Cyberpunk 2077 | Rescuing Evelyn

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With how bad things went with the botched job with Dexter. It was only a matter of time before more members of the crew started to run into issues. It was, however, not as I was expecting it to be. Regardless of any not-so-great things discovered I still set up to resecure Evelyn in hopes I was not too late already.

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I was a the ripperdoc getting some work done. I had just finished some side mission that is not worth talking much about. The only good thing about it is I ended up getting a Smart Link implant into my hand.

A Smart Link implant is required to use smart weapons. With smart weapons, you can lock onto a target and the bullets follow that person around. With so many people taking enhancements for insane movement speed; along with, ducking behind objects. Having a weapon whose bullets will follow those people around sounds like an amazing technology I'd love to have.

While in the middle of that, I ended up getting contacted by Judy that Evelyn had gone missing. Now Judy was someone who helped a little bit in the mission with Dexter that went so wrong.

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Judy was also the person who wanted Evelyn to not get involved in doing any of it. She even did not want to get involved herself but only seemed to do so because Evelyn was asking. She did not even trust me. So, it’s a bit strange now that she was reaching, and the news of Evelyn missing was not good news.

To try and get more details about where Evelyn might have gone, I was tasked with going to a place called Clouds. It was another place for dancers and augmented reality kind of things.

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Just to get into the place I had to connect to their system and allow them to come up with a profile of what I might “like.” I did not want to connect to their system as that, from the best I could tell, always carried a bit of a risk. I, however, needed to get into the Clouds club so I could try and gather further details.

After I was matched with someone I went into the private room where I was told I'd meet them. In there instead was someone else going by the same name as the person I matched who was trying to hide who they were. They were also trying to give me some details that no one wanted me to get.

From that conversation, I gathered Evelyn was taken by a guy named Woodman who had an office at the Clouds. There was some hope I'd get to his office without any kind of alarm going off. At least that is what the person I met with, and Judy would have preferred.

combat at the clouds.jpg

I however prefer not stealthing around like some rat. I made the mistake of hacking into one of the cloud systems which was taken as a hostile action. From there on out the entire place was one giant hostile zone.

As far as I'm concerned, these people played a role in kidnaping Evelyn and they all must suffer my wraith. I was also having far too much fun playing around with some new weapons at the time.

Even after clearing out some hallways and staircases of any hostiles. Anywhere I'd go everyone would become hostile as they were aware of what I'd done. I even attempted to hack into TVs and other devices to set up distractions to see if I could sneak around. I had little luck on that front and I'm rather glad I was not trying to do that to Woodman’s office.

Once I got up there, I did not get the answers I wanted. I also had enough of Woodman so it should not be a shocker to anyone how I dealt with that situation. He no longer had Evelyn and I no longer needed him.


What I did learn is he went to quite the strange crazy person called Fingers who was a ripperdoc doing quite some evil things. It seems anytime a dancer got hurt or needed work done he was the person to go to.

I have to say I was not expecting someone who goes by the name Fingers to look anything like that. This person's image will also haunt my nightmares. Even more so what he was willing to do to the dancers in the city when they showed up needing medical attention.

At the very least he was someone willing to talk. He might not have known where Evelyn was taken. He at least gave some details that I could further off to find her. Such as the people who had her had a Death's-head moth as a logo.

the dealer.jpg

Let’s just say trying to track down where that event led to some nasty things that can go on in this game. I ended up meeting a guy on a corner to buy some rather disturbing videos that you could not just buy in more established places. I'll just leave it at that.

It became quite clear that Evelyn had been taken by some rather nasty people. Every moment it took me to work out clues or try to find more information to track her down. There was yet another moment her life was getting shortened by being missing.

The video that was bought from the seller was quite disturbing. Even worse, I'd have to go through the footage with Judy to try and find hints so we could locate the building they might have Evelyn in.

Judy managed to edit the video enough to be viewed with the hell of a braindance editor that allowed you to pick up things not otherwise noticed by the person who recorded the video. Quite disturbing stuff and I'll leave it that.

The only good news out of all that nasty stuff is we were looking for the Electric Corp power plant near a pizza place. That narrowed things down enough to find exactly where the building was. It was now time to go raid it.

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After quite a lot of killing and hacking of systems later. I ended up finding Evelyn in quite a dark place. She was barely alive. It would have been better if we had found her dead. Death would however not be that far off just days later.

Final Thoughts


I wish I could say this adventure had a happy ending but sadly yet another character in Cyberpunk 2077 meets quite a nasty twisted end. There were also many details about this adventure that I toned down a bit due to how graphic they were in the game and what was being implied.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.