Path of Exile | Hardcore Race Update Day 5


A very short day as I had quite a few other things to do including in other games as well! I’ve included a couple little tricks I’ve picked up over time that someone brand new to the game might not have noticed yet. Along with my progression from day 5.


I went and unlocked the library vendor by completing the quest in The Archives. Decided I wanted to try out a skill I’ve not used before. It’s a risk and either it won’t go well when I make the switch or it could go better than expected. While I love Glacial Cascade and was going work on making the switch into that I just needed a change.


With that in mind I got a couple of gems leveling up and at some point, I hope it becomes worth switching over. I just have them sitting in my second weapon swap slots since I’m not using those weapons. As such, I only needed stuff with correct gem color for now. Even with weapon slots not be active the gems still level up.

In the theme of risk-taking and some rushing. This time in Act 4 The Crystal Veins and forward I did not over the level. While I did my best to be careful I was not going spend all night over leveling. I only ran The Harvest twice to finish off my level and get next set of gem upgrades done.


That is easy to do by holding down ctrl+ left clicking at waypoint map or at a zone line about to go into the zone. You can then open up a fresh new instance or go back to old one. Without having to wait for the instance to expire.


I luck out on some decent gear and Malachai went down with me just being on par for the zone level. I was a little surprised this time around how easy he went down. That in part was due to me not being as rusty as the first time I took him down. Along with some nice gear and resistance.


Character And Currency


While only 7 level gained on this day. I did save a lot of time by pushing ahead and making it into Act 5. On my first character, he entered act 5 much higher. A Considerable amount of time was spent getting over leveled. Not having to spend most of the night doing that was amazing.


75% resistance with some to spare is not something I’m normally achieving at this stage of the game. That tends to happen during or long after act 5. Even better I have life or needed a stat for later on in many of pieces as well. Having Haku in my hideout is always something I try and have when I find the time.


Picked up two Chaos Orbs for the day but I also spent major holding of my Chromatic orbs.

Chromatic where spent so I could enjoy the resistance I now have but also fail to force dexterity item into having three blue sockets (It was a risk that did not pay off since that is not cheap to get on a dexterity item.) While Vorici is a very important Forsaken Master to have in your hideout I hate his missions and have yet to get him. He also would have been lacking levels needed for what I wanted anyways.

Other Content


Screenshots taken and content written by @enjar. Recap of my day 3 for Poecomp.

Screenshots from Path of Exile a free to play game developed by Grinding Gear Games.