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El Capitan offered low-paying but quick gigs in Night City. I was looking to kill some time, and these were perfect for that. I was mostly dealing with gangers some overstepped and El Capitan was not having any of it.

The first gig was not that exciting. More like a tryout to get further gigs from El Capitan. I had to find some incriminating data on a network and send it his way. The people guarding the building were not that bright and I ended up just bypassing a few of them on my way for a quick contract close out.

If I'm not mistaken El Capitan also accepts cars you steal. I have not dealt with the guy much before now. I’m not even sure if I've visited him in person yet. I just know his area of control on the map is quite small and most of these jobs were a short distance away from each other. Making them quite a breeze.

talking with the person.jpg

The next gig was a lot more interesting. I needed to search for a place called the Dewdrop Inn. I was looking for a person and a drug called Beta Acid. El Capitan was more interested in me finding the acid than finding the person. So, it would just be a little something extra on the side for me if I found more than the drugs.

It was nice for nice for once not having to blast or break my way into a place. I just walked up to the receptionist and paid a very small number of eddies for a room. This seemed like the kind of place that would rent a room by the hour if you asked.

I then tried to get some information out of the receptionist. She did not have any of it. I also did not want to press my luck and get kicked out as well. So, after a short chat, it was time to go hunting around the inn while claiming to be looking for my room if anyone noticed.

It turns out the Dewdrop Inn has a bit of an issue with drugs being produced on the property. I ended up finding the guy Capitan Reyes wanted dead. The room he was staying in according to Johnny smelled like drugs. Drugs that were being produced up one floor and coming in through the ventilation system. So, I went to gather further information about it.

At this point, some people realize I'm not acting like a normal guest of the inn. It was no big deal I did not even wake up any of the guests staying at this inn. The rooms were not as bad as I thought they would be. I could see someone getting some sleep here instead of using the rooms for say making drugs.

drug lab.jpg

Was I ever shocked when I entered a room that had been fully converted into a drug production operation. There was no way the inn was not aware of this going on. Its production line took up several rooms that all had doors with different numbers on the outside. Trying to appear like they were normal inn rooms.

After a little bit of shooting on the point that I was not welcome inside that room. I found the Beta Acid being looked for and walked on out free and clear. I went and dropped off the item at a drop spot.

the floor.jpg

I then had to infiltrate a gang’s hideout plant a virus on one of their systems and kill a guy. They were held up on an entire floor in the very building I have an apartment in. While I had no idea an entire floor was controlled by a gang, I am also not shocked.

I never really went anywhere else other than to my apartment room in the building. I’ve maybe talked with a neighbor or two at most and that was it. I also have other places to stay now so I'm not here as often as I used to be.

Once I made it up to the floor the gang was on, I stood out like a sore thumb. I found myself quickly needing to fire back and cleared my way into the apartment room that had the person I needed to take out and the computer I needed a moment with.

This was such a quick and easy gig it took longer to ride the elevator back down to exit the building and go onto the next gig for El Capitan. Who at this point was starting to say how amazing I was doing each of these gigs as I cared for anything then some extra eddies if he felt I was doing so well.

the dude.jpg

Next up I was to meet with a bit of a strange dude. It appears he requested me by name from the best I could tell. He did not want to say much about the gig either other than I'd be needed.

I’m not kidding you. We showed up and he went to do his thing. Next thing I know everyone shooting at the guy. I must take out my sniper rifle and just start pegging people left and right. I don’t know who they are. I don’t know why they want the guy dead. I just know if that client gets killed, I'm not getting paid.

After all that, the guy just says the rumors about me are true. I was the right guy for the gig. I’m all for needing to keep things need to know. Some heads up about what was going to go down would be nice. At least another gig contract closed.

searching some girls house.jpg

The next job felt a bit beneath me but it’s not like El Capitan gigs pay much or take a lot of time. I found myself looking for a computer chip in some girl's house. I don’t know what happened to the girl. All I thought I knew was that the house was empty.

The house was already trashed like there had been someone else there searching for something. I ended up noticing the place had a basement, so I went down there thinking the chip had to be there.

That is when I noticed there was something else in the house and they must be the ones looking for the same thing as I was. Now, I'm not about to have someone else take this gig away from me. I did the only reasonable thing anyone would do in the situation. I put two bullets into the back of her head.

I found what was being looked for and headed out informing El Capitan I was done. He then gave me a bit of fun talking about not needing to kill the girl's sisters. had no idea they were blood-related. Even if I did, I'd have done it the same way again since she should not be going after what I was.

getting dixxon.jpg

It turns out El Capitan is not into killing everyone. Sometimes he wants someone alive for information. It turns out the caps had put one of their own in the loony bin at a hospital to shut her up about knowing way too much about corruption going down.

The things that were going on in this hospital were downright criminal. I can’t be sure what El Capitan would end up doing to the lady and she at the time had no idea why I was even helping her out. She, however, must be in a much better place than that hospital.

At the very least she got to reunite with her husband who was quite worried. It seemed like El Capitan was just going to keep his distance for the time being. The kind of information that lady might have I'm sure could come in useful one day, but it was not needed now.

random gig.jpg

I then did a couple of rather boring gigs. I was hoping by now the pay would have been getting a lot better than it was. At least these were easy. I was more set now in at least finishing off the remaining gigs from this fixer.

I ended up speed-running a couple of them. I even let people shoot back at me without stopping to eliminate them unless they got in my way. I had quite a lot of armor from my upgraded implants at this stage of the game. Some of the enemies I ran into could barely put a scratch on me anyway.

computer dude.jpg

Then came the last gig. I had to meet a guy in his apartment room. He refused to chat with me for a little while. Turns out he is tapped into every camera and device in the area he could get himself into. He was making sure I was not followed.

I was kind of shocked a guy like that was even willing to leave his computer systems and go out on the gig with me. I mostly felt like I was just an actor and this guy had written a script. I was to wait at a diner till a van came at the exact time he ensured it would be arriving.

it was easy.jpg

The guy wanted me to help him hijack some system onboard the van and then go to park it at a certain location. The eddies in this one could not have been simpler. It also turns out this was the last gig. I was kind of expecting it to be a lot harder and rewarding than it was.

Final Thoughts


I’ve had better-paying gigs from fixers in Night City than El Capitan. At least they were quick and mostly in the same area. El Capitan must be some low-level fixer and it was nice to have all his gigs done.

My reward for finishing them all off was an icon power shotgun. Shotguns are not my choice of weapon in Night City or even out in the badlands. This is one of those I'll either toss in my gun storage or just sell it off. It’s not worth a lot, which is a bit of a shame. I could always try upgrading it to a higher tier and see if it’s a lot better. I just don’t see myself using the shotgun often.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.