Cyberpunk 2077 | Motels And Blackouts

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It would seem John wanted to take advantage of the situation the best he could. I would however gain enough strength to fight him on our path forward not long after he got us to safety.

I ended up waking up in some rather rundown motel on the outskirts of town. The kind of people no one wastes their time looking for anything of value. So, it was quite shocking when someone showed up at the door knocking. They wanted to come in and have a talk. Rather I should say something for a talk.

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I decided whoever tracked us down must have answers. So, I allowed the robot who was now being used as a proxy inside the motel room. This kind of robot must be rather used to entering these kinds of motel rooms and doing all kinds of crazy things. Just talking with someone and nothing else, however? That must not have been so normal.

Let’s just say Jonny was not so thrilled with me letting anyone inside to have any kind of talk. After the rather short meeting about many far too boring things, I ended up blacking out again.


Johnny decided it was his turn to take things for a spin for a while. I ended up walking up in quite the sorry of states. It seems he went on a bit of a ragger without me. I double-checked to make sure I did not have any new bullet or stab wounds and that I still had all my limbs attached as well.

He had taken us to another location. One that he had used in the past for stashing things when needed. It seemed he mostly took us to this building for the view of the water.

It seems however this would not be the last time I had to either let or have Johnny without my agreement to take over. I needed an in-Rogue. An excess to have a conversation with her. She and Johnny used to be as much friends as anyone could be back in the day. So, I had to let me have quite a heavy influence on me to convince her that Johnny was still alive inside me in a way.

I found myself yet again waking up in now what must be the third day in a row of not knowing what had happened the night before. It seems Johnny had yet again gone out and went a bit crazy.


I now had a tattoo I did not even ask for. I was with some females that I can only hope did not give me anything. On top of all that, there was Rogue looking right at me. It was hard to take everything in with the kind of hangover Johnny tends to leave you with.

All of this was to talk to Rouge about Smash. Someone who I'd run into in the last mission that almost took me out. Someone who would have another chance to take me out yet again in the not-too-far future as well. He was starting to be quite the issue. One that I was hoping to have dealt with a lot sooner than it ended up being. As that conflict did not happen on my terms but Smashers terms instead.

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Once I recovered from yet another strange night of not knowing what I even did let alone who I was with. It was time to meet the owner of that robot who ended up finding us in one of the motels we were staying at. She was at another motel. As usual, Johnny was not thrilled with this idea. He kept trying to convince me it was some kind of trap.

It turns out it was yet another robot. It also seems I was misguided. She was not looking to help me as much as she was expecting help from me instead. It was some kind of writing robot. At least I assume she is a robot but with the kinds of implants people can get these days you never know.

What was her grand issue? She has a lover, and she thinks he's cheating on her. What a crazy and unexpected twist for such a thing to have an issue with.

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Needless to say, I did not have any time for this kind of nonsense. So instead, I went out and ran a few secure-the-area random missions I found while driving around. I needed to clear my head from all the hangovers and everyone looking to take advantage of me as it was clear no one was looking to help solve my life-and-death situation. They just wanted my help to clean up their mess of life.

There was a lot of killing that day. The streets ran red with blood. More times than not I was helping the police with local crime, so they seemed to turn a blind eye to the massive body count that was going down in their not-so-clean city.

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I also had quite a large amount of money and components starting to stockpile up again. So, I went and had some implant work done. I figure since so many want me dead or want me to kill other people. I might as well do a massive overhaul.

At the time I did not realize just how big of an impact this would end up having on me. It’s kind of funny that I tend to neglect getting large upgrades like the ones I could get in games. I usually just try and skirt by without putting much thought into upgrading as it takes time away from all the killing.

Once I was done I had quite a high amount of health regeneration. Along with a lot more armor. There were also quite a few upgrades that would impact different kinds of damage I'd be dealing with, accuracy, hacking, and many other aspects of gameplay.

Final Thoughts

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This seemed like the only way to end quite a strange one. Then again things always get a little strange when I'm in a situation for Johnny to take things over. You would think he would do exactly as told and would not take things up another notch. I suppose for him it must be extremely boring being trapped in a mind like mine when he used to live quite the rock-style lifestyle before getting killed.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.