my sniper and started aiming. I needed to make my way to a van, and I'd try to clear as many hostile targets along the way as I could. I was not thrilled with Placid chiming in from time to time in my ear but it’s not like I had a choice in the matter.

It turns out there would be much bigger things at playing going on that even I could not have guessed. I ended up discovering some crazy things. Things I did not even think would be possible. Things that could easily kill me without doing much of anything.

taking out a netrunner.jpg

While in the mall I ended up running into quite the nasty netrunner. One that was powerful enough to be called by his name. He attempted to fully shut me down by hacking into my brain. Somehow with the help of Voodoo’s help, I managed to survive such an attack long enough to take the attacker down. It was, however, quite a close call a few times.


It was then time to make my way and go after the agent that sent the netrunner after me. This Net Watch person, who I'd later find out was part of a much more powerful group allowed me to join whatever he was involved with. I, however, thought I had him on the ropes and this was going to be easy. He was unarmed after all.

He was at least somewhat honest with me telling me what I already knew. That I was being played by Voodoo. It was almost tempting to find out more of what he had to say. I, however, had no idea what he could even offer me. So, I decided to stick with the devil I already knew and then take a chance with a new one.

In an instant, I was taken out. Thankfully I survived. I had also done enough for Placide that he was willing to let me talk with Brigitte. Who was the real person I was seeking in this whole endeavor.

ice bath.jpg

She offered me answers. Answers that would be so strange one could not believe them. To be able to get to those answers I'd need to dive into an ice bath, and they would need to focus on a strong memory of Johnney's to lure out his lover. Quite strange yes. His lover ended up being a powerful Netrunner one would be able to help me.

So, I took the plunge and with the help of their netrunners who connected to me, I focused on a strong memory of Johnney’s. This is also when I learned why he bombed the buildings he did. It was to free the love of his life. That was quite unexpected. I just thought he was crazy and did it just to kill people for no real reason.

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It is always a bit wild when I find myself getting to play Johnny. Reliving his past and having to do some of the things he did. Along with reliving some of the things that happened to him.

His lover was Alt Cunningham. Let’s just say there were some wild scenes and actions the two did before things went quite sideways. She ended up getting kidnapped by the very corporation that Johny would end up bombing.

Even more strange. Johnny did not bomb a building to save a living flesh and blood person. He did it to free something that had survived on the net that was being contained in their databanks. Something that was left of her that could very well have the answers I was looking for.

the blackwall.jpg

I then went beyond what they consider to be a Blackwall. A place in virtual space that no one has ever returned from. Things got a bit confusing, but it was Alt Cunningham in virtual reality calling me in the past.

This was however no longer what Alt Cunningham used to be. She did not care what Johnny had done for her. She was, however, willing to help me out as best I could guess.

I would be tasked with getting inside a massive data center. One if I'm not mistaken is not even kept on earth. It is called Mikoshi. Currently, I'm still rather unclear how I'm even going to attempt to do so. At least it seems all this was not a total waste of my time. It is just like everything else. Not an answer today of how to save myself.

Once that was all done, I returned to the land of the living still in a freezing ice bath. I was chilled to the bone, and it was time to get away from the Voodoo people when I could. There did not seem to be much more I could learn while being there.

Final Thoughts

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Yet some more crazy times. From working with people whom I hated and who did not trust me back. To find out there is life after death at least on the net of Night City. I’m not quite sure you could call whatever Alt Cunningham had become. It also seems perhaps those Net Watcher people would be after a being like her as well.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.