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Shadow Guild which can be found in Frozen Highlands has quite a few traps and even a puzzle to solve inside. While I don’t usually care much for having a high perception skill this is possibly one place it comes in handy a lot if you are looking to avoid taking trap damage.

door Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

Shadow Guild itself mostly has creatures you would consider to be doing shady things for the most part. You have the expected thieves in here and I was mostly expecting creatures from that class. However, there are also quite a few bounty hunters and even a genie.

dealing damage Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

This place also contains a lot of sharp-turning hallways with not a lot of room to move around in. Not the best place ever for ranged damage. As a result, I went rather spell-heavy testing out some poison and spark damage. Some of my bigger and heavy-hitting spells I felt would have been overkill for a place like this.

traps in Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

Along the way, there are quite a few traps you need to look out for. A lot of them are quite easy to spot even if you don’t have you don’t have the camera pointed down. As the traps tend to look like these pipes.

That is also not the only way to spot them. You will notice some on the ground are some strange symbols. Along with how strange the flooring is placed compared to the rest of the dungeon floor. These couple of indicators go a long way to giving you the needed hints about what is about to happen.

These traps can be jumped over. I however did not care about taking a bit of damage from them. I was quite lazy. It was however at least nice to know when running this dungeon late at night that I was about to get hit with damage almost out of nowhere.

pit trap Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

This was also not the only kind of trap. After I had cleared out a dead end and was headed back to the room that had a few different directions to go in. I almost fell into this pit of spikes. I was stuck here for a short while trying to work out how to get back.

I even jumped down into the pit. The walls in this game are done in a way that you can slide slowly down them. This allowed me to avoid touching any of the spikes themselves. Down there is a stairway back up to the side you are stuck on.

While this was not my first time running into a pit trap in Might & Magic VI. It was the first time encountered a trap like this where I simply could not go around or there was not some giant button that I could simply click.

I foolishly did not set down a beacon elsewhere so I could just town portal out and back to here. At the very least I could always portal out if it came down to that. It was at least an amusing situation to find myself in.

So I did the only reasonable thing one could do when found in such a situation. Assume there is a way out. I started to click everywhere on the wall. Along with walking all over the place.

Along the way, I must have done something right. At some point when going back to check if the path still had spikes or not. I found the floor there again. I quickly ran on it and never came back to this section of the dungeon.

puzzle room you had to run around jumping on special types of tile Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

After a fair amount more clearing, I came across yet another puzzle. The biggest room in this dungeon was shooting off a bunch of sparks when you step onto the normal-looking floor. If you however jumped there are certain places where the game gives you some next of a sound being made.

If you look at just the first few tiles of flooring you will notice they are quite different looking. There are a few different sections of this flooring found throughout this room. That seemed to be the key to solving this puzzle.

I decided to just jump from the different tile to another of the same kind around the floor. I ended up going clockwise around the room twice before it became clear I had solved the puzzle.

While it would have been nice to have done it on the first try. I’ve always been horrible at solving puzzles in games. I’ll take a win when I can.

solved puzzle to open a gateway and a genie showed up Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

A portal and a genie appeared in the northeast room that has a bed in it. In the same room, I had found a chest containing a letter to the price of thieves in it.

Once I defeated the genie I entered the final room. It had locked doors facing north, east, south, and west. Each one of them had a puzzle you had to type the answer out for.

west door Shadow Guild Might And Magic VI.png

The door would then if you got it right like typing out “arrow” for the west door. There was then a portal to take you to another part of the game. While I don’t quite recall where each door took me to. It was just normal zones like the Shadow Guild Hideout for instance.

While I suppose this could be used as a shortcut to other zones that I can’t just portal into with the town portal. I did not care enough to place a beacon down here to do just that. I’d rather not have to fly to the town where I mostly would have wanted to go. It would just be quicker to port to a town I knew had a horse ride to where I wanted to be.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.