Cyberpunk 2077 | Hunting Down Cyberpsychos

Hunting Down Cyberpsychos.jpg

This ended up being quite a fun one. Occasionally, I would advance the storyline enough to unlock further psycho-killer sightings. On top of that since I took that taxi mission, I had already found a bunch quite early on.

psycho killers.jpg

These Psycho Killers have lost their minds one way or another while on the top and went rampage in the city killing lots of people. Many of them have quite some impressive implants or are on some kind of medication. Making them quite a lot more challenging to take out than normal people you would run across.

There is also a bit of a catch. I’m supposed to incapacitate each one of them. I did not care too much for them. If I was shooting at them if they got killed, I would not lose any sleep at night over it.

hunting down one of them.jpg

They were quite a fun break from things when I needed to break up the grind of something else I was working on. Sometimes I'd only have one in the area I was in to hunt down. Other times there be a couple of them, or I'd just go on a hunting spree trying to clear as many of them as I could off the map before going back to working on other things in the game.

Most of the time I'd find one lurking somewhere out of sight of most people but not that far away from dense populations. Such as this one that was living in an encampment under a bridge.

You would not think there be a crazy killer out of his mind down below killing anyone who happened to wander into his little hiding spot. It seemed like they loved to take over what I would assume to be a homeless encampment or a construction site.

cyberpsycho sighting on map.jpg

They pop up on the map as these greenish skull cyborg icons. It was often fun just checking the map from time to time to see if any more were spotted or if I was close to an area that had one.

I would also be tasked with checking for clues in the area. Sometimes I had to follow clues just to find them. The person who hired me, Regina Jones, wanted to get a better understanding of what caused each one of them to become crazy.

Later on, I would discover she was trying to send them off for treatment and help them recover from whatever happened to them. It seems that it did not work out too well. I could tell as far along I went that she somehow felt rather sorry for them.

defeat the attacker.jpg

Often after killing a couple of them, I'd need to be on the hunt for more ammo. They took quite a few bullets to take out. Some of the lower-level ones were not so bad. After I finished off some higher-level missions, I noticed a bit of a step-up in difficulty and health. They seemed even more angry and less willing to be taken out.

Early in the game going after these guys helped increase my street credit quite a lot. There were many times I'd become overwhelmed with the amount of text I'd be getting on my phone if I went around and took a couple of these out in between finishing off a random mission.

another one taken down.jpg

Each one of them also made some eddies which were quite needed early on. I was so pressed for money. If I ran out of bullets, I'd have to switch to using a different gun type for a while since I could not afford to buy more bullets or did not have the crafting ingredients to craft them myself.

If it was not for the fact how many they would end up killing after they went crazy? I would almost feel bad for them. I’d often find notes left behind of some crazy hardship. Either family-related losses or the inability to support them financially.

Some went crazy after they thought the people they worked for wanted to kill them. You really can’t blame them for taking out anyone who wonders if they assumed they were sent to take them out.

Naturally, I was not supposed to be killing any of them. They, however, did not know that. So, there was always that part of me trying not to overdo things damage-wise and still staying alive.

driving around looking for one.jpg

They were also just a great excuse to go driving around the town or even the desert for ten or more minutes. There was this one in the desert wandering around some kind of dumping site. It was quite a pain to jump over all the trash and get to it. He did not last longer than I did.

chatting with regina jones.jpg

With each kill or capture, I'd get a text message I'd have to reply to with Regna Jones. Sometimes I'd read the little bit of backstory they had. Sometimes I did not care so much to do so.

Then came the moment I was dreading. I was down to just needing a couple more to finish off the mission line. Yet, there were not any showing up on the map. Sometimes I needed to explore an area during the night for them to pop up. It took a while before I happened to be close enough at the right time for a sighting of one of them to get reported.

fighting my last one.jpg

What ended up being my last was also the more insane one. I came across what appeared to be some kind of cult. They all had such horrific implants it looked like a mutation on each of their faces had gone wrong.

I ended up exploring the area for a while. Even checking for clues. Then suddenly the thing just popped out of a freezer that had a corpse inside it. This thing was quite the nasty-looking thing and tough as nails to kill as well.

Final Thoughts

the shrad.jpg

This was one of those missions I never thought I was going to get to the end of it. There were just so many of these psychos to kill. It would sometimes be many hours before another one would appear on my map.

Once I had knocked out or killed all the psychos. I ended up getting quite a sweet mod for a weapon that upped my damage, but it turned the weapon non-lethal. I was however quite excited for the Cyberware Capacity Shard increase that allowed me to fit another implant in without spending further points in a tech tree to do so.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.