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After a rest at a shady hotel, it was time to roll out and go kidnapping. The list of crimes would not stop there. It’s as if things are always destined to go sideways in this game.

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While I was busy sleeping the night away Panam was working on her truck and coming up with a plan for how we were going to kidnap Hellman. She explained everything while we were en route to a power collector.

The plan was to overload a power collector that would send off a massive EMP that would take down the transport ship and allow us to raid it. This plan counted on quite a few things working out for us.

First, we would have to hope the person onboard we needed would survive the transport crashing down. We could not just hit the transport since it was slowly flying over the area where the power collector was.

This is all assuming they lacked enough EMP protection to be taken down in the first place. It, however, seemed like they were trying to make the transport look unimportant. This would sadly lead to far more complications than expected.

Everyone from Panam’s tribe would also be unaware that we were taking down a transporter in an area they sometimes roam. Let alone that there would be a powerful EMP. They were, however, expected to be out of range.

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Before all that could happen, we had to break into a corporation-owned power collector and overload the thing. There was perhaps a better way to go about things than just to overload everything to its max and hope for the best. Sometimes, however simpler is better.

Once everything was done Panam drove like a banshee to get us out of the range of the EMP. We still needed the car to be working so we could drive on into what we expected to be a transporter wreckage and capture our targets.


Things, however, did not go to plan. The EMP was quite powerful when it went off. It, however, was not enough to take our target out of the sky. Thankfully Panam had a backup plan of just shooting some rockets at the transporter that was already limping along after the EMP attack. That was more than enough to finish it off and for it to crash into the ground.

What we did, however, did not go unnoticed. Panam’s tribe heard chatter and witnessed the transporter going down as well. They, however, were not aware it would be a heavily guarded corporation transportation operation moving someone important.

It’s hard to say if the people who went after it were going out to help those on the transportation. I had a feeling they were just looking to take advantage of a situation they knew nothing about and go on a salvaging operation.

We, however, could not warn them since the EMP had taken out the communication. So, we rushed down in the truck to try and get ahead of them and warm them as they were entering a wreckage field with heavily armored security. Who would be assuming anyone attempting to get close to them was the culprit behind taking the transporter out?

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What we were not expecting was how quickly they would have a perimeter setup with backup coming in. As soon as I got to a spot I started taking down as many of the security as I could.

We were, however, too late. We ended up losing some good people from Panam’s tribe that day. A loss that would hit them quite hard and make their leader quite anergy at everyone's involvement in the first place.

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At least there was some good news. Hellman had survived the crash, and we were able to capture him. The corporation ended up setting up a gas station and taking it over. We ended up doing some liberation of the owner and taking out as many of them as possible before reaching our destination.

We then made it back to the motel in hopes that Hellman would have some kind of useful answers to help me with the biochip. He was less than helpful, to say the least. He claimed to be able to help me due to how unique the situation I found myself in.

This would end up being yet another dead-end. The chip Hellman worked on and the one I used apparently would not be close enough for him even to attempt to work out a solution.

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I was quite tempted to just put a bullet in the guy and move on. Even more so when he told me I should just prepare for death. It would have been rather easy to take him out as well. He was just some corporation dude that many would not have cared if he was never seen again. It would also reduce our risk of anyone finding out who was behind taking out the transport let alone his kidnapping.

At least we did not leave fully empty-handed. Hellman had on him some research documents regarding the chip. It seems like some rather large sums of money were being offered for it.

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Afterward, me and johnny had a bit of talk outside of the motel. This place did seem to have trash everywhere. The trash can must be full of trash everywhere.

After a while, I got tired of Johnny and took further pills to block him out. Their usefulness started to diminish the more I used them. They are, however, the only thing anyone could work out that would help slow down Johnny fully taking V’s brain and vanishing any memory of what was left of him.

I then checked in on how Panam was doing along with her tribe. It appears no one was even looking into them for the possible billions in damage to corporation equipment and buildings we did with the EMP and overloading a power collector. At least there was that.

Final Thoughts

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I ended up riding around the desert for a bit taking out some targets before heading back into Night City. It’s a shame something more useful did not come out of all this. While it seems, another dead end was hit. At least we did get some data about the biochip. It’s just not very useful currently.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Cyberpunk 2077.