Might & Magic VI | Temple Of The Snake

Nothing like looting an artifact to make a dungeon run worthwhile. Temple Of The Snake in Blackshire is found on this tiny little island. I ended up having a rescue quest which was one of the reasons I decided to run this dungeon.

door for Temple Of The Snake Might And Magic VI.png

What this place was trying to infer from the stone statues on the outside door is this place is filled with medusas. While there are a couple of different kinds of creatures in here other than that. That is quite the bulk of what you find inside.

There is also a bit of a challenge to this place that you don’t find elsewhere. You can find townspeople inside wandering around. They show up as a green icon on the map as well. I can only assume if you mistakenly kill one it will destroy your reputation.

Not wanting to test that theory I played it extra carefully around any of the townspeople I came across. Often taking on a bit more damage than I would have liked. They for sure made me change my tactics a bit for dealing with this place.

Naturally, there is only so careful you can be when dealing with Medusa head-on. I had to incinerate setup as my main damage spells for inside this place. Making it an amazing single-target damage spell.

dragon Temple Of The Snake Might And Magic VI.png

This came extremely useful as I ran into a gold dragon after clearing out the first section of the dungeon. While trying to fight the dragon I was also getting hit by a firetrap. I decided I’d take less damage if I just jumped off the ledge and down into the pit the dragon was in.

The whole situation of finding yourself dealing with a dragon and taking damage from a fireball trap seemed like even a further trap to get me to jump down. Once the dragon was dead I found myself looking for a way out of the boxed area I was in now.

I noticed there was a button on the wall so I pressed it. It opened up a hidden passage. While the passage itself was longer than I would have expected it was also empty. What was not empty was the other side filled with more medusa.

While many players love Might & Magic for its turn-based gameplay. You might have noticed that it almost seems lacking in anything I share about the game. The reason I love Might & Magic VI so much is that I can toggle on and off turn-based time to a certain extent. Sure I’m still having to wait for each character's turn it’s, however, most of the time a much faster pace with the option toggled off.

clearing out a hallway of medusa Temple Of The Snake Might And Magic VI.png

When I found myself in such a situation as running into quite a few medusae it was one of the rare times I toggled on turn-based time. You can see it is enabled with the hand sticking up in the right corner as I cycle through my group's attacks.

Thankfully spells like incinerate destroyed these medusae as I was slowly trying to pull them out one at a time. This turn in the hallway made an amazing choke point to funnel things into. While I would sometimes get more than one they usually did not last long.

I burned quite heavily through most of my caster's mana at this point. My cleric was however still sitting at full mana. I was expecting to need to heal or cure a lot more than I ended put doing so for this fight.

While it is always tempting to load the cleric up with a damage spell as well. Sadly the line of sight spell I would love to use on her dose area of effect damage. Never seems to work as it should.

I would also rather put most of her skill points into healing and curing schools of magic. At some point, I’ll go heavy into fire magic with her as well. As I just love using fire damage spells in this game.

The room I had just cleared out seemed a bit odd. So I looked around and sure enough, I found a hidden door in it. This leads me to quite a usual discovery. One that would take me quite some time to deal with.

Before taking on that fight I pulled back a bit. My damage dealers needed a mana break. I also cast a beacon down here in case I needed to town portal out. This ended up being exactly what I needed to do at one point.

finding Q Temple Of The Snake Might And Magic VI.png

The creature Q has an insane amount of health. He also casts a killing spell that has a low chance of killing a character. In my first attempt, I got his health down to around 60%. He killed my cleric and my druid was almost out of mana at the time.

As a result, I ended up playing it safe. I left for town to revive and recover from this fight. I then came back with a different way to go about this battle.

I ended up getting aggression on Q again but this time I was not looking to do a face-on match. He stayed just on the corner edge of the room. This would mean spelling both ways including the one he cast that has a chance to kill a party member would be blocked.

I then sat there for a very long time doing just melee damage. He seems to lack any melee damage whatsoever. While it felt a bit like cheesing. This fight took around 20 minutes or longer I was not quite paying attention to the time. The longest fight I’ll have on a single creature in this game.

Once Q was dead I looted Horn Of Ros from him. It allows me to see the exact remaining health of a creature when I click on them. There were also some chests inside after opening them up all were filled with wands.

I then went back to clearing the temple. There was one major room left to fight in. I ended up finding and rescuing Emmanuel Cravitz who I returned to the person looking for him in Blackshire.

looting morgan Temple Of The Snake Might And Magic VI.png

One of the chests also contained the artifact called Morgan. One of my casters from wearing it would get +20 to spell points and all four elements of magic. Such an artifact as this is quite powerful.

I ended up giving it to my sorcerer. Since his fire magic skill was the highest. I tend to use him quite often for damage dealing. I also believe if I’m not mistaken that artifacts can stack with other skill increase effects making them an exception and not the rule to how that works in this game.

While my group now has a couple of artifacts under their control. These are quite rare to find and can be quite game-changing in some instances. Hopefully, this will come in quite handy moving forward. As I have some rather hard places to clear.

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Screenshots were taken and content was written by @Enjar about Might & Magic 6.