Path of Exile | Archnemesis League Day 2 Striking It Rich In Heist

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Day two was all about getting enough currency to start getting my short-term farming routes up and going. This was going to require me bulk buying orb of chance and orb of alchemy. I was also looking to pick up two unique items that my build uses so I could start working out the rest of the gear.

While I thought the day was going to be spent running maps that could not have been further than what transpired. I ran a couple getting up to tier 3 before I maxed out the amount of Sulphite I could carry. This got me to go down into the Delve mines to spend it.

First run in Delve.jpg

I did the basics and that was about it. I opened up the mine and did the starting mission so I could access the mine shaft that gets created as a catch-up mechanic. I then went out and did my best to acquire some Azurite so I could buy some upgrades: darkness resistance, light radius, and most importantly a bigger Sulphite capacity.

I got down to depth 46 with monster level 70 and that was it. Nothing amazing dropped and I did not expect it to at these depths. It will be a little while before I start seeing cities show up where the real farming will start.

I have some doubts this time around about Delve bringing me in a chunk of money. With Archnemesis having a way to farm fossils there always seems like the markets are flooded with stuff. Even I have picked up almost a dozen and zero of them were from farming Delve itself at least not yet.

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After that, it was time to head over to Heist. Thankfully due to me spending as many orbs of chance as I could find in picking up contracts off the vendor. I was loaded with at least forty or more at the start I don’t quite recall. I did keep getting more off the vendor each time I leveled up which created quite the feedback loop into having a pool of contracts to run.

I had never had these money contracts at the start of a league to all run. It was rather mind-blowing. I was barely keeping up in using enough before I would level up again and the vendor would have another ten for sale.

More than ones I ran out of orbs of chance and decide it was time to sell off some rogue’s marker to buy over eighty orbs of chance which barely was enough for the remainder of the day. While I was expecting to sell off stacked decks since they were raining down from the heavens the last league. I’ve only looted five this league so far and they still have not sold.

getting loot in heist.jpg
I’m rather happy I did not go too crazy in buying a bunch of sub-level 60 contracts. While they more than dropped in currency my costs. I do prefer them being a bit higher for the rare gear drops. Not to mention just more experience for my character while clearing them out and looting everything I could.

Since it’s the start of the league I’m kind of picking up every unique I see regardless if it was near worthless the last league or not. You never know what could be worth a lot this time around due to a build or not enough supply at the start.

I’m rather happy I did this. While the item filter I’m using will catch a lot of the more than expected uniques that should be worth a nice amount. By making an amazing sound and displaying them differently so the player will notice them more. That is not always the case.

I had one unique drop that I don’t recall seeing before so I made sure to make room for it in my inventory. While it was tempting to leave it behind what are the odds it was something worth anything? It turns out I made the right choice in picking it up.

selling tab.jpg

It ended up being Arakaali’s Fang dagger. My luck with weapons let alone selling one for more than a couple of chaos has always been almost null. I ended up pricing the one I had at around 6 Ex (exalted orb).

I thought it would be like everything else when it comes to higher items. I already have a few other items I’m trying to sell for 50 chaos or 1 Ex that are not moving. I was thinking maybe in 12 or so hours I’d reduce the price down by 1 Ex at a time.

While I did get a low ball offer this early into the league I’m not willing to take them. There were at the time not many of these daggers up on the market. While mine was not the best it was not the worst either and I felt it was fairly priced.

Around an hour after listing it mid-running a Heist I got a message from someone looking to buy it for 6 Ex. I invited the person into my party and made a mad dash for the Heist door exit. While I did not finish the Heist. I was for sure not going to leave someone waiting long enough to content someone else and leave for a quicker deal.

6 exalt trade.jpg

They traded me 5 Ex and 1 Ex worth of chaos. This is fantastic as I was going to break one of the Ex anyways for chaos and that saved me some time. I’m also glad it was not all chaos either as I would have had to spend time trying to upscale then quickly before Ex go up in price.

I went and searched if there were any big-ticket items on the market that I could use before they went up in price as more people finished leveling and people started to have the money to create competition. No suck luck as the market is quite dry in a few areas for buying items at the time of the day this occurred.

heavy belt.jpg

Instead, I ended up picking up a belt and crimson unique jewel that I needed. Prices for these seem to go up and down like crazy. While I’m sure at some point the price will drop they could keep going up for a while. I’ve been watching since the league started as the prices went up and up as the hours went by. I wanted to make sure I acquired them.

After that, it was back to grinding more Heists. While did not have any more crazy drops like that throughout the day or night. I still had a decent run.

Unlike the last league where I leveled up a bunch of the wrong Heist NPC members on contracts that they could not reach level 5 skill on early on. This time around I made sure to take each one into the correct contract type. With the ones, I have unlocked so far nearing level three or higher already.

In the end, I ran 54 Heists for the day. This build is not that quick si was shocked it was that many. I still have a stockpile of 53 to get through which I might be spending day 3 working on more of them. I also cleared around 8 Ex in loot with most of it being in sales (the dagger selling) or currency.

Some of my Heist loot.jpg

Since this is the start of the league I was listing things as they were coming in. I was also spending some of what I was getting as well. As such, I did not get a nice end-of-the-day screenshot of everything. This was just one random screenshot I took before I spent some of it and moved it to the correct tabs to get a better overview of what I had.

While I wish I had spent some time acquiring more gear and upgrades for myself. The Path of Exile trading website was not having it. Between being rate limited while doing some basic checks on the bulk sell-side of things. It was taking ages or erroring out when trying to find items. It seems like they were struggling a bit with the number of requests they were getting. That or my internet was being lame as it sometimes tends to be. Either way, the trading site was mostly unusable for me.

Final Thoughts

end of day 2 stash.jpg

While I made almost zero progress on the Atlas and did not do as much Delve as I thought I would. Heist has set me up to have a bit of a bankroll for buying some needed upgrades. My character is also now level 76 which should make mapping when I get back into it easy for a short while.

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