Path of Exile | Recap Of My Hardcore Experiences


The Rips where plentiful in the week long race in hardcore I participated in. Had some wonderful times; along with, numerous roadblocks, and setbacks as well.

Day 1

The first day in a fresh league is always the most existing part for me. As the time ticks for servers to open you just see the queue line drop in rapped session. Heart pumping and adrenaline pumping you start rushing.

People are racing for highest level first and the game is just lighting up with names of the first person to enter a zone for the league. In hardcore, it is also announced when the top-level player dies. In first few hours people are just dropping like flies left and right.


RIP counter: 1

I underestimated my gear and had some bad timing. The not so glories death of being impaled by a spike and having to start a new hardcore charactor!

I ended up crafting this wand with a vendor recipe to get the +1 level to cold gems and luck out as well being able to make it a 2 blue and 1 green socket item that were linked.


Each league there something different and new to do. This time it was focused on captures difference beast and then summing them at the blood alter. For me a least this makes the game fresh every couple of months when there is a new league to be had and spoils to found acquired.

By the end of my day 1, I ended up taking out Vaal Oversoul who was at the end of act II and called it a night after I made it to act III town.

Day 2


I really lucked out with this wand dropping and it aided me quite a few times as I attempted to reclaim the ladder in the race.

A fair amount of time was spent on over leveling, while, I was trying to find some better gear as well.


I took out Malachai at the end of act 3.

I also deceived my skill swap plan that I needed to do at some point. As well as create some better gear.

Day 3

This was one of the more epic days. I was able to switch over to Glacial Cascade and I stayed a little over leveled which help aid me quite a lot for the day. Day 2’s hours of grinding the same zone for experience really paid off and I felt like I had a soiled hold now on my forward momentum.


I was expecting Kitara to be a major issue but to my surprise, I had a rather easy time. The fight still went on for a while but in the end, I was able to succeed.


RIP counter: 2

The game, on the other hand, had different plans not to long after my victory with Kitara. Was not quite sure why I was unable to move and I became Tukohama’s lunch. Level 49 is the highest character I’ve had up to that point in hardcore for Path of Exile.

Day 4

This was one of my shorter days. I was rather tired from pushing during day 3 to try and make up for lost ground.


I ended up testing out these leagues mechanics Blood Alter since I had not yet. I had captured quite a fair amount of beasts so I had some fun visiting the ones I had acquired so far.



I also did a few Blood Alter arena matches to see how hard those where, how it worked, and took a look at the rewards I earned.

Day 5

This was another short day for me. I was able to save a lot of time though by being more risky by now being as leveled was I was before while doing the same content over again. For the amount of progress, I made I might have reduced the time I took my two or three hours. That is a huge amount of time-saving done.


I took out Malachai at the end of act IV and progress little ways into act 5 before calling it a night.

Day 6 And 7


At this point, I had grown rather comfortable by now playing hardcore and I was lagging behind a fair amount of the leaders. As a result, I took on even more risk-taking. I was going for broke and that is just what happened.


RIP counter: 3

Before the end of day 6, I had made it back to Kitara. I was using a new build I had not used before as I needed to find something that I felt would allow me to progress faster than my last attempted. Things did not go according to plan.


RIP counter: 4

With time running out I told myself one last attempt. I made insane time and I was willing to go for quite a number of hours.


A moment of silence for my fallen. May the rest in the normal league in softcore never to know the horrors of hardcore again!


RIP counter: 5

I still needed to take screenshots for the day so I made another character just for that. I did not give him the proper name to be counted but I also could not leave him all alone in scary hardcore either.

Moving Forward


I am taking a break for now from hardcore and I went back to softcore for now. Other day I started a fresh character for this league. Since I only play during leagues and that involves a lot of starting over every couple of months along with how often the games changes things up. There are still quite a number of things I have not been able to experience yet in this game.

I really enjoyed this style of format blog and it also allows me to have a bunch of fun and give me excuses to enjoy my time. Not sure how often I will end up creating updates for my softcore progression. Maybe a couple of times a week or less.


Screenshots taken and content written by @enjar. Recap of the 7-day hardcore race I was in.

Screenshots from Path of Exile a free to play game developed by Grinding Gear Games.