Cyberpunk 2077 | Platinum Treatment

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There is no easing into this game. Outside of a tutorial system, it was a bit fun teaching the basics before letting you go. Things started to ramp up quickly when a client needed to be rescued. Along with needing to rush home after where i live went into lockdown for the night.

One thing this game messes with a lot is not doing everything within the normal reality of things. Since this game is based on being in the future it’s only normal for you to enter a fully immersive simulation to accomplish different tasks. For the day that is going to be for my character's basic training.

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I also find it a bit amusing that Jackie, the guy who I just got done with a smuggling mission, happens to have a Militech training shard with him. You would think having a military training chip that you just shove into a slot into your head to enter a virtual reality would not be something a normal person could have access to. Granted there is nothing normal about Jackie.

I also found this to be quite an interesting system to have in a game. There would be several times in this game when I'd be sticking a shard which looks more like a thumb drive without the plastic outer shell around it into a socket in my head. Sounds like not the safest thing in the world to be doing. I can only assume such things are only down when taking the source such a shard comes from in the first place. Otherwise, it seems the consequence could be potentially deadly, and I would later find out the hard way.

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Even better yet this shard has been modified. The rather hardcore drill sergeant has been turned into a female once I start the first training session who is not only softer on the eyes but a bit more lenient in the training.

This program I was given ended up taking me through the basics of shooting, hacking, hand-to-hand combat, and stealth. There was also an option after learning some of the basic things covered in the first half of the training to just exit the simulation and not do two of the training tutorials.

Shortly later I'm off on another mission with Jackie. This time a new teammate is added into the mix that I'd end up working with a few more times called T-Bug. T-Bug, like some of my teammates, would remote in over the phone and provide remote support.

This often in the future made solo missions not feel so alone when you had someone else chatting away in your ear. Usually, however, such remote support is just to provide intel. Sometimes they might be able to open a locked door. They, however, were not there with you so if things went sideways and required a gun to solve things, they were of no use to you.

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This game also has you scanning around a lot of the time looking for clues. In this instance, we were tasked with recusing a person. We had to check and make sure every female we came across in the place we were raiding was not her.

There are two things this game seems to have a lot of. The first is lots of gore everywhere. It’s not just that there is blood splatter and some guts on the floor. Some of the stuff I've come across downright looks like it belongs to a horror film. Making this quite a dark game.

The other thing is the lack of clothing for people. As such I'll be adding in some black boxes, bars, or just not including certain things about this game. It’s great to see this game not hold anything back in a cyberpunk-style world. There are just some rather revealing outfits in this game.

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This game also gives you a real sense of the difference between the rich, important, and the everyday poor nobodies. I ended up finding the person I was tasked with finding. Most people's lives are not worth hiring a merc to go and find you.

The thing that stood out, however, was the fact the person's medical condition was being tracked remotely. If you have got the money and more than likely thus are important enough. Medical teams will be alerted if you are in dire need of medical savings and dispatch accordingly. If there is nothing interfering with the service.

She had platinum membership for their healthcare. Most of her medical bill would be covered to bring them back from almost death. They also sent in air support that got there in minutes to the high-rise complex we were in.

If that was me. I’d be left for dead and in many instances have been. There would be no police on the way to help if needed. There would be no medial air evacuation. I’d be lucky if they sent someone a week later to see if my corpse was in anyone's way or not.

I ended up securing the situation. Doing some emergency measures to keep the person alive long enough for a trauma unit to arrive. I also took her outside. The kind of medical advancements this era must have must be crazy.

It’s also not shocking for those without insurance in this game to have platinum membership to do without. All the advancements they have, and they are left to black market dealers, and using what appears to be underground services.

Once that was done, I got a phone call from the person who hired me. I informed them of the situation, and they transferred money into my account for a job done.


It was then time to rush off to my apartment for the night. The area I lived in was being locked down for some unknown reason. While we were able to quickly talk ourselves to be allowed in. I get the feeling if there is a future lockdown I either need to hurry up or find somewhere else to spend the night. Thankfully there are hotels and other options.

This game also loves to have it raining. I’m not quite sure if it’s just a random event sometimes with it being scripted to occur during certain missions. It seems to happen quite a lot and I do rather enjoy watching the effect rain has on the road, sidewalks, people, and anything else the rain is falling on.

my apartment.jpg

In a cyberpunk world being poor. I was expecting my apartment room to be even worse than this one. For a bachelor pad, it seems to have everything I’d ever need. A bed, bathroom, a place for entertainment, amazing views when the windows are open. Along with an entire secure room dedicated to my ever-growing weapons and combat supplies. Such a room any bachelor in such a crazy place as this city requires!

The only downside to this place appears to be a place for poor people. It’s quite a dirty apartment and even the floors when you are walking around them. There are lots of questionable Indvidual's in the area. Perhaps at some point I'll spend some money on a diffrent place to live.

Final Thoughts

weapon stash room.jpg

The game can be fast paced at certain times when people are trying to kill you with guns. It also seems to slowly be showing me the everyday life of what living is like in this world. Giving me an insight into the kind of services and lifestyle the rich get to have versus what the poor struggle to get by with.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.