Might & Magic VI | Warlord’s Fortress

After clearing out some rather quick dungeons I was hungry for something a bit more substantial. Warlord’s Fortress in Silver Cove would provide what I was looking for. There was also some quest I wanted to complete from going here.

door to Warlord's Fortress Might and Magic VI.png

This place gives me the creeps somewhat. It reminds me from the outside some kind of dungeon where unthinkable things must occur in the darkness. I can’t tell if it’s the chains on either side of the ramp or the gate itself. It seems rather unwelcoming. I went knocking anyways.

The first section of this dungeon is quite different than anything else I had run into to this point. It was like a mini maze. With several doors when you open them they would teleport you back to a different section.

The maze itself was not that big and you could see the whole thing on the mini-map once you explored around enough for it all to be covered. It even became even clearer which door to select that would open judging by how things were being shown in the mini-map.

clearing out some brigand Warlord's Fortress Might and Magic VI.png

Once past that obstacle, I found myself in kind of a basement of the castle storage room. With lots of bags to loot and barrels to check for stat gains. There were also a few brigands and other creatures looking to snuff out me as an intruder into the castle.

Next after clearing out that area I found myself walking up some stairs. I did not know it at the time but I was about to face some of the hardest creatures in the game. I moved up a little further and opened a door and popped out were some doom knights.

doom knights Warlord's Fortress Might and Magic VI.png

These things have some decent health and they can deal some huge damage to my party as well. I quickly released some incinerate spells from two of my casters. The cleric was busy group healing to keep us alive. While my knight was doing some 50-damage swings with his swords.

I knew at some point I’d be running into stuff like this in dungeons at some point. You just never expect that to be anytime soon. While it took a large portion of my mana I managed to survive the encounter and clear my way forward to keep going.

The good news is I ended up looting a massive upgrade in armor for my knight. He went from having plated armor with +28 armor reduction of missile damage to +54 armor and +21 hit points. Such an upgrade I’d more than likely be bringing with me quite far into the game.

While the knight did not need such a massive upgrade as he tend to do just fine. It’s not like I’m going to say no to such a find. Now if only I find my casters some amazing leather armor to wear.

Since this place was proving to be a bit difficult with the chance of finding doom knights here. I deiced to play things a bit more carefully. I loaded up one of my casters with a ring of fire and dealt damage through closed doors.

At some point, I’d be setting all my casters up with fire skills to do the same. While it can be rather fun to clear a dungeon out by using area-of-effect damage spells. I feel sometimes that takes away some of the fun as well.

This will also come quite in handy to have my group set up for fire when I start re-clearing a lot of lower-level dungeons for fun, experience, and gold. They will be rather quick clears so making the investments now into those kinds of skills will start to pay off a lot in the future.

found discharge papers in a chest in Warlord's Fortress Might and Magic VI.png

In one of the rooms, I found something I was looking for somewhat in a chest. It ended up being the discharge papers for the person I was looking for in the question. I guess I won’t be killing them today as they ended up being quite bad at combat.

As I progressed further along I ended up running into not only further doom knights but something much worse the higher level of them cuisinart which I won’t even try to pronounce that name.

While I had just ported back to a town to get some quick heals and mana. It seems I’d be making yet another trip back out to get further heals and mana. I found this place quite hard to find a resting spot in without there being enemies nearby or getting ambushed.

Thankfully I don’t have to make such full runs of back and forth anymore. Just set up a beacon to teleport back to. Then use the teleport town spell. Less than two hundred gold later normally I’m back full in mana and health able to deal more mayhem.

hidden wall in Warlord's Fortress Might and Magic VI.png

This place was nothing short of having a couple of hidden areas to find. They usually contained a single chest to loot. A lot of times it was nothing special. While I am not one to turn down gold there will become a point I just start stacking the stuff in the bank unless I want to spend it on buying limited amounts of experience points.

warlords fortress map might and magic vi.png

There came a point where I had cleared the entire dungeon or at least I thought. I however could see on my mini-map a blue dot to indicate loot on the ground. It was however not in a room I had yet discovered.

It turned out it was wise to pay such close attention. I did find another hidden wall to open it was a bit off-centered from where I thought it would be in one of the rooms I had already searched. Thankfully I went back and gave it a bit more effort after checking there was no hidden passage in the hallway.

The room ended up having six treasure chests in it to loot. I ended up looting quite a decent amount of gold out of them. Once I had finished looting them all I was finally done with the dungeon and it was time to run off to do a turn-in.

Osric Temper who can be found in a castle in Free haven offers the champion promotion quest for knights. Who or whatever the person he was looking to be killed I must have delft with as one of the endless creatures I cleared out of the dungeon.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.