Cyberpunk 2077 | The Strange Liberation Of People And Objects

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With the main storyline out of the way, it was time to hop back in and grind out some gigs offered by different fixers. Regina Jones is one such fixer who offers quite a lot of gigs for me to go and run. Some of them are rather short and to the point. While others are a bit more than I was looking to run.

the doc.jpg

Some of the gigs I was running for here were downright strange. One of the earlier ones I ended up talking about was convincing a doctor that they needed to leave and come with me for safety.

Thankfully this was one of those gigs the person in question did not need much convening. They just wanted to finish one more job before heading to safety. You have got to give it to those willing to risk their lives to stay true to their profession. If it was me, I'd have left that person to die on the table and gotten the heck out of there once someone came to rescue me from that kind of situation the doctor found themself in.

the facilty.jpg

The next gig sounded like it should have been simple enough. A smash and grab except I was stealing a van right out of a courier facility. This made me wonder if I was stealing for the actual van to be used in something else or if that van was suspected of having something on board.

As is the case with any gig there is a more in-depth message that gets sent to me about it. It turns out they are after the leather jackets in the car itself. Turns out Ripperdocs are after the leather these jackets are made from. One of those it’s not the actual item but the item was made out kind of deal for the smuggling operation going on.

I doubt the facility itself knew what was going on with this shipment. As their security was rather relaxed. Sure, they had some personnel around the place, but they made their first mistake by leaving the front gate open.

Leaving a gate open is like an invitation for a crazy person such as myself to just walk right inside the place shooting anyone and anything that asked me to stop. The shipment was mine before the guard's helmet hit the ground. The funds to my account took longer to be sent than this job took to finish.

the gangster.jpg

Not all the gigs I would get from Regina Jones were about liberating people or belongings. Someone's I was just tasked with taking someone out. The method of doing so did not matter if I got the job done.

It’s even better when it’s a gang member and I don’t have to be quiet. I hate nothing more than having to sneak around to take someone out. I’d rather just roll in and empty a clip. Take my cut of the job and move on to the next one.

The gangster knew he had stepped over the line. I ended up tracking him down to some empty motel. While I sure killed him, I would not exactly call it living if you are trapped hiding like a rat in a place like that.

the eyeball.jpg

Of all the things I've had to steal so far in this game I'd rate retrieving someone's eyeball to be up there on the strange list. It’s just some kind of high-end eye implant. It was however just a bit creepy to think about.

Even more strange was the location I had to raid to find the eyeball in the first place. It was a dinner of sorts. The building was being used as a front for a gang. At least this was not the kind of restaurant I’d ever visited so it’s not like I'll be unwelcome to any of my places.

It also kind of makes you wonder what else is going on in these kinds of places in a game like this. If these people were harvesting eyeballs. I just hope I'm not eating at a place stealing livers. You would hate for there to be some kind of mix-up in the food preparation area.

It was also not that shocking that many of the staff seemed to be on high alert of people like me wanting to get an item like an eyeball back. You can say my plan of going in and ordering soup and then getting lost looking for the bathroom did not hold up as well as a gun full of bullets did to get this job done.

While Regina Jones sometimes gives me high praise for how I carry out a gig. This was not one of them. It’s not like the eye implant got damaged in any way from how I was handling it. Perhaps this was one of her stomping grounds to eat at? I’ll never know. At least the gig was closed, and I was given another. One I was hoping would be paying better and not be so strange.

the car.jpg

Sometimes what I was liberating was not so much a car. Rather the information that could be gathered from where that car would end up going. Either way, I rather wished I was stealing such a nice-looking car than leaving it behind. I can only assume once the GPS device was found they more than likely blew up the car.

This was also one such gig i was supposed to be like a cat. No one was supposed to even know I was there. Why did she give me such a gig knowing that's not how I go about conducting my business? I’ll never know.

I did give it my best try and be sneaky for all thirty seconds or so. Then I realized my trigger finger was getting itchy and I was bored. That and while checking over a wall someone spotted me. I was not about to let someone walk away and alert others. How was I supposed to know shooting them 27 times in the chest would trigger an alarm and the docks where the car was being imported to would go on lockdown?

Final Thoughts

gigs done.jpg

I still had quite a few more gigs to run for Regina Jones. Often, however, I would go do other activities and then return later. Sometimes the next gig I would have to go out and find as I was unsure which one on the map would be from the same fixer. While they cover a general area of their own. Many times, they are near the boards and might even overlap a little bit.

Either way, I hope none of the remaining ones have me stealing back an eyeball or leather jacks used for medical purposes. These are for sure some strange times in this city.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.