Might & Magic VI | Lair Of The Wolf

Blackshire in Might & Magic VI has quite the issue on their hands with the town being cursed into being werewolves. You get tasked with going into Lair Of The Wolf to resolve this. The dungeon itself while featuring a cool layout at first ends up being a lot bigger than one would assume it was.

Lair Of The Wolf Might And Magic.png

I for one always find it shocking just how close the dungeon is to the town. This feels like it implies the dungeon is having such a huge effect on the curse of the town itself. You are just a couple of steps away from the town from the dungeon itself.

For the first part of the dungeon, you are fighting in an oversize paw shape of the dungeon. These areas tend to be filled with ooze, wolfmen, and swordsmen. For the most part, this part of the dungeon is amazing for ranged damage. Lots of wide-open areas come down into a choke poke of tunnels connecting the different parts of the giant paw.

Lair Of The Wolf Might And Magic.png

On one side of the paw towards the back of the fingertip-shaped room, you end up running into the Ghost of Balthasar. He ends up going into it a bit about his failed attempt while in the Lair Of The Wolf. Along with hinting at what needs to be done to progress further along.

You then need to travel to the other side of the paw shape dungeon into another one of the fingers. In the back after clearing a lot of creatures you end up finding a Pearl. The Pearl itself is used to destroy the altar found at the base of the paw.

lair of the wolf map in might and magic vi.png

As far as dungeon layouts go in Might & Magic VI I have always admired this one in the shape it starts with. With you entering from the far north side. While it’s not exactly a paw shape on the map it’s close enough that you more than get the idea.

After that, though they go back to the usual design of a dungeon. Expect this one to have quite a few twists in it. Certain sections teleport you to other areas of the map.

These areas are also trapped in the sense that you get a lot of wolfman spawning every time you go through them. Making this one of those kinds of dungeons you just don’t want to go running around for no reason. As it will make life a lot harder trying to clear it.

almost getting taken out in Lair Of The Wolf Might And Magic.png

This section of the dungeon was particularly nasty. As you can see my group is almost nearly dead. I was being actively chased at the time as well. Both my cleric and my druid were out of mana to cast any spells to further help the situation.

We almost got wiped here. I ended up running back down the staircase that is in there that teleports you back to another section of the dungeon. While that did keep us from getting killed it still meant I would be facing some challenges ahead when I tried to get back up there.

There was also another issue. My knight was diseased. While some of my casters have a ring that allows them to slowly regenerate mana over time my cleric does not have one. Instead of resting to get mana back then having to rest again after curing the knight.

I simply removed the ring for the moment of my druid. I then gave it to my cleric who has the cure that was needed. This was about the part of the game where I was getting my druid caught up in skills and spell points to mirror my cleric's abilities in healing and curing. This was however one cure I had yet to acquire yet.

I then had to wait around a little while for my cleric to slowly get some mana. The ring itself that I have will not stack with other rings like it. Gives just 1 mana every so many hour in the game. While it took longer in-game wise to do it like this. I did not want to rest here more than I needed.

This place was quite nasty for getting ambushed in. At the time my group might not have survived getting ambushed while trying to rest. So I did not want to make sure we at least had a little bit of mana in case things went south.

As I could not just run back up to the teleport and escape this time around. As there would be a wolfman waiting nearby when I get back up there. My other options would have been to get mana on the druid and teleport us out.

I however did not have a beacon setup for this dungeon as of yet. So it would have been waiting around quite a long time to get all the mana from slowly regenerating it to cast both a beacon recall and a town teleport or a long run back through the dungeon to get back to this point going that route.

I then clicked on rest and thankfully we did not get ambushed. We made a full recovery and I went back up into the area I struggled with and finished clearing it out.

ambushed by swordsman Lair Of The Wolf Might And Magic.png

Things were however far from over. In another spot, I got teleported into an ambush that was waiting for us. Thankfully these swordsmen are not that hard to deal with. They were guarding quite a few chests to loot.

There were many such instances of this occurring throughout the clearing of this dungeon. This made things take quite a long time to clear since I was always having to rest after just a couple of battles or slowly pull a few creatures out of a room at a time till I could get things down to a more manageable size.

Thankfully after several real-life breaks from this dungeon, I got there in the end. I then ran back to the Ghost of Balthasar. Since he was already a ghost he could not do the final part he had been sent there to do. So at a later point in time, I turned in the Pearl of Purity for him in Ironfist to Wilbur Humphrey.

In the meantime, I went down to the town of Blackshire and spoke with Maria Trepan. I was then rewarded for breaking the curse of the townspeople getting turned into a werewolf during full moons. This I had completed by destroying the altar.

Despite the harder nature of wolfman, it was quite a rewarding dungeon to run. From the quests and all the creature killing I did my party members had several level-ups, I had to train them for. Thankfully I had made like 60k gold clearing out that dungeon to pay for the training.


Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.