Cyberpunk 2077 | Searching For Answers And Finding Panam

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Not knowing how to solve my Johnny issue I went out searching for answers. Of all the places this led me to pay for some information at the Afterlife bar. I was not expecting just how far I'd have to go and the connections I'd make along the way.

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The Afterlife was always raging of a place. There I managed to get a meeting with Rogue who is in her tier as far as fixers go. Turns out she was willing to help me with some information I was looking for. It would just cost me

Johny, who I was quite looking to get rid of at the time, could not help himself. He made an appearance. Thankfully at this point, I realized I did not need to talk out loud to interact with him. Looking that kind of crazy in front of Rouge I'm sure would not have gone well for me.

I found it rather iconic that Rouge was wearing a Survivor shirt. I kind of wish my character could have one as well. It seems like that is all many people in Night City are trying to do among all the violence and corruption going on.

Turns out the creator of the biochip I needed removed safely was being transported in secret. The person whom Rouge told me would help me in capturing a guy named Hellman also had her issues to deal with. It, however, would be the start of quite a long relationship, one sometimes in search of further answers.

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Her name was Panam. I found her in Night City working on a car. It turns out her real car was stolen, and she would only be willing to help me out if we go get her car. I thought to myself it must be some car to enlist me in helping to acquire it back.

At this point, I'm all for an adventure. I’m not in that huge of a rush to remove Johnny from my life yet anyway. The consequences of keeping him around were not fully understood yet at the time.

at the camp.jpg

It also turns out Panam is in a nomad camp, and we went to make a pitstop there first before going any further. Being a former nomad myself it was almost refreshing to see another one. Many of them acted like a family that more times than not did not get along. Yet there would always be those that did.

Looked like they had some quite heavy equipment there. We were looking for some extra muscle. The plan to get her car back involved starting up power in an abandoned town that the people who stole her car would be passing through and taking a rest at.

They would not be expecting the power to be on. We would use that to distract them and try to even out the playing field so we could steal the car. This all seemed a bit overcomplicated but it’s not like I had any better ideas. So, I went along with it.

getting the car.jpg

The car in question was quite tricked out and even had a gun turret on it. I have yet to acquire any cars with weapons on them. The kind of terror I could levy on Night City if I had such a car myself is almost unthinkable.

We would have made a mad dash for it, but Panam was yet to be satisfied. She wanted revenge and I would find out over the long haul of getting to know her more in the following days and weeks that once she set her mind to something it was getting done with or without you.

defeating nash.jpg

She ended up driving right into a cave that the gang was hiding out at, and we took out the leader and anyone that stood in our way. I was thrilled to give one of my newer weapons, a sniper rifle a try.

It was then time to grab some drinks and hide out for the night. After all, we just took down some powerful people. Those who were also now missing quite a nice ride that we took back for Panam.

It also seemed like the game was trying to put us in one situation after another to become more than just two people working together. We ended up staying in quite a rundown motel to get some rest and allow some time to pass.

I decided not to rush things along either one way or another and opted to take my room as well. There are quite a few females back in Night City and V seems to have some kind of connection with many of them. It makes me wonder if at some point there something will be a bit more than just some short thing going on between V and any of them.

disgusting room.jpg

As far as the motel room, it was disgusting. This seemed like the place only two kinds of people would be staying at. Those looking to hide from someone. Along with those renting rooms by the hour.

The bathroom was even in worse shape. I could not tell the last time someone used the shower. I for sure was not going to be using it that night. I’m not even sure it could be cleaned. Like a lot of this place, I doubt a fresh coat of paint would last very long or improve much of anything.

Thankfully Johnny left me alone for the rest of the night. I did a little exploring of the area before calling it a night. We were a bit in the middle of nowhere. Yet the motel was close enough to where we would end up going anyway it made some sense to be staying there for a quick rest.

Final Thoughts


With how this game has played out so far, I'm starting to wonder what the final fate of Panam will be. It seems like we will be doing a lot more missions together in the future after the kidnapping of Hellman is done.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.