Path of Exile: June Hardcore Incursion League Race


I do hereby declare snails, newcomers, veterans of Valhalla, and lords of almighty speed build my intent to compete in the upcoming hardcore 3-day poecomp race for Incursion League! As a time-traveling cat myself, how could I turn down such fun? Naturally, I meow cant.

Fear not mortals as I a time-traveling demigod do not usually play hardcore. In fact, I only now reach level 85 in softcore for May Flashback event! With that said I do have some payback to get. Last time I did not fair to well.


Silence for my former fallen characters in the last race event. The rips where sweet and I shall be returning this time with a mighty vengeance. I thirst to drink from the cup of victory and stand over the dead. Thankfully some have declared June first a drinking day and I can only hope their inebriation slows down there godly powers of speed running.

For now, I plan to play it risky yet again as a shadow using Blade Vortex. Plans can always change leading up to this event when new information comes out so we will see what I end up playing. Up close and personal is the game. The wrong step is death, mayhem, and bitter defeat as my soul sinks into anguish. I hope not to humiliate myself this time and at least finish on the board. The league is after all about time. You would think this cat would have it in the bag.

Overall I plan to play it slower than I normally would when I play in softcore. Staying a couple of levels behind each zone. The rush of pushing too hard to fast and slipping to my death is something I want to avoid in hardcore. Overall I’ve been playing Path of Exile on and off for years now. While I still feel like a noob some days I do have my fun.


As far as will I check in on the competition of this 3-day event? Are you mad!!!! It is only 3 days. There is not the time for that. One must move quickly forward and have his eye on the prize. I will, however, be stopping to be posting a daily update. These updates do tend to be a day behind but that just how it is. On top of that, I’ll make sure to take a few breaks and avoid angering anything in real life that will consume all my time for this event. As I rather be slaying monsters in the game than trying to battle a dragon in life!

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