Path of Exile: May Flashback Event Days 10-14


I reached level 85 which for this league was my end goal. I also had my biggest sale of the league meanwhile making the biggest purchase. All in all, it’s been an exciting past few days of lots of map running. I did spend some downtime converting my lower end currency with other players into Chaos Orbs and then into Exalted Orbs.

Abyssal Depths


This one was a random event I was hoping would have happened more often by now. It took until day 10 for one to finally happen! Afterword, I found another three over next two days. For those who don’t know it’s a small random chance to spawn after an Abyss League mechanic spawns on the surface.


When you find one it spawns a different little area along a random cracking of the surface till it gets to the end where you can be greeted with no reward, a chest, or the Abyssal Depths. Most of the rewards that spawn up top are not that great either from the chest or random loot from clearing the monsters. Perhaps a nice rare abyssal jewel but that is best I’ve seen.


You then end up in an underground cave where you travel to find the end where the boss is. I never took any screenshots since I did not luck out on any amazing loot and forgot. Most of the items down there can also be rather worthless. An item with double instead of single abyss sockets can be worth a lot of currency in this game. As you can see the abyss helmet I have would benefit nicely if I had a second abyss socket on it which they can have. This is not like a normal socket where you can just roll it has to drop with a second socket. That would also let me put in a nice abyss jewel that could have life, damage, and another mod on it.

Trading And Upgrading


I spent a few hours over past couple of days selling quite a few items. The biggest purchase was that decent 6-link body armour. While it’s not the one I wanted I’ve had it before for this build and felt it was decent the last time. The really nice thing about this purchase is I got it for only 5 Exalted Orbs! I was hoping I would get one for as cheap as 7. For whatever reason, while I was looking at these the other day 5 of them popped up on the market all 6-link and it suddenly became a buyer’s market. After letting them reduce their price a little bit I finally went in and bought one of them. I was very happy to get a decent bump in damage as a result.


On top of that, I also had a 42 Chaos sale prior to this which help me have more than enough currency to buy the chest. The item itself called Abandoned Wealth is a card drop where you can exchange 5 cards in for 3 exalted orbs. Needless to say, I just wanted to sell it not try and buy 4 more of the cards at a cheap enough price to make a profit. Exalted Orbs where also a bit cheaper back than so while the price of this item has increased so did what it would yield.


This amazing Void Scepter came onto the market for 30 Chaos Orbs. While I have no idea if that was a good deal or not. It had only been on market for under an hour as the owner just found an upgrade. I also could not find better even what appeared to be lesser quality once where selling for a few times more. It added over 500 sheet damage to my build if I recall correctly. Oddly enough I was just 3 Chaos short when it came onto the market. I thought I was for sure going miss out on it. I ended up having to get the extra money from clear a couple of maps and doing the Chaos recipe (selling a rare set item level 60-73.)


I also found this Thief’s Torment. In fact, I’ve sold about three this league. While the downside of wearing it is you can’t have a second ring I felt like I would give having increased quantity of items found (think of it like magic find in other games) a try. The lore is also somewhat juicy as to why you can only wear one ring-- ouch! We can only wear two rings in this game so from that kind of logic it makes sense. While I won’t always have this ring on it, for now, is fine with the level of maps I’m running.



My map progress overall has not been overly amazing. I have been focusing a little more on clearing lower maps and trying earning currency that way. My luck on card drops has not been that great and this was the first time where I was more focused on doing the vendor recipe for Chaos Orbs. Right now I only have 4,500 Life and that really does feel a bit light. I have some amazing items they just did not have great life rolls on them. Once I find some better gear I’ll switch the Thief’s Torment ring for something else.


At the end of day 10, I was mostly running Tier VII maps. Nothing really in particular. My map pool is a bit of an issue right now. I have 5 tier V maps, 0 tier VI maps, and 5 tier VII and VIII maps. I’ve not looked into jus buy a bunch as I’ve always been more of a “run what you find” kind of player. However, if I run out of these higher tier maps to run I’ll consider changing my thoughts on that. I also have a few lower tier maps I’ve yet to find myself. I only have the Forsaken Master Zana up to reputation 5 so trying buy a bunch of the ones I’m missing is not much of an option either.

Other Content

Final Thoughts


I am rather currency poor right now but I did get some nice upgrades over this past couple of days. I look forward to getting a few more map runs in before the next league rolls around and this one ends. I’m not quite sure yet how much more time I’m going put into this May Flashback Event. While it has been crazy fun I also do not want to burn out going into the next league starting in June.

If you have not already heard there will be a three-day hardcore race going on for Incursion league starting on June first here on steemit. I already announced my entry into it and that can be read in


Screenshots taken and content written by @enjar. Screenshots are from a game called Path of Exile.