Path of Exile | May Flashback Event


While Bestiary League was furthered I’ve ever gotten before I’ve been relucklent to keep playing as I’ve just found it far too uninteresting. I don’t seem to be the only one either as it’s been rather hard to sell things or even have buyers reply back to you when wanting to buy something. Many just got bored and we seem to be suffering from end of league syndrome far sooner than normal.


With that said I decided not to level up a fresh took the other week like I wanted to. I just could not move my wares even after deep discounting and undercut the market to such a degree. Meanwhile, the things I wanted became harder to find and inflation on currency has as expected been a contender I’ve not kept up well with. As such I raise the white flag as I am now done with it.


I’ll be in next day doing my end of league cleanup of banking space and removing any holding alts that are no longer worthwhile to have. Most time there time between the end of one league and the start of the next. While I still think It will be ending near 28th even though I’ve not found the information I like on this. They are also doing something rather interesting in May.

May Flashback Event


Instead of Grinding Gear Games (GGG) ending the league and having a few race events leading up to the next one. They at least for now appear to be doing one main event that will run alongside Bestiary as well.

It starts on May 5th in their local time and ends on May 29. If the new league starts on June first that will centrally be interesting. It is being called a flashback event which is great for the most part. While they are also including Bestiary in it as always included in the zone. Each zone will also have three other leagues going on with some limits with zones changing every hour.

Along with Bestiary will be:

  • Ambush
  • Abyss
  • Anarchy
  • Beyond
  • Bloodlines
  • Breach
  • Harbinger
  • Invasion
  • Nemesis
  • Perandus
  • Torment

That is quite a few of them! I just wish Bestiary was not taking up one of the four slots. I guess they want to give people the opportunity to try and get some Challenges the only catch is things in progress won’t carry over. They are at least giving the players a fair amount of time and a fresh economy with active players in it. While league specifies unique will not be dropping directly they at least are not making this a voided event so you keep whatever you got by end of it.

I’m personally looking forward to: Abyss (I just love the mechanic of it and it will be interesting to see what can drop), Harbinger (this one league I never got the time to play much and I been craving seeing it again), Perandus (ok, so I just loving looting all the coins and chests hoping to find something nice to buy with them), Breach (I just love the mass spawning of creatures and how rippy it can be along with currency drops).

Ones I’m not really looking forward to being Bestiary (go away we are bored of you--- shoo), and Torment (I’ve always hated the ghosts.)

Everything else I either forgot about they are about or never done them. Either way, this will be a fun and interesting event. I have even in the past won a couple of random drawing from events which are always cool to happen. I would really love to win a portal skin but you have to reach at least level 65 to be entered into that random drawing. I’ve never had a level 95 character so will I would love to have a free armor pack I doubt I’ll make it high enough o enter that one.

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For full details, they can be read here May Flashback Event.

Screenshots taken and content written by @enjar.