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Getting some of the better ship modules and the chance to make a lot of credits requires a bit of luck. I was overdue for just finding a decent system to sit down in that had lots of raiders activity and hoping to get some top and expensive module drops from eliminating them.

There was still a bit of an issue with the idea of farming large numbers of raiders. My current ship still blows. I have also not invested in unlocking and hiring mercenaries which can be a huge part of combat strength in this game. They can get killed and that ends up getting quite costly not to mention time-consuming trying to always replace one. Not to mention I was not looking to share any credits with those kinds of individuals anyway.

the new ship.png

Thankfully as luck would have it while I was out exploring and working on medals, I found a station with quite an interesting ship. I don’t quite recall how much I ended up paying for it but it was not cheap.

I do find it funny as a former Eve Online player that my laser bonus ship looks like a minitour Eve Online ship that would not have been caught dead offering laser bonuses. Thankfully this thing did not need 500 tons of duct tape to get it going and I hope it stays in working condition.

I’ll admit it does look quite badass. It’s quite a large in-size upgrade over my last ship. It’s also got those cool that look almost like solar sails on it as well.

The ship also comes with a drone bay. I have not used drones a lot in this game. I did go out and spend some skill points putting some points into them. I don’t care much for drones. I don’t know how many times I forget to call them out into combat onto a target or call them back into my drone bay. On top of them getting killed due to me not paying much attention to them in some rather up-and-coming combat situations, I have found myself engaging in.

The biggest issue with this ship is trying to keep powered seven laser weapons I have equipped to it. Even with the huge investments I've made in skill points towards power systems and reducing energy usage costs. This ship can run out quite quickly. At least it is great at popping a couple of ships before energy starts to become a concern.

This thing also moves slower than a snail. So, trying to run around doing a bunch of high-level and highly rewarding combat missions is less ideal under a normal situation. That is why I trained for this game equivalent of a jump drive. While not the cheapest thing to use. I’m not going to spend twenty minutes just getting around in this game or longer to quickly eliminate a couple of targets before making the same long and boring journey to get paid.

I also did not get this ship for missions. I had intended on getting quite a powerful ship to try and survive inside wormholes. I loved wormholes in Eve Online. They are, however, not quite the same in this one. They are also quite deadly to enter in with how many targets you have to take out.

Sadly, at the time of writing this, I never did go off and enjoy wormhole space. There ended up being a decent-sized patch. I did not want to know if it had any impact on my savings requiring me to start over again if I wanted to see new features. I was also getting a bit bored of the game anyway. I am now approaching over 80 hours in the game of real-time. Running this game for a large portion of that at max time speed.

killing some targets.png

There was, however, one last big thing I’m glad I was able to get out of the way. While finishing off some missions I ended up finding some systems that had quite a few targets in them to eliminate. In the lower numbers, they were not much of a challenge.

While they don’t often have credit when you loot the wrecks of ships. Some of them paid out quite nicely. While I was starting to get some missions that paid out a lot more than 330k credits. Getting that from a single kill was quite nice.

I was, however, hoping to loot some modules that would have cost millions each to buy. I’m also not even sure I can just buy the best ones while at a station in the marketplace. I’m hoping some insane ones can just drop. I could use some energy-type modules to help deal with how quickly I deplete my energy.

I ended up taking this into some massive combat situations. I also always forgot to get screenshots. Despite how much power this ship has and how much damage it can take on. I found myself many a time station camping to repair, undock, kill some stuff, and dock up again.

I even found myself in situations where raiders were so thick and kept coming in one after another, that I did not stand much chance of getting to the loot. I did end up looting some interesting modules I even used on my ship. It was however nothing I'd consider to be of God tier in this game. At least for the stuff I did not need, I did quite a few credits of selling the stuff.

This ship was more than worth the cost and time to find and acquire it. I don’t even feel I'm anywhere near getting as good models as something of this should have. Hopefully, at some point, I'll have some time to start working on making it even more of a powerhouse.

Final Thoughts

warping to another system.png

For now, I'm calling it for this game. I’ve reached the big goal I had of buying and flying around in a massive ship. This game can be quite a grind and feels quite time-consuming as well. Perhaps at some point, I'll return to do a lot more mining, exploring wormholes, and trying to get some better upgrades for my ship or even something even bigger.

That is assuming my save file still works and can be converted over to whatever the newest version of the game is then. This game is in early access and that is always something you have to keep in mind with games like that. You never know if you will run into something that requires a fresh game and starting all over again.

I at least had quite a blast. I’ve been quite in the space and game science-fiction mood for a while now. I don’t quite think I’m quite cured of that just yet. Thankfully these days there is no shortage of those kinds of games around.

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